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Escape rooms in Las Vegas combine elements of cinema, theater, and storytelling that add to the excitement and lead the gameplay. Las Vegas offers a selection of escape rooms that can bring groups together for unique team building experiences that help build connections, improve communication, and inspire teamwork in a fun environment away from the office. These games fit well within the entertaining atmosphere of the Las Vegas strip, providing collaborative group activities that are safe for work teams to enjoy together.

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List of Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

1. Once Upon an Escape

Woman in pink shirt kneeling next to weaving wheel with another woman in the background of the escape room exploring and once upon an escape logo

The owners of Once Upon an Escape are true fairytale fans and provide five distinct escape room motifs, each based on a well-known fairy tale story. Players can inhabit the pages of Arabian Nights, 7 Dwarfs, Neverland, and Once Upon a Time, which combine elements of several tales into a single experience. For an added challenge, there’s Rumplestiltskin, a “power room” that allows players to solve five riddles in five minutes for a five-dollar admission. Discounts are available for corporate groups interested in a fun, bedtime story-themed teambuilding experience.

Learn more: Once Upon an Escape.

2. Escapology

With ten themes to choose from, Escapology offers one of the broadest arrays of escape rooms on the Vegas strip, including some familiar names. Teams can choose Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, Star Trek: Quantum Filament, Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle, and themes ranging from an Old West shoot-out to an art heist in the French underworld. Difficulty levels for these games hover near the high end, so players should come with their thinking caps on.

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3. Lost Games

man standing between signs to two wards with text "adventure awaits, can you escape?"

Located mere minutes from the Vegas Strip, Lost Games boasts movie-style sets and high-tech execution of their escape rooms. Teams can work their way out of a sinister hospital lock-up in two different experiences in the Asylum, each allowing between two and eight participants. The Floor is Lava offers an imaginative twist on the escape room set-up that recalls a classic childhood game. Groups of up to 22 players divide into secret teams and use deductive reasoning to eliminate others by forcing them into the lava. The team with the most players left on the various islands at the end wins.

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4. Trapped!

From the serial killer thriller of One-Eyed Jack to the criminal takedown of the Puzzlemaster, the downtown Vegas escape rooms at Trapped! lean heavily on cinema-style storytelling and incorporate actors and videos to heighten the experience. If teams cannot attend in person, then Operation: X-13 offers an online escape room playable remotely. In a highly interactive twist, this virtual experience features a live actor in a physical escape room responding to remote players’ decisions.

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5. Escape Blair Witch

This escape room experience pulls players into the Blair Witch mythology, setting them on the search for the truth behind the original film. Players follow the clues and flee the terror before becoming the next victim. Though the maximum group size for Escape Blair Witch is ten players, A VIP experience package will grant groups of between four and eight players private access. The package also includes souvenir swag bags with a t-shirt, a hat, and a keepsake photo.

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6. Escape Reality

Seven different themes await players at Escape Reality, each with a unique character. Jungala recreates the excitement of Jumanji with a board game come to life. Machina finds participants working to outwit a lab filled with diabolical AI foes. Down the Rabbit Hole revisits the Alice in Wonderland stories, transporting players to a topsy-turvy dimension where nothing is what it seems. All themes rank at moderate to high difficulty and work best with teams of four players or more.

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7. PanIQ

The escape rooms of PanIQ present experiences for all interests, including the mythology-themed Atlantis Rising, the ghostly happenings of the Haunted Manor, and a cash-grabbing crime scenario in Casino Heist. To make the most of the Las Vegas location, there is also an adults-only room called the Morning After, which follows the post-party exploits of a group who may find themselves in hot water if they cannot remember what happened the night before. All games accommodate up to 10 players and last between 45 and 60 minutes.

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8. Lockdown

With three easy-to-find locations near the Las Vegas Strip, this award-winning escape room provider brings a different game-playing vibe to each room. Players can choose from a range of exciting adventures, including a cursed cabin, a death row execution, a top-secret metaphysical experiment, and a hostage rescue. The Sahara Road and Flamingo Road locations also offer team building experiences for groups of between 14 and 40 players.

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9. Way of Escape

Way of Escape’s Las Vegas escape games allow clever teams to become the heroes of their own thrilling stories. Temple Raiders brings players into the world of mystical archaeological exploration, while Grand Central Stations challenges participants to locate a terrorist’s bomb during busy holiday travel. Pre-booked team building challenges include a post-play debriefing that helps teams identify how they excelled during the game and how they might improve their teamwork skills.

