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Escape rooms in Austin are escape games located in the Austin area. Examples include The Escape Hour Austin, Austin Panic Room, and Novel Escape. These rooms offer competitions where players must work together to solve clues and puzzles to escape. Escape rooms often involve finding a key to exit an actual room, solve a mystery, or leave the scene.

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The 11 Best Escape Rooms in Austin

Here is a list of Austin-based escape rooms that make great team-building exercises and outings to reward hard work.

1. PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ Escape Room puts brains to the test. Team members must work together to solve challenging riddles to escape the room. PanIQ offers some of the best Austin escape games that are sure to entertain players of all ages and skills.

  • The Haunted Manor: Local legends tell the story of a castle where horrifying and supernatural events occur. Your team must act as paranormal investigators and get to the bottom of the mystery.
  • Insane Asylum: Somehow, you have ended up in an insane asylum, and you do not know why. This institution uses patients as lab rats. You must escape or be stuck forever and lose your mind.
  • Wizard Trials: The most powerful wizard selects you to be his apprentice. After enduring challenging lessons, you must find your master’s favorite cat before he returns, or he will not promote you!
  • Cartel Crackdown: It is the late 1980s, and you have been hunting a powerful drug lord. He has bested you for years, but your luck is changing. There is a new hot tip that might help you finally bring in the mastermind.
  • One Night in Tortuga: A group of pirates attacked you in the middle of the night and locked you in the storeroom. Even though you are only a merchant, you must escape this holding cell, or they might sell you into slavery.

Be sure to check out the website, as rooms go on sale regularly. The goal of PanIQ Escape Rooms is to put your brains to the test.

Check out PanIQ Escape Room.

2. The Escape Hour Austin

If you are in the north Austin area, the Escape Hour is a fantastic option to entertain teams. This location is one of the best escape rooms near Austin, TX. There are five dynamic rooms available to choose from:

  • The Crypt: Up to seven players must work together to uncover a decades-long mystery that many have tried to solve. Your team must figure out if the legends are true. At least one participant must be able to crawl and climb.
  • Dead Man’s Cove: This game places you among pirates as your crew searches for treasure in Dead Man’s Cove, but there are many legends about this location you must sift through to get your reward.
  • Call of the Ancient: You and the team travel back to the 1930s when some Freemasons conjured a force they could not control. This terrifying room requires some dynamic movement.
  • Lab Rats: This room can accommodate between six and 15 players. Your team is the test subjects in a crazy scientist’s experiments.
  • Escape the Manor: The Elrich Manor contains priceless items from around the world, but one of the treasures is a cursed artifact that traps its owner. Your team must help him escape.

If you have a larger group, be sure to reach out to the staff at The Escape Hour, as there is special pricing available. With fewer people, each participant will pay around $40 per room.

Check out Escape Hour Austin.

3. Austin Panic Room

Austin Panic Room is centrally located and is one of the best downtown Austin escape rooms. These complex challenges test groups’ problem-solving skills. There are five unique escape rooms to choose from:

  • Oval Office: Your country needs you, and you must work together to solve a classified mission in the Oval Office. If you fail, then there will be dire consequences for the United States. This difficult room only has a 37% success rate.
  • Cabin Fever: A terrible blizzard hit your ski resort while you and your group were out. Forced to take shelter in a cabin, you quickly realize the structure will not survive the storm. Your group must find a way to save themselves.
  • Phase III, Human Trials: A mad surgeon has kidnapped your entire group and wants to test unsafe and even lethal drugs on you. You must find a cure before the time runs out. This room is best for shorter participants and those who can handle flashing lights.
  • Prison Break: Prison Break is the most challenging room at Austin Panic Room. Your group must find a way to break free from your handcuffs and escape from prison in only an hour.
  • Abandoned School: Up to ten players must use teamwork and critical thinking skills to find a hidden blueprint inside a classroom that is the key to a revolutionary design.

Austin Panic Room is not for the faint of heart. These exceedingly complex rooms are sure to challenge even the most seasoned escape room fanatics.

Reach out to Austin Panic Room.

4. Project Panic Escape Rooms

This Texas original promises a thrilling and dynamic experience for all involved. Project Panic is in downtown Austin and has other locations in Texas. Three different rooms are available:

  • End of the Line: The subway system is not quite what it seems. Crime gangs have taken over the tunnels. Your team must work together to find hideouts to restore law and order to the city.
  • Cabin Fever: While your friends are at a ski resort, a blizzard hits, requiring you to take refuge in an abandoned cabin. But the structure might not make it through the storm.
  • The Gallery: A famous and rich artist recently passed away. He has hidden a vast fortune in his studio. Your team must work together to find his hidden money.

Project Panic recommends at least four attendees to make the game exciting. Be sure to call ahead to book a time or get more information about available rooms as they are constantly changing.

Check out Project Panic Escape Rooms.

5. Mindspark Adventures and Escape Room

Mindspark can accommodate groups of up to 12 adults. The price per person depends on the number of participants, with groups of four or more paying less than groups with three or fewer. Mindspark is in Northwest Austin and offers two rooms:

  • Houdini: The greatest escape artist in the world made a deal with his wife, Bess, to reach out to her from beyond the grave. If he could not reach her by a certain time, she would move on. Your team must help Bess reach Houdini one last time.
  • Zombie Room: Slowly, a zombie invades the room where you are being held. If you do not escape, then your brains will be food for the beast. You must work together to solve clues and gain your freedom.

No matter how many team members you have, reach out to Mindspark. There are rooms for groups of all sizes.

Look into Mindspark Adventures and Escape Room.

6. Novel Escape

This unique escape room is literary-themed for all the book lovers in your life. Your group will work together to solve puzzles based on your favorite novels.

