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Escape room games on Steam are digital escape games that players can download and play on the Steam gaming platform. The rooms consist of free-to-play and paid games, single and multiplayer modes, and include VR-supported games. The games are a mix of products from various companies cutting across independent producers to major gaming companies.

These games are similar to iPad escape games, escape rooms in VR and digital escape the room.

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So, here is the list of leading escape room games on Steam.

List of escape room games on Steam

Here is our list of the best escape room games to play on Steam.

1. Forgiveness

The player wakes up alone in a locked room. As the player begins to recollect previous incidents, a voice appears. The speaker claims to be God and explains that he has selected the player for a trial for his sins. The voice offers to forgive the player on condition.

To escape the harsh consequence of the verdict, the player must complete tasks. First, the player should find and use the clues hidden and distributed in various rooms. Next, the player combines the hints to solve the puzzles and eventually evades God’s sentence.

The Forgiveness escape room has seven different adventures. Players can play the series randomly or take a personality test to determine which rooms best suit them.

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2. Escape from Labyrinth

Escape from Labyrinth is among the best free multiplayer escape room games on Steam. In this game, players search for a powerful relic. However, getting too close to the antique causes players to mysteriously slide into a maze-like place.

The game has two playing modes, and, participants choose to play the victim or the murderer. As a victim, the player should find the labyrinth’s exit and flee from the killer. The victim must identify and activate the room details that lead to the exit. As the murderer, the player uses magical ability to locate the victims who fall into the labyrinth.

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3. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

In this escape room, Isaac’s mother intends to sacrifice her child, Isaac, to appease her God. Isaac learns of the danger and escapes into the basement just before the ritual begins. The child meets monsters that he must combat to survive.

The players’ mission is to help Isaac overcome his fears and overpower the enemies. To succeed in this quest, players must first find the treasures that give Isaac supernatural abilities and then fight the enemies. Finally, players should unlock the secret doors that lead to Isaac’s safety.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth escape room is multiplayer suitable for adults. The game features bloody scenes that may be unsuitable for sensitive and younger gamers. Therefore it is advisable to have the viewers’ discretion.

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4. Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is a multiplayer escape room where gamers play on two devices, like tablets and smartphones. Remote players need sound devices like headphones to facilitate communication.

In this escape, the players are two friends trapped in a demonic world. The friends can only escape by teaming up to solve the complex puzzles. Players must share details, such as instructions and visuals, on individual screens to unveil the place’s secrets and find clues.

This game tests the players’ communication, decision-making, and logical skills. Thus, players can shout details on individual screens, discuss clues, and collectively decide the course of action before time runs out.

Learn more about Tick Tock: A Tale for Two.

5. Detention

The Detention escape room is a psychological horror co-op game. This escape is set in a mythical world and applies East Asian beliefs such as Buddhism and Taoism.

Gamers role play as two high school friends. The students find themselves trapped and helpless in their school. The familiar environment has changed, and evil creatures are inhabiting the place. Players search the school for exit routes and explore mystical rooms to escape the horror. By solving puzzles, players unveil the school’s dark secrets that will help them survive and return to safety.

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6. Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment is an intriguing free virtual reality escape room on Steam.

This exit game takes place in a dull workplace called The Belko corporation. The players are part of the drone staff at the multinational company. One day, the staff find themselves trapped inside the office premises. The situation is life-threatening because the microchip implanted in the workers’ heads could explode, killing the staff. Players must solve multiple challenging puzzles within the limited time to escape the office and survive.

Learn more about Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment.

7. Mad Experiments

Mad Experiment is a thriller co-op multiplayer game with up to six player slots.

In this plot, the player enters a lounge and finds Professor Cheshire setting up an experiment. The professor informs the player that he will use the player as a specimen. The player realizes that he is trapped, and in 60 minutes, the professor will begin the risky experiment. That player must identify clues and use them to find the missing codes and keys.

Players must combine reason and natural curiosity to solve the puzzles. The team can also share and discuss findings to help them exit before the clock strikes.

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8. 100 Doors Game- Escape From School

100 Doors Game- Escape From School is among the best logic-based free escape room games on Steam. This puzzle happens in a school with 140 rooms classified under 16 departments, like music, history, and sports.

A girl named Mia finds herself trapped in one of the rooms. To find the exit, the girl should go through all the school doors. Players help the girl escape the room by solving clues and finding hidden tools that can unlock doors. The puzzles get more complicated each time Mia enters a new room. Players may have to purchase hints or skips to access the next room.

The game has varied puzzles that will boggle the players’ minds. Therefore this escape room is a good choice for players with a knack for math and Roman numerals.

Learn more about 100 Doors Game- Escape From School.

9. The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci takes place in the Italian Renaissance period. The owner of the house, Leonardo Da Vinci, is a famous inventor who suddenly disappears. The player is Leonardo’s intern and is determined to find his master.

The player searches the Da Vinci’s workshop for clues and finds the master’s special lenses. The player uses the glasses to see hidden codes, past events, and escape mechanisms. By solving the mechanical puzzles and finding special items hidden in the workshop, the events leading to Leonardo’s vanishing become clear. Occasionally, the player receives letters that give him leads but must be careful to identify whether the notes are from Leonardo or his enemies.

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10. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game for up to five players. One player is the killer, and the remaining four play as survivors. The killer has special hunting powers to catch, kill, and sacrifice the victims.

The four survivors play in third-person and have a situational awareness advantage. However, the environment keeps changing as players progress to different levels, making the rooms more dangerous and challenging. The survivors need to collaborate to escape the killing ground.

This escape contains mature content and is therefore unsuitable for players under 18.

Learn more about Dead by Daylight.

