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Escape room suppliers are businesses and vendors that distribute escape game products. These supplies include puzzles, props, locks, scenarios, electronics, and software needed to set up an escape room. Escape room suppliers may also double up as designers and manufacturers. Clients of escape room suppliers include individual gamers and escape room operators.

These suppliers are vendors for escape room businesses and DIY escape rooms.

This article covers:

  • escape room puzzle suppliers
  • escape room prop suppliers
  • escape room game suppliers

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List of escape room suppliers

Here is our list of the best companies that supply escape room products.

1. Creative Escape Rooms

Creative Escape Rooms is among the best escape room game suppliers in Florida.

This supplier located in Spring Hill mainly deals with escape room props, puzzles, and brainteasers. Customized products are available to enable customers to make unique escape rooms. In addition, Creative Escape Rooms creates a wide range of wood games and puzzles. Therefore, if you are looking for gift ideas, this company will sort you out with the best tailor-made wood options with engraved messages or names.

Different discounts are available for individuals and escape room operators by visiting the website.
Learn more about Creative Escape Rooms.

2. Escape Room Supplier

Escape Room Supplier is one of the best distributors of electronic props.

This supplier deals with various online and in-person escape room products, including scenarios, electronics, software, and mobile rooms. However, some outstanding products are electronic props, software, and mobile escape rooms. The electronic props help design and create new puzzles for the escape games. The software allows users to control multiple rooms simultaneously, and the mobile rooms are portable so that players can have a ready room whenever they wish to play.

Escape Room Supplier also specializes in consulting services. For instance, escape room business owners or managers can get advice regarding setting up a room for an escape game.

Learn more about Escape Room Supplier.

3. Escape Room Doctor

Escape Room Doctor is among the top multinational companies with a knack for escape room designs.

Escape Room Doctor designs escape room props, sets up and accessorize rooms, and fixes broken props. This company is also a dealer of escape room automation gadgets, electronics, and software.

The Escape Room Doctor team’s services include writing new, tailored scripts, and offering consultation services on the escape game business.

Learn more about Escape Room Doctor.

4. Indestrooms

Indestrooms is the leading escape room supplier and prides itself on offering quality professional services that include shipping, installation, and building escape rooms for businesses.

Notable products to grab from Indestrooms include scenarios, puzzles, props, kids’ gadgets, portable escape games, and customized projects. These projects consist of high-technology riddles, surreal decorations, and ready-made turnkey escape rooms with durable furniture.

The Indestrooms’ team expertise help clients save time and money by selecting and using high-quality and durable materials. Also, clients who purchase the unique Indestrooms products get to enjoy after-sales services such as installation and building consultations.

Learn more about Indestrooms.

5. FrightProps

FrightProps is one of the best escape room props suppliers in the US. This supplier deals with a wide range of scary props suitable for escape rooms with Halloween themes.

Besides props, Frightpropps also distributes escape room accessories like door locks and door and puzzle Locks.

To enhance players’ experience, FrightProps set up controllers, lighting, decoration, and escape room video effect triggers.

Learn more about FrightProps.

6. A+ Props

A+ Props is among the leading providers of escape room building products in Europe. The company is based in Wroclaw, Poland, and offers services worldwide.

Some of the best products from A+ props include containment walls, ceilings, and lighting. The entity also distributes decoration items, props, puzzles, cameras, and game master software.

A+ Props provides solutions for aspiring escape room owners, for instance, installing the escape game software. Additionally, this entity offers after-sales and escape room-related consultation services, such as upgrading, to keep escape room businesses competitive.

Learn more about A+ Props.

7. Ecodecor

Ecodecor prides itself in producing vandal-proof supplies and high-technology puzzles, and escape rooms. This company manufactures and distributes escape game products worldwide.

Ecodecor focuses on designing and developing products like gaming software, high-quality props and puzzles, electronics, devices, gadgets, and decor. Ecodecor’s best-selling products include props, single or custom puzzles, ready-made escape rooms, portable escape games, and escape room software and application.

Ecodecor provides solutions to meet escape room start-up’s needs and has proven to satisfy clients worldwide.

Learn more about Ecodecor.