Currently, there is only one room, but more are on the way. In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, your team are prisoners on a submarine, and the only way to escape is to find a treasure that is somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. But you only have one hour to find it.

There are more rooms based on other books coming, so be sure to check with the staff. The cost is $32 a person for more than three people. Novel Escape is in North Austin.

Test your skills at Novel Escape.

7. Mobile Escape Room

If you want to do an escape room, but you do not want to leave your home or office, then Mobile Escape Room is the answer. The company has a fully equipped trailer they will bring to you. You can choose between single games and competition play. There are different length games, as well.

When the staff from Mobile Escape Room arrives, your team will time travel back to 1836 where General Sam Houston has ordered you to retrieve a letter from the Alamo. However, you are mistaken for enemy spies and locked up! The team must work together to escape before it is too late.

This authentic room is based on history and is exciting for lovers of Texas and transplants alike.

Learn more about Mobile Escape Room.

8. Escape the Mystery Room

Escape the Mystery Room offers a wide selection of rooms. The staff knows the game well and works hard to ensure all participants have a great time, whether or not they escape. The time limits for each room are only 50 minutes, and there are varying levels of difficulty.

  • Escape from Alcatraz: This is an easier room intended for beginnings. Up to eight escapers must work together to find the warden’s keys before inmates attempt an escape.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: For slightly more advanced participants, Zombie Apocalypse takes place in a lab where workers discover that a virus has mutated and two different strains are affecting people. You must find how who is immune to which strain so everyone can take a vaccine.
  • Superhero’s Adventure: In another beginner-level room, participants must band together to recover the blueprint for a bank that Matador, a criminal mastermind, stole. He has hidden the plans somewhere, and your superhero team must find them before it is too late.
  • Treasure Island: This room is perfect for a novice group. In this event, Pirates captured all the attendees, and they must earn their place on the crew, or walk the plank. The team must work together to prove they are worthy.

Escape the Mystery Room is open seven days a week. Be sure to reach out ahead of time to schedule enough space for your group. Each of the rooms is around $30 per participant.

Book an escape with Escape the Mystery Room Austin.

9. The Breaking Point Autin

If you are looking for a venue that has it all, then head over to The Breaking Point. Besides offering a challenging and dynamic escape room, and also has a rage room, an axe throwing room, and a splatter room.

  • The Wild Zone: Locals whisper about a legend of a madman that lives in the zoo and tends to the animals at night. Your team has the job of finding The Zookeeper, you are instead captured by the crazed man. When he leaves to check on the animals, you must find a way to escape.
  • Rage Room: This room is a fantastic way to release tension and burn off some steam. Your team will get the chance to create their own symphony of sound by breaking different kinds of glass along with optional additions like appliances.
  • Axe Throwing Room: Your team can throw so much more than just axes here. There are ninja stars, throwing knives, throwing cards, and tomahawks just waiting for you to hurl them at the target.
  • Splatter Room: Creating art is next on the list. In this room, participants don protective clothing and go crazy with colors. Splatter paint on canvases, the wall, or each other.

You can reserve all the rooms at once for a large enough group. Then, take turns in the different rooms and see what everyone likes the most!

Reach out to Breaking Point Austin.

10. Escapology

Located just north of Austin in Round Rock, Escapology is one of the best TX escape rooms. With a wide variety of rooms to choose from, everyone is sure to have a great time.

  • Mansion Murder: You are the only heir to the family fortune, and someone murdered your grandfather at a family gathering. Your task is to solve the murder and prove you are not the guilty party.
  • Star Tek- Quantum Filament: Aboard the USS Discovery, your job is to check out the ship and see what upgrades the crew needs to complete and save them from disaster.
  • Budapest Express: While you are traveling through Europe on the Budapest Express, a murder shocks the passengers. The conductor asks you, as a detective, to help solve the murder and keep everyone else safe.
  • Antidote: Your team works for the government in a secret department developing viruses capable of killing enemies. However, someone accidentally breaks a vial with a contagious virus, and the mess infects everyone.

Escapology’s variety makes the venue a fan favorite. The minimum number of players is three on Saturday and two the rest of the week. Children seven and older are welcome to play with an adult.

Plan your event with Escapology.

11. Virtropolis VR

This unique spin on escape rooms relies on virtual reality for players to complete the game. Team members will be transported to exciting locations around the world, like the Pyramids, or even into the future.

  • Escape the Lost Pyramid: An expedition in 1928 disappeared somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula. Your team must figure out what happened and find what they were looking for.
  • Beyond Medusa’s Gate: Your team must travel to Greece to explore a. legendary artifact.
  • Christmas Story: Santa is caught in a blizzard and loses the presents. It is up to your team to save Christmas!
  • CyberPunk: In the 22nd century, society has collapsed, and people are modifying their own bodies while companies war with each other. Your team must steal some data from another company.

Virtropolis VR is in Round Rock, so it is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Austin.

Check out Virtropolis VR.


Escape rooms are fantastic ways to build teams and encourage fun. Your group gets the chance to be out of the office but still practice essential skills like communication, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. And Austin is a fantastic place for entertaining activities, like escape rooms. Whether you are downtown or nearby in a suburb or surrounding town, it is easy to find great events to entertain the whole team.

FAQ: Escape rooms in Austin

Here are the answers to common questions about escape rooms in Austin.

What are the best escape rooms in Austin?

There are so many amazing escape rooms in Austin, and each of them offers unique rooms. It is best to check out the themes at each location and find one that fits the culture of your team.

How can I find escape games in Austin?

The best way to find escape games in Austin is to check out this list! Many locations around the city offer dynamic and entertaining rooms.