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Escape rooms in Manhattan are puzzle games you do in a designated space in Manhattan, New York. These rooms require players to solve puzzles and put clues together to escape the game’s scene. Depending on the company hosting the game, the rooms can come in a private or shared experience.

These rooms are a subcategory of NYC escape rooms.

This article includes:

  • Manhattan escape games
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So, here is the list!

List of escape rooms in Manhattan

Here is a list of some of the best escape game experiences in the heart of NYC.

1. Escape The Room NYC

Interesting escape rooms in New York include the escape games organized by Escape The Room NYC like:

  • The Outbreak.The game challenges you and your team to find a vaccine and save the country within one hour. You will work together to defeat a rogue scientist planning to start a pandemic before it becomes too late.
  • The Submarine.This private escape room in NYC will take you and your team playing as shipmates through an underwater experience. You must escape the water and the insane captain before running out of oxygen within 60 minutes.
  • The Dig.Your team will play as a group of excavators stuck deep down in the earth. You have one hour to find your way up to the earth’s surface.

The number of players allowed in a game depends on your selected theme. The average permitted number of participants is up to ten players. For players under 14 years, an adult player should accompany them during the gameplay.

Learn more about Escape The Room NYC.

2. Exit Escape Room NYC

Exit Escape Room NYC designs challenging escape rooms in midtown Manhattan to keep teams fully engaged. The three of the company’s fun themes are:

  • High Speed NYC.This game tests how well you can think under pressure on a train moving at high speed. You must figure out how to stop the uncontrollable train before it gets too late. The adventure is excellent for players aged ten years and above.
  • The Perfect Heist.You and your friend intend to rob a notorious criminal of the money netted in a recent bank heist. In the process, you get locked in the room and must escape with the money before the notorious criminal returns. Players aged at least 12 years can share the experience.
  • Sugar Rush.During an NYC cupcake challenge, one of your competitors hid your tools and locked you up. You must find all your equipment and escape to participate in the contest. The game is great for players aged nine and above.

The booking price of the one-hour experience depends on the number of players and the booking date. Generally, the price varies from $35 to $50 per player.

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3. Mysstic Rooms

wire mannequin with words we feel free when we escape

Mysstic Rooms have two fun and intriguing escape rooms near Manhattan. The themes of the rooms are:

  • Ghost Light.This escape game is ideal for private bookings by small teams with two to six players. Your goal is to turn on a stage light, with the intention of keeping the ghosts from disturbing humans during the day.
  • Montauk Project.You and your team investigate a case of people mysteriously disappearing in an area. Not only that, you must return with evidence and seal any gate you opened during the investigation.

The booking price for a team of two escapers starts from $120. In 60 minutes, your team will solve challenges and put clues together to complete your mission.

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4. Clue Chase

Clue Chase provides popular escape rooms near Times Square. The games last for one hour and are playable by two to ten players in a team. Some of the experiences you can choose from include:

  • Guardian of Gotham.You and other escapers must defeat ‘Doctor Time’, who possesses the ability to time travel.
  • Pirates of the Bermuda Triangle.On a vessel, there was a mutiny by the crew who locked up their captain. The crew also stole valuables on the ship except for one important item. You have to escape the ship with the captain and the valuable item before the vessel sinks.
  • Moonshine Madness.Your task lies in finding an artifact in the past through time travel. Traces of the artifact got into the 1920s NY liquor. You must accept the mission, travel back in time, and retrieve the artifact.

One of the best parts of Clue Chase escape rooms is that even beginners can play the games easily. The booking price per player is $35.

