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Digital escape rooms allow you to experience a physical escape room from the comfort of your home, sometimes with the help of a host and a game guide who will act as your proxy, seek clues, and investigate room areas. Examples include Spy Apprentice, Oregon Trail Escape, and Romeo and Juliet. These games are important because they ensure your team works together and develops ideas in ways they never imagined possible.

These rooms are similar to virtual reality escape rooms, escape games for the iPad, and escape rooms on Steam.

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List of digital escape rooms

In the last few years, the popularity of virtual escape rooms has skyrocketed. These games have every component of a physical escape room, including the challenges, exams, and thrills. The following are digital escape rooms.

1. The Spy Apprentice

If you like reading or watching espionage novels and movies, then you will enjoy this escape room. Your spy mission in Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room Adventure will take you on a virtual journey across the globe in search of clues and puzzles to solve. Players can choose to play as a group or individually. Although the game may be challenging for some players, a well-coordinated group has a fair shot at finishing this escape room adventure.

Play The Spy Apprentice.

2. A Lost Memory

A Lost Memory is an excellent choice if you and your coworkers are looking for lengthy digital escape rooms for groups. The escape room has many puzzles that can take hours to finish. Multiple Dutch escape room businesses worked together on A Lost Memory’s design, showcasing their varied approaches to puzzle creation. The game centers on gathering data on an incident that happened in the 1940s.

Play A Lost Memory.

3. Hogwarts Digital Escape Game

If you like the Harry Potter books and films, then you will love this escape room. The Peters Township Public Library created the escape room to wow the series’ devoted audience. Despite being one of the popular free digital escape rooms, the game is filled with Harry Potter allusions and has many high-quality photos and video snippets from the Harry Potter films. The players start as first-year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The players will end up locked in a chamber and receive a set of clues to help them escape.

Play Hogwarts Digital Escape Game.

4. Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

The Livingston Parish Library has made it feasible to trek The Oregon Trail by designing a fantastic, totally free Willamette Valley-themed escape room. The escape room feels like the players are on a real wagon road, trying to solve riddles and puzzles as they travel. The only way for the players to return safely is if they can overcome these hurdles.

Play Oregon Trail Escape.

5. Romeo and Juliet

Fans of the romance genre will delight in this Romeo and Juliet-themed digital escape room. To reunite Romeo and Juliet, participants of this free virtual escape room must solve a series of riddles. There are several unexpected turns along the journey. If you want to see the happy couple reunite, your team will have to work together to solve the escape room’s obstacles as quickly as possible.

Play Romeo and Juliet.

6. Jumanji: The Escape Room

In Jumanji, you play as a protagonist in a video game and must overcome challenges similar to those in the original series. There are many puzzles and mysteries for you to solve as you traverse this dangerous planet. To leave this perilous virtual world, you must bring a magical gem to the jaguar statue.

Play Jumanji.

7. Secret City Trails

Players of Secret City Trails go on a journey across a city as part of the escape room game. Challenges can only answer questions posed in the game by going to the next landmark on the list. The escape room provides a tourist-like experience, with responses consistent with the game’s overarching scenario. Aside from being a fun method to test your knowledge of a city, the game also serves as a great educational tool by providing players with fascinating tidbits of cultural or historical facts about the place between questions.

Play Secret City Trails.

8. See Me Escape Games

When it comes to the best puzzle experiences, See Me Escape is at the top of the heap. To win the game, you and your team will have to solve a series of puzzles and decipher a series of codes. The game’s immersive narrative at no extra cost complements the experience excellently. In addition, the escape room is a fantastic team-based activity that will help you and your colleagues relieve tension through engaging and creative play.

Play See Me Escape Games.

9. Enchambered

Originally, Enchambered was a physical location where players could embark on an adventure and solve riddles to escape. However, a team from Sacramento, California, has developed a digital counterpart to its physical escape room. Players in the online version of Enchambered go through a series of puzzles with their own unique stories. Your group will need to cooperate to overcome these obstacles.

Learn more about Enchambered.

10. Escape from Wonderland Digital Escape Room

Every player who likes Lewis Carroll’s iconic Alice in Wonderland novel will love this digital escape room. The Multire-Colquitt County Library System in Moultrie, Georgia, designed the escape game. Playing as Alice, you will go on a journey full of challenging puzzles and riddles. You will follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and join forces with your companions to begin your fantastic journey.

Play Escape from Wonderland.

11. Mission to Mars

While on your way to Mars with your crew of space cadets, an unknown artificial intelligence suddenly hijacks your spacecraft. The crew must now work together to overcome obstacles and unlock a succession of puzzle chambers to retake command of the ship before time runs out. The Space Commander, your event host, will provide direction, but the ultimate success of Space Escape depends on all participants’ cooperation. This game is one of the best digital escape rooms for groups as it can accommodate up to 100 players.

Play Mission to Mars.

