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Escape rooms in Pigeon Forge are escape games accessible to players in this locale and the surrounding cities. Examples of fun escape rooms in the area include The Great Escape Room, Crave Golf Club, and The Escape Game. The purpose of these attractions is to foster bonding among participants in a fun and out-of-the-box way.

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List of escape rooms in Pigeon Forge

Escape rooms are among the best bonding games for groups of friends, corporate groups, families, or couples. From Trapped Escape Game to Parkway Playhouse and Smoky Mountain Escape Games, here is a list of the most fun escape rooms in Pigeon Forge.

1. Crave Golf Club

two women and a man kneeling and staring at a glowing circle in an escape room

If you are looking for kid friendly escape rooms in Pigeon Forge, then you must try Crave Golf Club.


  • Mayday- There is no way for teams to escape an exotic submarine. You need to work with the crew and seal water-tight doors before the submarine sinks.
  • Zombie Research Lab- A deadly virus is turning human beings into hideous creatures. Players will work around the clock to find a cure for the fatal Zombyte virus.

Crave Golf Club is a one-stop entertainment venue for families. Participants can also enjoy the mini golf course and in-store snack options for kids.

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Trapped Escape Game

2. Smoky Mountain Escape Games

Smoky Mountain Escape Games are exciting, challenging, and fun escape rooms. You can give your team a break from the real world and let participants enjoy 60 minutes of mystery and adventure.


  • The Haunting- Terrible spirits haunt Worthington Mansion. If there is a presence of spirits in the mansion, participants will find means to cleanse the house by picking up where other paranormal investigators left.
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- This escape room game requires participants to follow Alice through a world full of strange creatures. While there are many wondrous adventures in the illogical world, other experiences are bizarre. Participants will escape the confusing world in one hour.
  • Mad Scientist- Dr. Fritz Von Hoffen is the mad scientist. His wife is ailing from a terminal illness, and Dr. Fritz succeeds in creating the antidote that will cure the deadly disease. Another team of scientists, The Nucleus, are jealous of the move and wrongly accuse Fritz. Your team will locate the cure, clear Fritz’s name, and pave the way for the scientist to cure his wife.
  • Diamond Heist- Montgomery Bank and Trust is a den for criminal activities such as money laundering. With the Star of the Dreams Diamond stored on the premises. Teams will break into Montgomery’s office and confiscate the diamond before the bank’s president returns.

Parents and guardians looking for kid friendly escape rooms in Pigeon Forge can check out the selection offered by Smoky Mountain Escape Games. Each of these games has a unique theme, décor, and mission. Solving these puzzles and finding clues before time runs out requires quick thinking, teamwork, and determination. The cost of these games starts at $28. The more the players in the room, the less the cost.

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3. The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape Room offers players an innovative experience. Participants get to test their problem-solving, teamwork, and code-breaking skills.

Examples of games:

  • Poker Night at the President’s Bunker Escape Room- Teams have up to 60 minutes to prevent nuclear Armageddon.
  • Escape Artist: The Final Séance Escape Room- After years of trying, Bess makes one last attempt to contact her beloved husband in the afterlife. Teams will help Bess in reaching her late husband, Harry Houdini.
  • Mountain Top Murders Escape Room- The family has lost contact with Nana for years. While you keep in touch with her, the phone goes unanswered for nearly a month. Players have 60 minutes to enter Nana’s cabin.

The games require participants to work as a team to solve puzzles and escape the rooms. You will pay $27.99 for an escape game plus fees.

Learn more about The Great Escape Room.

4. Tri-Cities Escape Game

woman in escape room with flashlight smiling and text "get ready for the fastest 60 minutes of your life, book now"

Tri-Cities Escape Game is one of the best Tennessee escape rooms. While all games are fun and challenging, they are not scary. The company offers emergency exit releases in case any player experiences claustrophobia.


  • Into The Amazon- After a trip to the Amazon, you made a life-threatening mistake. You returned with an ancient relic that belongs to the fiercest head-hunters, the Jivaro tribe. You only have 60 minutes to replace the artifact, or you risk losing your head to the tribe. This game requires two to eight players and has a difficulty level of seven out of eight.
  • Alien Deception- There has been a reported case of alien abduction in Rowell, New Mexico. Players will visit the Yellow Saucer at night. Teams have one hour to get in and escape.
  • The Leviathan Lab- An island that has not had any human contact carried massive prehistoric preservation. To protect the location of the island, protective technologies are in place. However, the winds of a cyclone interfere with the power, revealing your location. Players only have 60 minutes of solar power before the lab’s location is exposed.

You can book in advance or walk in with your team. However, time spots and days sell out fast. The cost of the Tri-Cities Escape Game is $24 per player.

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5. Activate and Breakout Games

Activate and Breakout Games offers immersive escape rooms in Gatlinburg TN. The games test participants’ mental and physical agility. Participants get to choose a variety of escape rooms and preferred difficulty levels.


  • The Kidnapping- Teams will wake up blindfolded and handcuffed in an unfamiliar room. Players will then have 60 minutes to free themselves before the kidnapper returns.
  • Mystery Mansion- Teams will work around the clock to discover and expose the looming presence of an abandoned mansion.
  • Clue- Players will solve a murder by revealing who is revealing the murder, in what room, and the weapon of choice within 60 minutes.

Activate and Breakout Games has created an all-inclusive experience for all persons, even those with pre-existing conditions. In addition, the company has added prompts such as loud music and flashing lights to create a feeling of excitement and adrenaline. While the company accepts walk-ins, book tickets in advance to reserve a slot. The cost of these rooms starts at $25 per player.

