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Escape rooms in Minneapolis are interactive live games located in Minnesota where players control their experience outcome by solving puzzles and finding clues. Depending on the game provider’s service, you can book these rooms as a private or shared adventure.

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List of escape rooms in Minneapolis

You can locate several escape room companies in Minneapolis and St Paul or surrounding areas. From Witchcraft Alley by Trapped to Poker Night by The Great Escape Room, here are some exciting escape room adventures for teams around Minneapolis:

1. Mission Manor Escape Rooms

Mission manor logo over background of a mansion library

Mission Manor is one of the best escape room providers in NorthEast Minneapolis. These games come in adventures that require a high degree of teamwork.

For instance:

  • Inheritance.In this game, you have to race against time and put clues together to become the beneficiary of an inheritance in a fancy mansion.
  • Asylum.Your mission lies in an abandoned asylum called Hill Valley Sanitorium. You need to determine if the previous occupants left any valuable items behind in the empty building.
  • Countdown.This escape room will test how well you can make critical decisions under pressure. You received a call that a bomb would explode in one hour. You must work as fast as possible to save the entire city from destruction.

Mission Manor designs their escape experience for any player regardless of special circumstances like pregnancy and disability.

You can have at least two participants and a maximum of eight to ten players in one group. Players under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Learn more about Mission Manor Escape Rooms.

2. Escape The Room Minneapolis

Some of the best downtown Minneapolis escape rooms include games hosted by Escape The Room. Three of the immersive rooms are:

  • The Apartment.This fun escape room is great for teams with around 12 participants. The game’s premise involves going for a social call at ‘The Apartment’ and getting trapped. You and other players must escape this building in 60 minutes.
  • The Agency.The Agency gives you and your team of up to ten spies the ultimate espionage experience. You need to complete a spy challenge to test your ingenuity.
  • The Dig.Your group of excavators is somewhere at a depth of the earth. You will aim to decipher a mystery as you make your way to the earth’s surface.

Escape The Room designed its escape rooms in Minneapolis to be a private experience for interested participants. The booking price for a team having just two participants starts from $44 per player. Players under the age of 14 can only play in a room if one or more adults accompany the young escapers.

Learn more about Escape The Room Minneapolis.

3. Trapped Puzzle Rooms

Trapped Puzzle Rooms hosts a series of escape games in Twin Cities. Some of the St Paul escape rooms are:

  • Nutcracker Nightmare.Your group’s mission is to restore The North Pole stolen by the Winter King back to Winter Town
  • Wizard’s Tower.You must make your way into the headmaster’s office in a wizardry and witchcraft school. You have to prevent the most powerful wand from falling into the wrong hands.

The escape rooms by Trapped located in Minneapolis include:

  • Witchcraft Alley.You and your group of witches and wizards can only save the wizarding world by retrieving six objects cursed by ‘The Nameless Wizard.’
  • Eternity Battle.Within 75 minutes, you must end the evil deed of Mason, who wiped out half of the universe. You and your team will become heroes by retrieving the eternity gems and restoring half of the universe.

These fun Minneapolis escape games start at $25.99 per player for teams with six or more participants. Depending on your chosen experience, you can have up to eight or ten escapers on your team.

Learn more about Trapped Puzzle Rooms.

4. Breakout Games

Breakout is famous for their exhilarating Minneapolis escape games like:

  • The Kidnapping.You and your team will use your combined brain powers to escape an abduction. There is just one hour left before the kidnapper returns.
  • Do Not Disturb.In this room, your investigation of a kidnapper went wrong as you find yourself trapped in his web of games. If you cannot catch the investigator in time, then you will end up being one of his victims.
  • Island Escape.This exciting experience will take you and other explorers on vacation to a tropical island. However, the challenge starts when you discover an upcoming volcano eruption. You must find the keys to safety to survive.

All experiences are only available for private bookings. Also, an adult must play with escapers under 14 years. After reservations, the company does not allow cancellations, but you can reschedule your experience. The pricing per player starts at $42.99 for two players. The more players in your team, the less you have to pay per person.