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10. ESCAPEability

For the history buffs on your team, ESCAPEability presents an opportunity to travel to antiquity as imprisoned gladiators working toward their escape in Pompeii. Players can also become 1940s mobsters and work with Bugsy Seigel in Casino Takeover. Space enthusiasts will enjoy playing intergalactic detectives trying to determine if life exists beyond Earth in Escape from Mars. The two-part escape game the Unknown will require the detectives in the group to be at their sharpest to solve the supernatural mystery of four missing teens. There are corporate packages available, with scaling prices depending on the number of players in your group.

Learn more: ESCAPEability.

11. Mind Twist

Lantern with Mind Twist Escape Experience text

Players who visit Mind Twist can choose a steampunk train adventure, a wild post-bachelor party search for a missing wedding ring, a terrifying dinner with the cannibalistic Dr. Hannibal Lecter, or a visit to the room where Lewis Carrol wrote Alice in Wonderland. These highly detailed immersive rooms provide an hour of brain-bending gameplay for a maximum team size of ten players. Mind Twist also provides a leaderboard to track your team’s score against other groups to see how associates stack up.

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12. The Basement

The horror-themed escape rooms from this company send players into the depths of darkness to find their way out of a serial killer’s lair. In the Basement, teams use communication and organization skills to collect a series of items hidden throughout the room to earn their escape. In The Study, players have escaped the Basement and must learn more about their captor through theatrical-style puzzles to find their way out. These games offer intermediate to expert level gameplay and include live performers to ramp up the terror.

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13. Third Gate Hotel

The list of highly rated escape rooms near Las Vegas includes Third Gate hotel. It offers extreme horror thrills and chills for players brave enough to enter. This attraction is a multi-room haunted hotel theme with 75 minutes of gameplay. Teams with nerves of steel can work their way through jump scares and spinetingling interactions to earn their release from the sinister premises. The challenge includes live performers and unique puzzles.

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14. SAW Escape Rooms

This escape room brings the terror of the SAW movie to life for lovers of this iconic film franchise. The movies themselves center around deathly escape rooms, making SAW an obvious choice of themes, though the only danger for participants in the Las Vegas version is running out of time. The company provides one of the world’s most extensive escape facilities with a multi-room simulation of the movie’s factory setting to bring players into Jigsaw’s torturous mind games.

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15. Rush to Escape

The sleuths on your team can assist the great detective Sherlock Holmes, while the criminal minds can plan a heist or a prison break in Rush to Escape’s riveting escape games. The difficulty levels of these rooms range from novice to expert, providing a broad scope of gameplay for participants of all levels. In addition to the mental labor of puzzle-solving and code-cracking, some of these rooms require players to crawl and climb to find hidden clues, an exciting element for the more agile members of the team.

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16. Number One

number one escape room in las vegas logo over photo of the strip at night

At Number One, your team can enjoy a terrifying escape room double-feature by playing the Cabin and the Shed back-to-back. A strict 60-minute time limit on each experience means your team will not have a second to spare. Groups that need more escape can book Locked in All Night, an all-you-can-escape package that lasts from 12:30 a.m. to dawn and allows unlimited play among the six wild experiences.

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17. Grand Sierra

Beyond the realm of Las Vegas escape games lies Grand Sierra, a Reno gaming provider that offers four exhilarating rooms for riddle-solvers to enjoy. Located within the Grand Sierra Casino and Resort, these experiences put the code-cracking fun at the center of a luxurious resort environment. Teams of up to six players can plan a daring diamond theft in Centurion Heist, flee a sinking submarine in the U-Boat: Sinking, or save the world from an impending nuclear war at the hands of a cult in Skull and Scepter. Entertainment and dining options are available in the resort to enjoy after everyone has safely escaped.

Learn more: Grand Sierra.

18. Key and Code

You can find an eclectic selection of escape room games from Key and Code, with two locations outside of Las Vegas. With five clever options in Reno and a generous nine different themes in Sparks, teams can have their pick of escape rooms with sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, and horror motifs. Though most of these games top out at ten players, the tiki-themed Tohua Island can accommodate 48 players at a time, while Magician’s Heist Competition can fit up to 20 players. This company is an excellent choice for larger team building events.