11. The Seven Keys

The Seven Keys escape room is a single-player mystery adventure with logic-based puzzles to challenge players intellectually.

In this game, the police send Detective Jake Stone to investigate a shooting incident at the Hoffman house. Immediately Jake arrives at the crime scene, the goons beat him up and leave him unconscious. The detective, dizzy and hallucinating, wakes up later in an unfamiliar place. Players assume the role of the detective and should find a way to escape. A stranger will offer the detective some help. However, the player is determined to connect the clues and solve some hard puzzles to learn why he keeps feeling dizzy.

Learn more about The Seven Keys.

12. TerraNova

TerraNova is a single-player escape room set in a police station. You are the player, arrested and taken to the interrogation room for entering a corrupt politician’s house.

You await questioning for hours in the locked room, but nobody comes. You discover clues inside the room that can help unlock the door, and you manage to exit the room. More puzzles lead you into a cell. Then you discover that you are abandoned and trapped inside the cell and have to solve more riddles to free yourself.

Learn more about TerraNova.

13. The Sorcerer’s Curse

The Sorcerer’s Curse is a 3D single-player exploration game. The story revolves around a cursed town, Inglesfear, in which a sorcerer has cast a spell.

In this escape, the player is a poor villager chosen to break the curse. The player should sneak into the sorcerer’s house, learn the dark secrets and then undo the spell to restore the town. However, the sorcerer has set some cryptic puzzles to hide his magic formula. The player needs to outwit the puzzles to save the town and return alive.

Learn more about The Sorcerer’s Curse.

14. We Went Back

We Went Back is a free-to-play walking simulator game. This single-player game is set in a space station and contains horror themes.

The player wakes up in a deserted space station. Alone and with a locked exit door, the player soon finds clues that open the locks which lead to the hallways. However, the environment around the hallways keeps changing and gets creepier. The player notices monsters hiding in the crevices and is determined to confront the creatures before they attack.

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15. Escape Simulator: Steampunk

Escape Simulator: Steampunk is one of the most fun Steam escape room simulators. Players can play this DLC game with friends or solo.

This escape features players as the occupants of Valor, the steampunk airship. The players are sleeping in their quarters, located on the lower decks. Suddenly, there is a loud explosion. Players wake up and run towards the main room door but find the lock stuck. Players must reach the Helm Room and then fix the airship in time to survive. The only way to the Helm Room is through the flaring Engine Room and the Greenhouse and solving emerging puzzles.

Learn more about Escape Simulator: Steampunk.

16. Psycho

Psycho is a cooperative or solo player with mixed investigation and scary themes.

In this mission, the players, who act as the police, enter a bunker in the dreaded area searching for a missing man, Eric. Soon darkness falls, and the police rely on a spotlight to find Eric. However, a psycho in the bunker keeps chasing the police away. The police resort to using a radiation detector to locate Eric and contain the psycho. However, every chase seems to make the crazy man wilder.

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17. Rooms of Realities

Rooms of Realities is one of the best Steam VR escape room games with a great adventure and awesome puzzles. Players may choose single or multiplayer options. In the cooperative mode, different roles include being a detective, secret agent, or adventurer.

The game’s plot features an abandoned hospital where a lady named Emily Jones disappeared. The players interact with puzzles in the three unique environments to unfold the secrets that connect the rooms. Finally, the players should enter the pyramid and take the special artifact that will save the world.

Learn more about Rooms of Realities.

18. The Forest

The Forest is one of the best survival simulator escape rooms on Steam. This story features a lone survivor of a plane crash who has to survive in a forest inhabited by wild animals and cannibalistic humans.

To survive in the forest, the player has to scavenge food and use available materials for shelter, warmth, and weapons. The player has to tactically combat the enemies with crude weapons or use stealth to dodge the monsters.

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19. Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is an action solo or multiplayer escape game. The plot is set on an alien planet populated with monsters.

You and your friends are the players and are trapped on the horrific planet. You can escape the chaos by either running away or fighting the monsters. However, fighting increases the player’s power to help unlock treasures and become the ultimate boss.

Learn more about Risk of Rain 2.

20. Escape From Monster

Escape From Monster is a single-player or co-op game for two. The room is set in a hotel and has three unique maps.

The players awaken in an unfamiliar, dusty room. The players hear terrifying sounds outside the room’s door and realize their pockets are empty. The players become aware that they are in an abandoned hotel and plan the exit route through the dark mines into one of the underground ruins. But first, the players need to connect every clue to make sense of the situation.

Learn more about Escape From Monster.


Steam is a reliable online gaming platform with an arsenal of escape room games. For instance, the immersive rooms are available in various themes, including adventure, action, and horror. In addition, players can choose paid or free games in either solo or multiplayer modes. Most games are downloadable, but players may opt to live stream.

Steam has an interactive community platform for its subscribers, including expert players and beginners. Members benefit from the platform through shared experience, game tips, and updates on new games and versions.

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FAQ: Escape room games on Steam

Here are frequently asked questions regarding Steam’s escape rooms.

What are some good Steam escape room games?

Good escape games on Steam include Detention, The House of Da Vinci, We Went Back, and Psycho. These games are immersive and intrigue players. Also, gamers can narrow their search on Steam to find the most suitable games. For instance, sorting the games by themes, number of players, device compatibility, and manufacturer.

How do you play escape room games on Steam?

To play escape room games on Steam, first, you need to have downloaded and installed the Steam Client app on the device. Next, log in with the Steam account, click on ‘Library,’ then select a previously downloaded escape room game. Finally, open the game by clicking the ‘Play’ tab.

To download a new game, select the chosen escape room from the library list. Next, purchase the game to make it downloadable on your device. Finally, select the ‘Install’ tab and follow the prompts on the screen.