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5. Escape Room Madness

Escape Room Madness offers fun and large escape rooms in Manhattan. These rooms can contain up to 60 players. There are six in-person escape games you can choose from, including:

  • Masquerade (Floor Six).A famous composer organized a masquerade ball. You will disguise as a guest, attend the ball, and find evidence that the composer committed a suspected crime. You have to leave the ball with evidence and without getting caught.
  • Quarantine (Floor Five).An exiled scientist plans his revenge by releasing a deadly virus that will affect the world. The villain locks you up and intends to release the virus on you first. You must escape before the scientist succeeds in his plan.
  • The Perfect Crime (Floor Five).A detective disappeared after successfully cracking a recent murder case. You and your team must solve this crime or suffer the same fate as the detective.

The games are all private and will last for one hour. The pricing depends on the number of players in your group. However, you get a ticket for each player in a group of two at $50.

Learn more about Escape Room Madness.

6. Bane Escape

Bane Escape is one of the best New York escape room companies that offer fun escape rooms near Manhattan NY. The themes are:

  • Captive Escape Room.You and your team are victims of kidnap by a notorious psychopath. Your goal in this game is to escape captivity before the psychopath returns.
  • Maritime Grave Escape Room.You went on a tour with your team when the vessel you all boarded suddenly malfunctioned. The ship is on the verge of sinking in the sea. You can only escape by manually correcting all the vessel’s issues as soon as possible.

The Ban Escape experiences last for one hour, and an adult must accompany a participant under 13 years. The company offers a shared experience only five days a week. You can also book the rooms for your corporate event, which only runs for two days.

Learn more about Bane Escape.

7. OMEscape Real Life Escape Room Game

OMEscape organizes three of the best escape rooms in midtown Manhattan. The adventures are:

  • Laboratory of Biohazard.You and your special force team of two to six members must figure out the location of a secret laboratory. Also, you must get an antidote to counter a rogue scientist’s plan to contaminate the waters and harm residents.
  • The Penitentiary (Prison Break).OMEscape designed this game for a team of six to twelve players. You and other inmates must escape the prison, following clues left by a serial killer that successfully escaped.
  • Room X (Time Travel).Your team got trapped in time. You will work together to find the omega keys to help you return to the 21st century. The game is ideal for four to six players.

These escape games will give you a fun experience of solving puzzles and challenges. The price costs $36 for each participant.

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8. PanIQ Escape Room NYC

PanIQ Escape Room hosts two major downtown Manhattan escape rooms, which are:

  • Wild West.This retro theme takes you through a jailbreak experience. The goal is to steal money before the law gets hold of you.
  • Pyramid Heist.You and your team of archeologists stole and sold the Golden Ankh of Rah. However, this act led to your team getting inflicted with a curse. You must steal the Ankh back from the museum you sold it to and escape the curse.

A maximum number of seven players can be in a group. For a shared experience, each player will pay a fee of $35. On the other hand, a private game costs $39 per player.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room NYC.

9. Mission Escape Games

Mission Escape Games offer a series of escape rooms in Manhattan that are great for private corporate events. These rooms include:

  • Escape Operation.End of Days (A).You must create a unique object to save the world from an apocalypse. Ensure you work fast as the clock is ticking unstoppably. A team with up to ten players can explore the experience together.
  • Escape Operation.End of Days (B).In this escape game, you will work with your team to save the world from an apocalypse. However, the player capacity for this room is only two to six players.
  • Escape the Hideout.The Mystery of Henry Jekyll.Your group of investigators will use clues to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of Dr. Jekyll. Your team can have up to ten players.

The pricing for an escape room with a team having four to ten players is $35 per participant.

Learn more about Mission Escape Games.

10. Hoodwinked Escape

pieces of evidence with text "Harlem's Premier Escape The Room"

Hoodwinked Escape has four unique escape rooms in NYC that will challenge your team spirit, critical thinking, and communication skills. The rooms include:

  • Spirit of Harlem.This game is an engaging private escape room in NYC. To inherit the inheritance left to you by your late uncle, you will take a journey through his life stories. It is up to you to face the challenge and escape with the inheritance.
  • Spy Academy.In this challenging room, you play the role of ‘Agent X.’ The entire experience revolves around graduating from the Spy Academy.
  • The Experiment.You and your group play as volunteers for a human research project. To survive, you must escape confinement and restore the life of a famous human subject.

