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Escape room books are reading materials that immerse readers into escape room scenarios. Readers will solve puzzles, find clues, and accomplish goals within a limited time. Examples include All Your Twisted Secrets, The Master Theorem, and The Trials of Morrigan Crow. Through escape room books, escape room lovers will get the thrill of an escape room without needing on-screen viewing or a physical escape room. Escape room books are also perfect options for escape room beginners.

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List of escape room books

While escape rooms are safe, escape room beginners may have a fear of getting locked inside a room or experiencing scary scenarios. From The Escape Room to Reprieve and The Cursed Castle, here is a list of the best books that simulate the experience of being in an escape room or give readers helpful hints to create or beat games.

1. The Escape Room (2018) by Megan Goldin

Jules, Vincent, Sam, and Sylvie are friends and business partners who live lucrative lives through billion-dollar deals. The four business partners are invitees to an escape room challenge. With their competitive side coming out, all participants are eager to prove themselves. However, once the elevator gets shut, the four realize they must fight for survival, as the game is not an ordinary competition. To get out alive, the players have no option but to solve clues to get out of an elevator. While the four characters have a cordial relationship, the elevator experience exposes the jealousness and rivalries within the group. Even worse, the clues require the four participants to lay their secrets bare. As the players figure out clues, they realize that one of the friends is a killer. As one of the best escape room books for adults, The Escape Room offers a thrill as readers learn which player is a killer and uncover the participant’s secrets.

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2. Escape Room (2020) by Maren Stoffels

Full of suspense and menace, Escape Room is one of the best escape room books for thrill and mystery lovers. Escape Room revolves around mental illness, revenge, friendship, and self-discovery. The book’s premise starts as four friends, Cleo, Alissa, Miles, and Sky, search for a Friday night activity. The four will stumble across an escape room and sign up for the adventure. While the players have info that they can leave the room anytime, you may find out the game master has no intention of releasing the characters. The story has enough tension and twists that will leave a reader guessing until almost the end of the book. If you are looking for a short and sweet escape room book, then be sure to grab Escape Room.

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3. All Your Twisted Secrets (2020) by Diana Urban

The premise of All Your Twisted Secrets revolves around players who get an invite to a scholarship dinner. However, the event is a trap, and participants find themselves in a room that has a syringe full of poison and a bomb. The characters also find a note that requires players to pick someone to kill, lest all invitees die. All players must be on the lookout since the potential killers’ identity is unknown. As participants ponder why they are in the room, they discover that each player is holding secrets. Escape room book lovers will enjoy the dilemma as participants search for who to kill to save other players.

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4. Reprieve (2021) by James Han Mattson

Based on a haunted house experience, Reprieve is one of the best escape room books for adults. Four contestants win entry to an escape room competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. The house is full of deadly traps that only a few can escape. The four will endure horrors and must not shout the safe word, ‘Reprieve’, lest they lose the substantial cash prize. However, before the four players can complete the game, an outsider gets inside the house and kills one of the contestants. With the ongoing challenge, readers will see the misunderstandings and deceits that showcase a tangled American life.

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5. The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book (2019) by Ormond Sacker

The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book takes readers through challenges players must solve to escape. You will get a mysterious letter at your Baker Street home. From hidden clues, logic puzzles, and riddles, readers will reveal the direction of travel that will lead them out of the room. If you love mathematics, then you will enjoy the mathematical problems that will solve to get codes to the correct path. Readers will also explore maps and a code wheel with the key to unlock the next page. If you get the puzzles right, then you will escape. However, incorrect puzzle answers will lead you further along the wrong path.

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6. The Trials of Morrigan Crow (2017) by Jessica Townsend

Full of interesting twists, The Trials of Morrigan Crow is a fantasy-themed escape room that will appeal to escape room lovers. Born on Eventide, a renowned unlucky day, Morrigan Crow is destined to experience a life full of misfortunes. For starters, Morrigan is unfairly blamed for events such as hailstorms and heart attacks. As she waits to die on her 11th birthday, Jupiter North, a strange yet remarkable man, appears and whisks her away into a secret location. Morrison then discovers that Jupiter North wants her to contend for the Wondrous Society, a prestigious organization in the city. However, Morrigan must compete in four dangerous trials against children who boast extraordinary talent. Morrison must lead in the competition lest she will go back to the city and face her unfortunate fate.