Learn more: Key and Code.

19. Immersium

rope on pegs with text "not your typical puzzle room, this is an unforgettable live-action adventure game"

Immersium bills itself as a different type of live-action adventure game. The historically based puzzle room called Commandeered takes place on a 45-foot scale replica of a wooden ship. There are top-notch lighting and set design and a fact-based story focusing on real-life events. This attraction is an escape game like no other in Nevada. Everything on the ship is a possible clue! The 60-minute experience is a hunt for solutions as teams work to bring Napoleon’s brother back to France. History lovers will revel in the details.

Learn more: Immersium.

20. Brainy Actz

The captivating atmospheres of Brainy Actz’s Reno escape rooms allow players to become reporters in a creepy cabin solving the mysterious disappearance of the owner, art experts on the search for missing masterpieces, or explorers searching for treasure in the heart of the jungle. With 10-player maximums for each experience, your event may require booking more than one room to accommodate your entire team.

Learn more: Brainy Actz.

21. Puzzle Room Reno

Downtown Reno offers Puzzle Room Reno, with five engaging escape games that transport players to various scenarios without leaving the facility’s confines. Whether participants choose an Egyptian pyramid adventure, a supernatural search, an asylum escape, a bomb defusing mission, or a hunt for pirate treasure, teams can reserve these six-player rooms for larger groups upon request. All environments presented are more exciting than scary, except for the Asylum, which contains theme-appropriate frights.

Learn more: Puzzle Room.

22. Keystone Escape Games

With a five-star average and over nearly 800 reviews, Keystone holds the title of the highest-rated escape room company in Reno. The rooms provide realistic environments with lights, sounds, and scent elements for full sensory immersion and brain-teasing adventures to satisfy puzzle lovers and escape room fans of all ability levels. In their vampire-themed game Blood of the Original, participants find themselves in the Victorian manor of a collector whose treasures hold the secret of eternal life. The search is on to find this elixir of immortality!

Learn more: Keystone Escape Games.

23. Deadline

This escape room provider in Reno presents a unique experience called Noir, a two-part 1940s-themed experience set in Chicago and presented fully in black and white. Each episode requires a separate booking to let participants play both in sequence. Players can also choose Witch Doctor to retrieve the soul of a priestess or Dead Silence, where too much sound from participants can plunge the room into total darkness. Though players must remain quiet to keep the lights on during their adventure, Dead Silence also comes with a warning of graphic imagery and adult language.

Learn more: Deadline.

24. Puzzle Room Tahoe

For Nevada escape rooms outside of Las Vegas, Puzzle Room Tahoe invites teams to experience four different themes, including the Bunker, in which participants become victims of a crime syndicate. The only hope for escape is identifying the criminals during the 60-minute gameplay before the miscreants enact their evil plans. For a competitive head-to-head twist, teams can try Below Ground, a room with two separate chambers that allow separate teams to play simultaneously to find out which team can emerge victorious first. There is also a lounge with a full-service bar for associates to gather in and relax once they finish playing.

Learn more: Puzzle Room Tahoe.


With a wide array of escape room opportunities, Las Vegas proves it has team building fun to offer beyond the usual casinos and theaters. With a bit of travel away from the Strip, groups in Reno and Lake Tahoe can take advantage of the escape game excitement.

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FAQ: Escape Rooms in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about escape rooms in Las Vegas.

What are some escape rooms in Vegas worth visiting?

Escape Blair Witch and SAW are Las Vegas escape rooms that immerse players in popular horror films’ spooky settings. Innovative gameplay at Immersium takes place on a 45-foot replica of a wooden ship rather than inside a traditional escape room. Noir, an escape room presented by Deadline, creates a 1940s world entirely in black and white for a two-part Chicago crime story.

Where can I find the best escape rooms in Las Vegas?

Keystone Escape Games, one of the highest-rated escape room companies in Nevada, is outside of Las Vegas, in Reno. Fairy tale-themed Once Upon an Escape offers five familiar bedtime stories in escape room form at their location off the Vegas Strip. Lockdown, an award-winning provider, offers three locations off or near the Vegas Strip as well.

What is the average price of escape games in Las Vegas?

Prices range between $29 and $45, with an average price of $35 for most escape game experiences. These prices are sometimes discounted for larger groups of players, and many providers offer scaling discounts for teambuilding events.