12. Ancient Alien Conspiracy

You climbed the Great Pyramid on a dare. You have almost reached the pinnacle of success, but aliens kidnap your whole team. Your task is to work together to solve this interstellar dilemma and get off the ship. Your team will face multiple puzzles as you try to escape abduction within the allotted time.

13. Escape the Fairy Tale

This digital escape room is a creative challenge based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Magical Book Fairy guides you to safety and out of the bears’ house. Throughout the game, you will get clear graphics and activities for a pleasant, relatively simple escape room. The game uses a Morse code translator and is excellent for practicing memory skills and comparing and contrasting different item sizes and colors. If you want digital escape rooms for kids, this option is excellent.

14. 49er Gold Rush

You can indulge in the thrill of an actual escape room without leaving your desk. Consider this game if you and your team want to experience the thrill of a digital escape room. 49er Gold Rush is set in the wild west days of California, when gold was abundant over the hills, and con artists did their best to steal it from you. The host will be physically present in an actual escape room and guide you and your team over a live video stream to solve the puzzles, find clues, and escape before the time runs out.

15. Hypnosis Adventure

Instead of trying to use your wits to get out of a virtual room, this game will take you on a relaxing, reflective trip to learn more about hypnosis and dispel some of the misconceptions around it. Jason Akel is a master hypnotist and storyteller who uses the power of the mind to help his audience feel at ease, think more freely, be more creative, and find the strength to face and conquer obstacles. You can experience an online adventure with your friends in a relaxing environment led by a real pro.

16. Prison Break

To escape from a maximum-security prison in this online adventure, you must solve several challenging riddles and find your way through a maze of locked doors and hidden passages. You will be working against time to clear your name. Digital escape rooms for adults like Prison Break are fantastic for encouraging innovative thinking and analytical problem-solving in a light-hearted environment.

17. Escape Hunt

With Escape Hunt, you can get your team together and choose whatever adventure you choose, played entirely online. Through Zoom, you and your team will collaborate and navigate a real-world escape room to complete the mission before the clock runs out. Whether competing against or cooperating with coworkers, you will have a great time bonding as a team.

Regardless of your location, the game tests your communication, negotiation, and emotional acuity, giving you insights into who the office genius is. If you want corporate team building experience, you should consider Escape Hunt.

18. Escape the Crate

For your adventurous convenience, escape rooms are now available in a box. You will receive a monthly package with all the props, hints, and puzzles necessary to replicate the excitement of an actual escape room. You may escape a pirate ship and other scenarios simply by opening your escape room box, joining a Zoom conference, and solving the puzzles onscreen.

19. Murder Mystery

The insane ratings of true crime series suggest that viewers cannot resist the opportunity to solve a case from the comfort of their couches. For this reason, Murder Mystery, The Ultimate Crime, serves as an exciting theme for an escape room. This exciting game suits remote players. For this game, you have a virtual gathering of a crime squad to investigate a crime scene, apply Sherlock Holmes’ methods, and apprehend a murderer.

20. Zombie Virtual Escape Room Theme

The zombie escape room theme will please those in your party who are fans of the Walking Dead. If you go with this game, then your task is to get out of a hypothetical room while trying to avoid becoming a zombie’s snack.

If you want to ensure every aspect goes off without a hitch during your event, then consider making the escape objectives a series of online team-building activities rather than a sequence of clues. With each charades or trivia round you win, you and your squad may get closer to freedom.

21. Crack the CODE

This game is a favorite for many enthusiastic coders and is suitable for players of all coding levels. You need to apply the hints on the page to “crack the code” and regain access to your computer software after an adversary has hacked it. In this virtual room escape game, you have to use your wits and your ability to decipher binary code, video clues, internet puzzle pieces, and arithmetic to escape. You should not let the game’s seeming ease of play deceive you, as there is more to the job than meets the eye.


If you are planning a virtual escape room, it is usually more productive to generate enthusiasm and put out feelers to discover who in the group would be the most effective participant. When you get your A-team together, it is time to drum up excitement. Digital escape rooms are a great way to have fun with your group. The games will test your team’s brainpower as you work together to solve the challenges presented in the various escape room games.

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FAQ: Digital escape rooms

Here are some frequently asked questions about digital escape rooms.

What are digital escape rooms?

Digital escape rooms contain a series of puzzles that players must solve to “escape” a situation. Digital escape rooms have the same structure as their real-world counterparts, down to the theming and varying degrees of difficulty.

How do you play digital escape rooms?

To play digital escape rooms, firstly, you need to choose a digital escape game to play. You can select your preferred adventure for the virtual escape experience. Setting a time restriction increases the stakes of an already thrilling game. You should also decide where your participants will meet virtually to discuss the clues and riddles. You can host your event on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Meet.

What are the best digital escape rooms?

Some of the best digital escape rooms include Hogwarts, Jewel Heist, and A Lost Memory.