8. Gratuitous Sets

Gratuitous Sets is among the leading escape room concept designers in Texas. This company is located in Irving and offers a complete range of escape room services.

Gratuitous Sets offers a great mix of traditional to surreal concepts. Their professionals create detailed sets, display pieces, and props to achieve unique layouts. The team also customizes furniture and fixtures to suit the game themes.

Products from Gratuitous Sets include single puzzles, props, and a wide scale of turn-key options. This company also offers escape room planning, art installation, and consultation for small-scale and commercial events.

Learn more about Gratuitous Sets.

9. Game Over

Game Over is one of the leading escape room game suppliers in Greece. This entity is based at Argyroupoli, Attica, and majors in designing escape rooms and escape games.

Game Over uses the latest technologies to create realistic escape game themes, high-quality scenes, and custom riddles and puzzles that sync with the scripts. This company also offers marketing consulting services to help escape room providers remain competitive.

Game Over’s best turnkey solutions include premium handmade props, unique decorations, and long-tested electronic puzzles that help guarantee an exciting experience for gamers.

Learn more about Game Over.

10. Halloween FX Props

Halloween FX Props is among the leading escape game props suppliers, with thousands of products at reasonable prices.

Halloween FX props distributes thousands of escape room items, including decor, lighting, and escape room props and costumes. The props are available as latex, pneumatic, and animated devices, and are customizable. However, hand-made props may take up to two weeks to make.

Each purchase comes with a warranty and guarantee.

Other services include consulting, props installation, and escape room construction.

Learn more about Halloween FX Props.

11. Lockdown Designs

Lockdown Designs is a division of Lockdown Escape room Inc. and deals with installing props and escape rooms. Founded in Red Deer, Alberta, Lockdown Design serves escape rooms in US and Canada.

Lockdown Designs create durable, reliable escape room products, including custom-made furniture, game props, electronics, button games, control systems, and automation. This corporation also offers escape room services. For instance, the division constructs electronics, creates escape game apps, services props, and manages multiple escape ticketed locations.

Learn more about Lockdown Designs.

12. Blacklight Attractions

Blacklight Attractions specializes in building, operating, and maintaining escape rooms. The company is in Saint Louis, Missouri, and ships escape game products to various states.

Blacklight Attractions supply sophisticated puzzles, animations, sound, facades, lighting, and props. This company also builds escape rooms with a complete package of wall systems, themes, special FX, and electronic puzzles.

This supplier uses high technology, special effects, animation, and creative scenarios to achieve the most interactive and professional environments. In addition, this entity trains staff in areas like digital marketing to help the escape room business withstand competition.

Learn more about Blacklight Attractions.

13. Improbable Escapes

Improbable Escapes are on the top list of escape room game designs and board games. This company’s headquarters is in Kingston, Canada, and is known for creating the first pop-up games.

Improbable Escapes ship supplies internationally, but majorly to the North American market. This business specializes in game props, mini escape games, props, and game plans. The Improbable escapes games are interactive and draw the storylines and themes from various movies and novels.

As Improbable Escapes continues to expand, they take pride in educating gamers to learn through gameplay.

Learn more about Improbable Escapes.

14. Escape Game Builders

Escape Game Builders is among the best companies designing and making escape room brands. This entity prides itself in producing original and durable materials that have served escape rooms for years.

Some of the best products from Escape Game Builders include equipment for manufacturing props, such as 3D printers and plastic machinery. In addition, game builders have a lab and workshop for research and sculpting.

Escape Game Builders offer escape room construction and installation services and user-friendly game control software. This software enables game masters to handle multiple teams at a go with ease.

Learn more about Escape Game Builders.

15. Mind Games

Mind Games are among the leading escape room prop suppliers in New York. Located in Auburn, this company specializes in creating customized electronic props.

The Mind Games props are easy to install and use and can fit escape rooms or buildings. Customers may select ready-made props or order tailored ones. Custom puzzles are also available. Nonetheless, prices for customized products may vary depending on the customers’ needs and requested features.

Mind Games offers onsite consultation alongside various escape room designs and traditional and portable rooms.

Learn more about Mind Games.

