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Escape room companies are businesses that operate individually or as a chain to provide escape room products and services. For example, franchisors, escape room centers, and suppliers of escape game materials. These companies design, develop and distribute high-quality escape games to clients like event planners, gamers, and tourists.

Hiring one of these companies is an alternative to DIY escape games, and is a common practice for escape room team building. Each company may have a different length of escape room.

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Here is our list.

List of escape room companies

Here is our list of the best escape room companies to try.

1. Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt is one of the world’s leading escape room franchisors. Currently, the brand operates in 17 countries. The brand hosts several escape room centers across the United Kingdom and manages several other franchises worldwide.

Partnering with Escape Hunt through franchise lets the licensed partners enter the market faster. For instance, franchisees get access to the Escape Hunt brand, resell the leading escape games, and benefit from umbrella marketing.

Escape Hunt provides over 250 intriguing escape room games with exciting themes to suit different clients’ needs.

Learn more about Escape Hunt.

2. Escape Kit

Escape Kit is among the best suppliers of at-home escape kits. The company specializes in designing escape game kits that enable players to enjoy an escape room experience within their homes or school.

The kits offer different games for children, teens, or adults. Themes vary from pirates to wizards, space travel, or robberies.

The kits are downloadable and come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up space for the game. The package also contains actual-size puzzles that make the games more realistic.

Escape kits are suitable for home parties, such as birthdays, and help make the events memorable.

Learn more about Escape Kit.

3. Escape Manor

Escape Manor is a top escape room provider in Ottawa. This chain also runs escape room centers in Hamilton, Regina, Toronto, Brisbane, and Saskatoon.

The company prides itself on hosting the largest escape room in the world, Escape the Diefenbunker. This game takes place in a real underground bunker of Diefenbunker, the Cold War Museum of Canada. The escape room occupies the entire floor, an area of around 25,000 square feet. Players can catch this game on Fridays through Sunday evenings.

Escape Manor excels in in-person and virtual escape rooms. In addition, the company runs Escape Manor Junior, a product designed for younger audiences.

Learn more about Escape Manor.

4. America’s Escape Game

America’s Escape Game is one of the top-rated escape room franchises in Florida. The company has centers in Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, and Sunrise.

America’s Escape Game leases ownership and offers licensing options to escape room operators. The company uses some of the best professional fabricators, designers, and game content specialists to help create immersive puzzles and scenarios on various themes.

The firm has hospitable staff who guide corporate groups to ensure an incredible experience. Playing the games can help build a team’s problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Learn more about America’s Escape Game.

5. Game Over

Game Over is one of the global leaders in the escape room industry. Currently, the company operates in most cities across the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and various European countries.

Game Over designs high-quality escape rooms. The company uses high-tech equipment to create unique stories and riddles to fascinate players with a realistic experience. In addition, these escape rooms have an Auto-help Hint System. Automation means that players can maneuver the spaces on their own without constant assistance from a gamemaster.

Game Over leases out its brand. Partners who operate under the Game Over name benefit from unique group marketing plans, comprehensive training, and guidance on maintenance issues. These benefits help franchisees to remain competitive in the escape room business.

Learn more about Game Over.

6. The Cipher Room

The Cipher Room is among Australia’s best escape room businesses. The company prides itself on creating tailored puzzles and designing unique, scenic rooms from locally sourced materials.

Games at The Cipher Room can accommodate groups of two to eight players and usually take an hour. All clues are optimal to give clients good leads. Employees at the two locations, Newton and St. Peters, are available to help unstick the players and ensure they have a fulfilling experience.

Learn more about The Cipher Room.

7. Escape The Room

Escape The Room is a premium live escape game provider in North America. The company runs businesses in multiple states, hosting rooms in cities like Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Escape The Room develops and designs original games. Professional engineers and designers invest highly in time and research to produce quality games. As a result, the games are realistic and entertaining.

Players can reserve Escape The Room’s games for corporate team building and special events like birthdays.

Learn more about Escape The Room.