Learn more about Breakout Games.

5. The Great Escape Room Minneapolis

The Great Escape Room organizes two major escape rooms, which are:

  • Poker Night at the President’s Bunker.You and your team must figure out how to escape the locked president’s bunker in one hour. You will also have to work together to save the world by intercepting a nuclear attack.
  • Escape Artist.The Final Seance.The experience will take you back to the 90s, particularly after the death of the great illusionist Houdini. Your primary task is to help Houdini’s wife complete a seance in one hour so she can see her late husband again.

The rooms can contain a group having up to ten players if you book a private game and eight players for a shared game. A ticket for each player costs $34. However, for students and veterans showing their ID, the price charged per ticket is $30.60.

Learn more about The Great Escape Room Minneapolis.

6. PuzzleWorks Escape Rooms

picture of a telephone, vault, and hospital room

PuzzleWorks offers five of the most exciting escape rooms in Twin Cities. The escape games are available in four adventures. For example:

  • The Vault.Your mission involves helping an exiled prince of Yurgmurgistan retrieve his treasure locked in the national bank. The game will challenge you to break in and leave the bank unnoticed before time runs out.
  • The Dungeon.In this challenging escape room, your team must have at least four participants playing as ‘avocado thieves.’ The experience requires you to escape the dungeon in 60 minutes and proceed with your mission of stealing an enchanted avocado.
  • The Hospital.A renowned heart transplant surgeon unintentionally took a heart cooler instead of a lunch box. By booking this game, you accept the task of helping the surgeon sneak in the heart cooler before the next surgery.

PuzzleWork designs the games with adult players in mind. The experiences may be quite difficult for children. The price for two players is $35 per participant and will be less per player if your team has more participants.

Learn more about PuzzleWorks Escape Rooms.

7. Escape MSP

Escape MSP is also one of the best companies providing fun escape rooms in Minneapolis. Some of the fun experiences you can share with your team of two to ten players are:

  • The Secret of Skully’s Cabin.Your team will act as FBI agents investigating a mysterious cabin. You have 45 minutes to uncover secrets in the abandoned building.
  • Dr. K’s Lethal Injection.The game’s storyline centers around an evil scientist planning to spread a virus and make billions from selling the antidote. In one hour, you have to enter the scientist’s lab and replicate a version of the cure before he arrives.
  • Investigation of Miss Treedeath.Your group of rogue investigators will break into a suspect’s home. You must find evidence proving that the detained suspect committed a murder.

Most of the experiences require participants to be ten years and above. An adult must accompany players under sixteen years. Also, you can have two players in a group. The pricing for eight or more players starts at $23.99 per player.

Learn more about Escape MSP.

8. Hidden MN

Hidden MN has some of the best escape rooms in Minnesota. The rooms are pretty close to Minneapolis, and you can locate them in Roseville. There are six exhilarating experiences. For instance:

  • The Old Family Cabin.You and other investigators will play to help Jane Kingsley find proof of a murder in her old family cabin. The new owners of the cabin plan intend to demolish the building after 60 minutes, so you must investigate on time.
  • The Axe of Love.You will try to locate and retrieve the Axe of Love in one hour. If you cannot get this valued object, then another family generation will fully take possession of the weapon.
  • Wizard’s Workshop.As an apprentice of a wizard, your team will help you get through your final exam. You have to find clues to open locks and find your wand before the wizard returns.

These private escape experiences by Hidden MN costs $27.50 per participant. In a group, there can be up to ten players. Also, the games are great for players aged seven years and above.

Learn more about Hidden MN.

9. Missing Pieces Escape Games

hands reaching towards a puzzle with information about missing pieces escape room

Some fun Minnesota escape rooms you can locate in the closer suburbs of Minneapolis are experiences offered by Missing Pieces. The company has its location in Edina and provides intriguing experiences like:

  • Final Frontier.Your spaceship crashed in space on a distant planet. You will work with your teammates to figure out how to fix the ship before the aliens arrive. This room is ideal for teams with five to eight players.
  • Ruin Raiders.You have to find your archeologist professor who disappeared searching for a legendary temple in this jungle escape room.
  • Diamond Dilemma.Your group of two to eight players will go through a series of challenges, mysteries, and puzzles to find the true story behind the disappearance of a prestigious diamond.