16. Creative Works

Creative Works focuses on delivering escape rooms layout. This company is in Mooresville, Indiana, and constructs traditional and custom escape room plans.

Creative Works distributes products like props, ceilings, puzzles, lighting, and various themes. Since projects are different, customers can access free quotes and determine the plan that suits their budget.

This company also offers a clue-generating app. This proprietary clue system enables players to generate clues without depending on the gamemaster. This app helps accelerate players’ speed in finding and solving the puzzles and increases the chances of winning the escape.

Learn more about Creative Works.

17. Crux Scenica

Crux Scenica specializes in designing and making high-quality props fit for use in theaters and escape rooms.

Crux Scenica does not sell ready-made plans. Rather, this company consults with the customers, then combines the use of technology and artistic skills to transform ideas into reality. Depending on the complexity, the custom designs may take two to eight weeks to be ready.

Some best-selling products are props, rooms, sculptors, and lighting elements, while the services include room designs, faux finishing, prop design, scenic painting, 3D Printing, and molding and casting.

Learn more about Crux Scenica.

18. NERD- New Escape Room Designs

NERD is among the best escape room puzzle suppliers in North America. Founded in Ontario, Canada, NERD focuses on writing puzzles and designing escape room props and applications for its worldwide customers.

NERD offers escape room makeover services and puzzle series at reasonable prices. Offering a mix of low and high-tech versions of puzzles makes NERD competitive, as this allows all players a good time, whether the gamers are tech-savvy or not.

Learn more about NERD- New Escape Room Designs.

19. Evilusions

Evilusions is among the leading escape room prop suppliers. This company specializes in creating static and moving props, custom escape rooms, and turnkey installations.

Evilusion has competitive prices for its services, which include, designing, constructing and installing props. In addition, the company is well-reviewed for offering quality animatronics and props and for excellent customer service. Therefore, if looking for horror themes, then the team at Evilusions meets that need at a fair budget.

Learn more about Evilusions.

20. Escape Room Franchise

Escape Room Franchise is a leading escape room company in Israel. This company is open for franchising and offers consulting services to escape game owners.

Escape Room Franchise provides ready-made scenarios, mechanical and electronic puzzles, and schemes and algorithms for construction.

Clients in Israel planning to open an escape room can enjoy competitive prices and a transparent franchise program from Escape Room Franchise.

Learn more about the Escape Room Franchise.

21. Online Market Places

Online marketplaces are good alternatives for purchasing escape room products. These online stores are usually open throughout the year, and customers can access them from any part of the world.

Some of the best online stores that ship worldwide include:

These purchasing processes may differ slightly with different vendors. However, customers should ensure that they review the correct items, obtain payment receipts in their emails, and provide the valid shipping address to prevent inconveniences.


The increasing popularity of escape game experience requires constant upgrades from reliable escape room suppliers. Suitable suppliers offer quality products and services that help owners set up interesting and exciting escape games. Among the most sought products are the props and puzzles to enhance gamers’ experience. Services such as designing and creating escape rooms are also in high demand, and suppliers go for high-tech options to ensure that they keep up with emerging trends.

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FAQ: Escape room suppliers

Here are frequently asked questions about escape room suppliers.

What are escape room suppliers?

Escape room suppliers are business entities that mainly deal with the sale of escape game products and services. Some suppliers also design, develop, and create hardware and software to install in escape rooms. The hardware includes containment walls, puzzles, and props, while software products include game apps, system controls, and effects.

What are the best suppliers for escape rooms?

Here is a list of some of the best escape room suppliers.

  • Indestrooms
  • Escape Room Supplier
  • A+ Props
  • Game Over
  • Blacklight Attractions
  • NERD- New Escape Room Designs
  • Online stores like Amazon and Etsy

When selecting a supplier, choose those with a good reputation, competitive prices, and hands-on experience in installing the game products.

Where can you buy props for escape rooms?

The best escape room props suppliers include:

  • FrightProps
  • A+ Props
  • Halloween FX Props
  • Lockdown designs
  • Mind games
  • Evilusions

These companies have a wide variety of props to create an immersive quest environment and enhance gamers’ experience.