8. U.B. Games

U.B. Games is a leading Escape room developer and marketer in the Netherlands. The company creates high-quality portable escape games, online games, and city games that accommodate an unlimited number of players.

U.B. Games operates a reselling agency where clients can buy portable game packages. Each package includes the game materials, marketing materials, and valuable information needed to organize an event. In addition, the purchasers also get rights to host the games at preferred locations across the globe.

Learn more about U.B. Games.

9. Incognito Escape Room

Incognito Escape Room is among the best escape companies in Ireland. Located in Dublin, the company focuses on selling players quality games. For instance, the rooms have scenic interiors and twisted puzzles to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, the non-scary themes entice teens and children.

Incognito Escape Room only sells private games to its customers. Players, whether tourists, corporations, or families, do not have to worry about being mixed up with unfamiliar people. Because this company takes customer service seriously, players can consult friendly and professional staff members at any stage of the game.

Learn more about Incognito Escape Room.

10. Clue Chase

Clue Chase is one of New York City’s best escape room providers. The room at Harold Square is the largest in NYC, at about 2,700 square feet.

Clue Chase games anchor on interesting plots with intricate puzzles and hidden clues to fully engage players. The company relies on professional teams of game makers and set designers to build the captivating rooms. In addition, players can get customized games for private events on request.

The in-person games accommodate groups of up to 12 players. With prior arrangements, Clue Chase can host large corporate teams of about 100 members. The virtual escape rooms can take up to 1000 players, assisted by Clue Chase’s live hosts. Office staff members can also enjoy pop-up exit rooms, where Clue Chase brings the games right to the office.

To give clients an interactive experience, the center encourages players to try shared experiences where different teams play and mingle in the same room. However, players are free to reserve private rooms if they wish.

Learn more about Clue Chase.

11. Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest is one of the biggest escape room chains in the world. This franchising company operates in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

This franchisor is known for leasing escape rooms and offering a quick-build service. For instance, a start-up escape room company that registers under the Komnata Quest brand can begin selling the games within one week. The company’s professional prop designers produce original, quality props and set-pieces and set up rooms for business.

Komnata Quest designs multiple creative scenarios on different themes such as horror, fantasy, and mysteries to suit different audiences. The company uses durable and professionally designed props to make captivating interiors. The high-tech equipment in the rooms, such as clue systems, are reliable and easy for players to operate to enhance the escape experience.

Learn more about Komnata Quest.

12. The Panic Room

The Panic Room is among the largest Escape Room centers in the U.K. With at least 14 scenarios for clients to select, this provider offers fresh experiences year-round. Whether players are after team building activities or family fun, The Panic Room has suitable rooms for all visitors.

The Panic Room also offers online escape rooms and operates an online store. The store sells several escape room products, like puzzles, books, and board games. The company offers shipping services for physical products. Players can source DIY escape room products from the store and create games.

Learn more about The Panic Room.

13. Entermission

Entermission is one of the leading on-site virtual reality escape room providers. This company manages escape room centers in Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai, and several cities in the U.S.

Entermission games offer clients extraordinary social experiences in the V.R. rooms. For instance, the rooms allow up to six players at once for the same game. The company delivers multi-sensory effects that enhance players’ immersion. For example, heat, strong vibrations, and actual scents that players are likely to feel in a similar real case.

The adventures are varied, designed to immerse all audiences, from kids to adults or newbies to veteran gamers. Entermission’s challenging puzzles, V.R. hand tracking, and special effects help provide customers entertaining experiences.

Learn more about Entermission.

14. Real Escape Game by SCRAP

Based in Kyoto, Japan, Real Escape Game by SCRAP deals in designing escape room games. The company is famous for being the pioneer of modern-day escape rooms. SCRAP’s first game, Real Escape Game, went live in 2007 and has been the inspiration for most modern escape games since then.

Real Escape Game operates several centers in Japan and the U.S., for example, Osaka, Shinjuku, and San Francisco.

This provider offers immersive scenarios and puzzles, which help to make the games adventurous. Among SCRAP’s popular games is Escape From the Mysterious Room, ranked with the lowest success rate.