Each experience costs $27.50 per participant. The game is excellent for players of any age, although special requirements apply for different age brackets. For instance, the room must be a private experience for players under ten years old.

Learn more about Missing Pieces Escape Games.

10. Zero Hour Escape Rooms

text that says escape the ordinary with a key behind

Zero Hour escape games are just about 11 miles from Minneapolis. The highly-rated games and their narratives include:

  • Mad Tea Party.In this adventure, Alice is returning to Wonderland. You and your team must retrieve all supplies needed for the tea party planned to welcome Alice before she arrives.
  • Prison Break.You find yourself locked up and awaiting trial after a wrongful theft allegation. You must escape the locked room since you may not get a fair trial.
  • A Quiet Place.You and your teammates are investigators looking into the disappearance of four employees in a bar. You must investigate fast enough and solve the case before the bar opens.

The maximum number of players varies from eight to ten, depending on the experience. Also, the rooms are available as shared or private experiences and are great for kids and beginners. The ticket price is $31.99.

Learn more about Zero Hour Escape Rooms.

11. Tactical Escape 101

Tactical Escape 101 provides escape games located in the Maplewood mall, a few blocks off the St Paul area. The fun games include:

  • The Magical Room of Requirement.Elves got into the castle and began hiding things. Your task encompasses going through the vanishing cabinet to recover the stolen items. The room can contain up to eight players in a group.
  • Game of Games.Your curiosity drives you inside a quaint home built for games. You can only leave this game house by playing all the games within one hour. You can share this experience with up seven other players.
  • Death at a Funeral.Tactical Escape designs this room for four to twelve players. In the game, there was a murder committed at a funeral. You have to put clues together to reveal the identity of the murderer.

The cost for two to four players is $100, with an additional $25 for each extra player. All the rooms are private, lasting for 60 minutes. Furthermore, the minimum age required for players is five years.

Learn more about Tactical Escape 101.

12. WhirlBall Twin Cities Escape Games

WhirlBall organizes several activities in Maple Grove, Minnesota, including two immersive escape rooms. The rooms are about 23 minutes drive from Minneapolis. The two escape games are:

  • The Istanbul Gambit.There may be a deadly attack by a criminal organization called Red November despite the detention of their leader. You and other CIA agents will set a goal to stop this attack as you go into the organization’s bunker.
  • Pirate of the Spanish Main.This pirate-themed escape room will challenge you to decipher the mystery behind the disappearance of a notorious pirate, his crew, and the treasures he stole.

WhirlBall escape rooms are excellent for teams with two to ten players. Each game costs $29.95 per participant and will last for one hour. Also, You can have players aged ten years and above in your group. Besides escape rooms, Whirlball hosts several other fun activities like bowling, laser tags, and a series of arcade games.

Learn more about WhirlBall Twin Cities Escape Games.


The escape games located in the twin cities or surrounding areas are some of Minnesota’s most fun escape rooms. In these interesting Minneapolis rooms, your team will have an excellent opportunity to build their team spirit while also having fun solving puzzles, finding clues, and deciphering mysteries.

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FAQ.Escape Rooms in Minneapolis, MN

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Minneapolis

What are the best escape rooms in Minneapolis?

The best escape rooms in Minneapolis include The Agency by Escape The Room Minneapolis, Inheritance by Mission Manor, Island Escape by Breakout, Escape Artist by The Great Escape Room, and Eternity Battle by Trapped.

How do I find Minneapolis escape rooms?

You can find live Minneapolis escape rooms by checking with a local escape room provider in Minneapolis. For instance, The Great Escape, Trapped, and Mission Manor. Also, you can look through the providers’ official websites to check for escape room themes you prefer.