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7. The Perfect Escape (2020) by Suzanne Park

If you are looking for survival escape room type books, then you will love The Perfect Escape. Nate Jae has a hunger for wealth. An interesting opportunity presents itself when Nate’s classmate offers a handsome amount of money to commit fraud. Readers will see Nate’s dilemma as he ponders on whether to get rich and support his family or compromise his integrity. Kate Anderson then approaches Nate with a competition where the winner will walk away with a huge cash prize. Nate and Kate choose to work as a team and take the cash home. While Nate has the chance to win the grand prize, the challenge remains surviving through the competition.

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8. Sherlocked! (2021) by Jason Edinger

Detectives Holmes and Watson are solving a kidnapping case. However, the two will get into a series of rooms without an outlet for the outside world. The detectives must unravel riddles, solve puzzles, and crack codes to discover the secrets and escape before time runs out. You will enjoy the mysteries in the case as the two detectives make complex decisions to end the mysterious tale.

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9. The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane (2020) by Beth Martin

If you are looking for escape room books, then The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane is a good bet. The premise of the story starts with a tour of an abandoned house. However, the door shuts down once players get inside the house. Strange events make you panic, and you start looking for a way out. You and your friend will solve puzzles and figure out clues to earn your escape. Players can solve the puzzles in any order. Your friend Bang is on stand-by to give you hints or solve the puzzle for you. Players do not need an internet connection or a special app to solve the puzzles in The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane.

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10. The Cypher Files (2021) by Dimitris Chassapakis

The Cypher Files is one of the best escape room puzzle books. Featuring interactive games, you will solve puzzles, submit your answers online, and obtain keys that will enable you to move to the next step. The Cypher Files is perfect for escape room fans looking for a challenge. Readers will act as an agent of a secret international agency, Cypher, solving cases by deciphering codes. You will investigate cryptic clues as mysterious disappearances rock the city. However, time is not on your side, and you must crack the codes before it is too late. Readers will write, search, draw, and cut pages as they identify the perpetrators. You will need a pair of scissors, a pencil, and an internet connection to solve the mysteries.

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11. Journal 29 (2017) by Dimitris Chassapakis

Journey 29 is an interactive escape room book where readers will solve puzzles and riddles and submit answers online to get the key to continuing the game. The storyline revolves around a top-secret excavation with zero results 28 days later. However, strange events occur in the 29th week, and everyone on the team disappears. You only have the team’s journal, which you will use to figure out the riddles and solve the mystery. With over 63 puzzles, the 148-page book will intrigue even the most experienced escape room game players. The puzzles range from intuitive leaps, logical deduction, and lateral thinking. Players will write, search, fold pages, and combine techniques to get the riddles right. Readers will need a pencil and an internet connection to play.

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12. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book (2021) by Paige Ellsworth Lyman

If you want to create your escape room, then The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book is a must-read. Featuring over 300 puzzle ideas, the book offers a practical guide to help readers create their challenges. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book has two parts. In the first part, you will learn what an escape room is, how you can set up a room, and how to develop a plot and theme. Readers will also learn the best tips on structuring clues. In the second half, you will get challenges you can use in your escape room, such as mathematics, physical objects, ciphers, and codes. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book is an excellent resource for experienced or first-time escape room builders.

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13. The Escape Book (2018) by Ivan Tapia

The Escape Book is an intriguing ride across multiple mysteries, puzzles, and challenges readers will solve to escape. As an investigative journalist, you carry secrets that make you want to run for your life. You will find yourself in the labyrinth, and an escape is the only way to save yourself. You will solve clues, conundrums, anagrams, and optical illusions to escape the labyrinth. The Escape Book offers readers an unmatched escape room experience with no easy way out. The book will test your perseverance and ingenuity.