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6. Headcase Escape Adventures

Headcase logo in front of steampunk gears with words "escape adventures, book now"

Headcase Escape Adventures offers an interactive experience where teams find hidden puzzles or clues and escape rooms within one hour. Players’ chances of escaping depend on their inventiveness, teamwork, and wit.


  • Aztec Temple- Players are among the team that will enter the newest temple discovery, ‘Temple of the Gods.’ However, a concealed trap closes in, leaving participants trapped in the temple. Players will unlock the temple and escape within 60 minutes before oxygen runs out.
  • Doomsday Bomber- Players will search for Doomsday, the active militant in the city. Participants have 60 minutes to infiltrate a device that can level over two square miles.
  • Merlin’s Secret Chamber- Teams have 60 minutes to rescue princess Adelina from Merlin’s chamber before the spell becomes irreversible.

Experience the creative escape room concepts, innovative designs, and compelling technology with your team, friends, and family.

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7. The Captured

The Captured offers a thrilling escape adventure. Simon Craft’s family has a weird tradition. Craft got a piece of land between Cherokee Nation and Pigeon Forge. The Craft family depended on the sale of timber to make a living. However, during a brutal winter season, the family ran out of food, resulting in cannibalism. Today, the family feasts on tourists who visit the Great Smoky Mountains. Participants have 60 minutes to escape the cellar lest the cannibals eat them.

The pricing for these games starts at $28 for adults.

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8. Trapped Escape Game

If you have been searching for code-cracking, heart-pounding, and race-against-time Tennessee escape rooms, you must visit Trapped Escape Game. The company offers new escape room games every month, so you are sure not to experience mundane experiences.


  • Alcatraz- Alcatraz is reputedly the most secure prison in America. You and your team are now on the list of inmates alongside George Kelly and James Bulger. While you have escaped from almost every federal prison in the United States, Alcatraz offers your greatest challenge yet.
  • Dead Zone- In this game, players are the last survivors after terror and outbreaks have taken over the world. You will get your freedom only if you make it to the last helicopter’s pick-up within 60 minutes.
  • Asylum- Bellevue Psychiatric Asylum is one of the most abusive asylums in the world, with cases of fatalities from human experimentation. However, your team can help in the closure of the asylum. Players will go undercover to expose the truth within 60 minutes.
  • Capone- The year is 1937, and Chicago has a notorious gangster called AI Capone. The gangster gets word that you are an FBI informant, and Capone’s henchmen kidnap you. You need to escape before Capone returns and settles the score with you.

All participants must portray teamwork, intellect, and problem-solving skills for your team to earn their place on the Trapped leaderboard. Be sure to select Tennessee escape rooms based on the difficulty level that your team can handle.

Learn more about Trapped Escape Game.

9. Gatlin’s Escape Games

If you are looking for top-rated escape rooms in Gatlinburg TN, then you must check out Gatlin’s Escape Games. The company offers an unforgettable experience for players where each participant gets to conquer challenges and solve puzzles amid dramatic events.


  • Moonshine Hill Hootenanny- Players will defend their family honor and put Paw out of business within 60 minutes.
  • The Haunting of Hyde House- After the death of Isabella, her parents, Constance and Harrison, mysteriously disappear. Players visit the now Hyde House Historical Foundation. However, they get trapped and discover that Isabella haunts the house. Players must reunite Isabella with her doll, Emma.
  • Curse of the Kraken’s Eye- The Kraken’s Eye is a cursed supernatural gem that has caused a massive storm in the town. Players will save their town by entering Captain Blackheart’s ship and solving his tricks.

The starting pricing point for these escape room games is $36.99 per player.

Learn more about Gatlin’s Escape Games.

10. Memphis Escape Rooms

If you are looking for various escape room games, then check out what Memphis Escape Rooms offers. The company has 11 unique escape games and can host up to 60 participants at a time.


  • Clear Your Name- You have been wrongly accused of stealing dozens of gold bricks. To clear your name, you are hiding at The Dusty Bucket. But you have until noon to prove your innocence.
  • Free The Superheroes- An evil group called the Pulse has taken charge of three superheroes. The gang will make their super-villain from the superheroes. Players will work around the clock as Pulse undercover agents and locate the superheroes.
  • Survive The Ghost- Players take a stroll to an abandoned house for a playful scare. But then, the door slams behind them. Now, players are a hostage of the mysterious woman who owned the house and must escape before they become another ghost story.

Depending on your location, you can opt for East Memphis or Downtown Memphis, TN locations. Also, children who are four and below can accompany players and play for free. The cost of these escape room games ranges from $28 to $43 per player, depending on the game chosen and the number of participants.

Learn more about Memphis Escape Rooms.


There is a wide array of Pigeon Forge escape games for players to experience. If you are unsure about the escape room to try, you can for assistance from the guides. These escape rooms offer games with varying difficulty levels, ensuring every player enjoys the experience.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Here are answers to common questions about escape rooms in Pigeon Forge.

What are the best escape rooms in Pigeon Forge, TN?

The best escape rooms in Pigeon Forge, TN include Trapped Escape Game, The Captured, and The Great Escape Room.

What are some kid-friendly escape games near Pigeon Forge?

Some kid-friendly escape games near Pigeon Forge include Smoky Mountain Escape Games, The Great Escape Game, and Crave Golf Club.

How much do Pigeon Forge escape rooms cost?

The cost of Pigeon Forge escape rooms varies. For most companies, the more the players in a room, the less the cost of the escape game. The cost of Pigeon Forge escape games ranges between $24 to $43 for adults. The average cost of escape room games for children is $19.99.