The games are ideal for two to eight escapers playing as one team. Hoodwinked Escape games are suitable for both kids and adults. However, an adult must play with children under 13 years.

Learn more about Hoodwinked Escape.

11. Hour To Exit Escape Games

The most fun escape rooms near Manhattan NY include Hour To Exit escape games. These games are great for anniversaries, children’s amusement, and corporate events.

The company offers three escape rooms, which are:

  • Pandora’s Box.According to this theme, Pandora seeks your help to close a box she should not have opened. Your team of two to six players will try to close the box before it becomes too late.
  • Elude the Illusionist.This escape room is ideal for two to eight players in a team. In the game, you and your team will act like magicians. You have to discover the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of magicians in the country.
  • Dorm Rules.You must steal the key to the common room before your dorm’s resident advisor returns. Your decision will determine if you will successfully steal the keys and host your party in the common room or get caught.

All the escape adventures are private. Also, the price for each game starts from $65 for two participants.

Learn more about Hour To Exit Escape Games.

12. Puzzle Out Room

Some of the immersive escape rooms you can find near Manhattan NY include the games hosted by Puzzle Out like:

  • The Scavengers.This game is ideal for large teams having up to 40 players but not less than five players. You and your team will face the challenge of trying to steal eternity gems from an intergalactic treasure vault.
  • Architect’s Studio.In this adventure, you embark on a mission to steal the secret of a tall building constructed by your client’s rival. Your team will work fast to get the secret and help your client win the contest of building the world’s tallest building.
  • Grand Theft Jersey City.You learned of a secret vault containing many valuables. It is up to your team to decide how long you spend stealing the items and cash in the vault as the clock ticks. The game is great for groups with four to thirty players.

Although these puzzles are not located within Manhattan, the Hoboken and Jersey City locations are a short distance from the borough and are a good option when you need to escape the island.

The experiences are available in both shared and private modes. To book a private session, the number of players in your team must contain at least 15 players. Most of the escape games by Puzzle Out are great for children aged eight years and above.

Learn more about Puzzle Out Room.

13. BrainXcape Escape Room

BrainXcape hosts a series of Manhattan escape games to give your group a fun, private experience. The three majors experiences are:

  • The Haunted Hotel.You and your team are in an infamous hotel from which you must escape. Guests who stay in the hotel for too long tend to lose their senses. To save your senses, run, or it becomes too late.
  • Rikers, 1932.There is a long-awaited plan you are yet to execute. The game gives you one hour to finally carry out the project. It is up to you not to look back and keep following the plan.
  • Game of Gold.You and other adventurers will use magic as the only remedy to restore peace to your kingdom.

These games are great for teams with two to eight players, and the size of your group will determine how much you pay for the game.

Learn more about BrainXcape Escape Room.


This list of escape rooms includes the best escape experiences for teams in Manhattan. The essence of the rooms is to keep players engaged while solving mysteries or escaping the game scene. Before booking an escape room, you should check with the gaming service company. You will then learn about the rules and regulations, payment, and refund.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in Manhattan

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Manhattan.

What are the best escape rooms in Manhattan?

Some of the best escape rooms in Manhattan include Clue Chase, Mission Escape Games, Pyramid Heist by PanIQ, Exit Escape Room NYC, and Escape Room Madness.

How much do escape rooms in Manhattan cost?

The cost for escape rooms in Manhattan varies among different escape room companies providing the service. For instance, Clue Chase’s booking price for each player is $35, while Exit Escape Room NYC’s booking price varies from $35 to $50. The best way to find out how much escape rooms in Manhattan cost is to check with the escape room company, either on their official website or in person. Also, you should have an idea of how many players are on your team. In most cases, the higher the number of players in your group, the less the amount you will pay per player.