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14. The Master Theorem (2019) by M.

The Master Theorem tops the list of escape room puzzle books for readers who are in for a challenge. Featuring over 40 puzzles that channel a challenging escape room. Readers will solve brain teasers and decrypt messages to complete the challenge. Each puzzle is unique and may offer participants weeks or months of growing entertainment. Puzzle lovers will enter The Master Theorem’s elite ranks and become pros in solving mysteries of the universe. While The Master Theorem has a difficulty rating of medium to hard, you will find helpful hints to help you figure out the obstacles.

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15. Escape Room – Can You Escape the Museum? (2020) by Gareth Moore

The Can You Escape the Museum book takes readers through a museum experience that does not go as planned. Once inside, readers will encounter spooky ancient Egyptians, terrifying dinosaurs, and fearsome knights. You will also come across vicious Vikings and even some amazing animals. Readers will create objects from the card sheets and use them to solve a series of challenges. You will also gather information from different sources to tackle mind-boggling problems and crack the secret codes. If you are an avid escape room fan, then the Escape Room – Can You Escape the Museum book will provide hours of entertainment.

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16. The Alcatraz Escape (2018) by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

The Alcatraz Escape is part of The Book Scavenger Series that takes Emily and James on a challenging mystery exploration. The duo will participate in an escape room challenge that Griswold, a legendary game maker, has set up on Alcatraz Island. While James and Emily are eager to participate, they are easy targets due to their book-hunting adventures. The two will experience missing items, threatening notes, and worrying events that imply that someone wants to get the duo out of the game. Emily’s brother is responsible for the sabotage. However, Emily does not believe that her brother is responsible for the events. Emily and James will race against time to unveil the mystery of the haunting Alcatraz Island.

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17. Can’t Escape Love (2019) by Alyssa Cole

If you enjoy love-themed fantasy escape room type books, then Can’t Escape Love is a fantastic pick. In the book’s premise, Regina Hobbs, a nerdy businesswoman is revamping the Girls with the Glasses enterprise. However, she has insomnia, and the only thing that can help is the voice of Gustave Nguyen. However, the live streamer’s archive is no longer available. Gus needs to create an escape room that revolves around romance and anime. With zero knowledge about anime or romance, Gustave trades with Regina, who is an anime nerd. Readers will discover whether the online chemistry translates into real-life love and whether the two characters will escape love.

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18. The Cursed Castle (2020) by L. J. Tracosas

The Cursed Castle is an escape room book that features detailed puzzles and illustrations in text and art. Before his disappearance, the old king left clues all over the castle’s compound. Unfortunately, a gang of thieves will identify missing patterns and break codes that will get them entry to the castle. You must solve the castle’s puzzles and save the old king lest you become another one of the gang’s victims. The Cursed Castle will challenge your mind with ciphers, logic puzzles, word searches, and mazes.

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From investigative to supernatural and horror themes, there are tons of escape room books. If you are unsure which books to select, then you can choose an escape room based on the theme. For instance, you can select books that revolve around fantasy, horror, science, and crime. You can also choose a book based on the objective, such as solving a murder, surviving, or gathering intelligence. These books provide players with a form of screen-free entertainment. Escape room books will also help readers improve their problem-solving skills and sharpen their brains.

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FAQ: Escape room books

Here are answers to common questions about escape room books.

What are some good books about escape rooms?

Escape room books are an important aspect of the entertainment world and the world of books. Escape room books are also a great way to foster team bonding as participants work together to solve puzzles and figure clues. Some good books about escape rooms that you can try include Sherlocked!, The Terrifying Haunted House on Mystery Lane, and The Alcatraz Escape.

What are books to help you make an escape room?

If you are an escape room lover, then you may want to make an escape room and challenge a group of friends. The Do-It-Yourself Escape Room Book is a great guide for players who want to create their escape room. The book has over 300 puzzle ideas and is perfect for players looking for new challenges.