Learn more about Real Escape Game.

15. Mastermind Escape Games

Mastermind Escape Games tops the list of the best virtual escape room companies. The company sells private digital games that can accommodate groups of up to eight players. The online games allow up to two players to use shared devices.

Mastermind also has in-person rooms in Georgia, Schaumburg, and Illinois. Most in-person games apply special effects to make the game more realistic.

Learn more about Mastermind Escape Games.

16. Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is a mega-franchise based in Russia. The firm has a fast-growing network of over 109 rooms, spread across Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

The company’s team focuses on creating high-end room details, such as decoration and props, to captivate players. Claustrophobia also offers performance quests, where players are the characters in the game. These quests combine acting with the game challenges and psychological tricks to evoke player emotions like horror and enjoyment.

Learn more about Claustrophobia.

17. Indestroom

Indestroom is a top-ranking escape room builder in the world. With headquarters in Moscow, this company has spread its networks across the globe to offer diverse escape room materials. These products include unique designs, props, game boards, puzzles, and decorations.

Indestroom’s turnkey solutions are cost and time-effective. Paying for these solutions directs Indestoom to take care of all the logistics from the product ideation to after-sale service. In addition, Indestroom installs vandal-proof security features and a two-way admin and control system in the rooms. As a result, escape room firms that purchase the solution can save much time and funds.

As a solutions and equipment supplier, Indestroom ships its products in ready-to-install packages, attaching the necessary instructions. Online support is also available, and customers can install the equipment with ease.

Learn more about Indestroom.

18. 60out Escape Rooms

60out Escape Rooms is a premium escape room provider in Los Angeles. The company has multiple rooms across the state in cities like Hollywood, Downtown, Melrose Avenue, Silver Lake, and Koreatown.

60out’s games come in a wide variety to cater to a large audience. The company offers online, in-person, and virtual reality quests. The varied themes and difficulty levels offer enough fun options for players, whether experts or beginners. Big groups can make special reservations for team building and other events.

Learn more about 60out Escape Rooms.

19. The Codex

Based in Romania, The Codex is among the world’s best escape room suppliers. This company makes customized and off-the-shelf escape room scenarios, games, and plans. The team constructs rooms and installs props and electronics to make the venue ready to sell.

The Codex offers quest experience to large groups of ten or more members. Organizers can reserve slots for events like parties, anniversaries, and team building. Mobile escape rooms are also available and come in themes like mystery, action, or vampire.

Learn more about The Codex.

20. Enigma Escapes

Enigma Escapes is among the most reliable companies for one-of-a-kind gaming and team building. The company has an in-house professional coach to guide corporates in team building events for an added cost.

Enigma Escapes offers in-person and online escape games. Participants choose to play a self-guided or hosted game, and players in large groups doing hosted games can compete against each other.

Learn more about Enigma Escapes.


Escape room companies are businesses concerned with the entire or part of developing, reselling, and marketing escape rooms. The companies include escape room agencies, designers, and props and puzzle manufacturers. Different kinds of companies specialize in various stages of creating a unique and immersive game that nurtures participants’ teamwork and skills in communication, decision- making and solving problems.

Escape room businesses need to remain competitive to meet the growing market demands, for instance, through franchising. This tactic rewards franchisors and franchisees who share the support network and client base.

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FAQ: Escape room companies

Here are common questions regarding escape room companies.

What are escape room companies?

Escape room companies are the different business firms in the escape room industry. These companies offer services in creating escape games and platforms for clients to play. For instance, escape room centers run physical rooms for in-person games, manufacturers make and sell materials like props and puzzles, and franchisors manage business chains under a brand name.

What are the best escape room companies?

The best escape room companies include Escape Manor, The Cipher Room, Enter The Mission, and Clue Chase. These companies offer immersive games that clients love.

What are the largest escape room businesses?

The largest escape room businesses include Escape Hunt, Game over, Komnata Quest, Claustrophobia, and U.B. games. These brands are market leaders in revenue, developing quality games, and client base.