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Escape rooms in Los Angeles are activities where teams collaborate to figure out clues, solve puzzles, and answer riddles to “escape” within the allotted time. In an escape room experience, participants enter a room designed around a central theme that guides gameplay. The purpose of escape rooms is to promote teamwork and collaboration in a fun and exciting environment. There are a variety of escape rooms in Los Angeles that offer cinematic themes and fast-paced mental work. These rooms are great activities for inspiring teams to work together toward a common goal.

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List of escape rooms in Los Angeles

Whether your group loves a good murder mystery, an exciting adventure, an eerie supernatural encounter, or a spine-tingling horror movie, this list of escape rooms in Los Angeles provides options that will bring thrills and chills to your team.

1. Escape Hotel Hollywood

maid and ghoulish figure in sepia candelight

The best escape rooms near Hollywood include Escape Hotel Hollywood, billed as the world’s largest haunted escape room attraction. Players enter various rooms in a ghoulish hotel to work their way out of supernatural scenarios. Every room is a 60-minute horror-mystery story for teams of up to six players to solve. The impressive appearance of the hotel lobby and entryways to the rooms includes cinema-level set design and character performances by live actors. These touches bring players into a world of sinister happenings as they wait to start their escape room experience. After the team escapes, they can visit Room Number 13, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar and restaurant that continues the theme.

Learn more: Escape Hotel Hollywood.

2. 60out Escape Rooms

This company’s name references the 60 minutes limit for solving your way out of the escape rooms in 60out’s five Los Angeles locations. There are a whopping 20 in-person rooms to choose from, with capacity ranging from two to seven players. There are also ten virtual reality games available that teams can play in smaller groups. You can choose themes with varying difficulty levels offering an array of puzzle types and themes like Alice in Wonderland, Jumanji, and Dracula to find the right escape room experience to suit your team.

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3. Questroom

Questroom delivers escape room themes with a sense of enchantment for teams who love myths and magic. Groups of up to eight players can explore detailed environments, unique puzzles, and convincing immersive experiences. For example, the Spell Breaker challenges you to save a warrior under a curse, while Red Giant sends you on a hunt for the most valuable ruby in the world. There is also a trio of rooms in their Thrill Theater® collection, including Project Minotaur, which Questroom describes as its most exhilarating creation and involves lives actors.

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4. Trapped

Trapped is a workable option for larger teams with three separate rooms that can accommodate 26 players. With one-hour experiences in themes such as science fiction in Operation: X-13, action-adventure in Pandora’s Box, and gentle humor in Grandma’s Surprise, this company offers escape room to suit various tastes. The larger your group is, the lower your price per player. Groups booking Monday through Thursday receive a 10% discount on admission.

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5. The Basement

Horror fans will get a thrill out of The Basement, an escape room with a serial killer theme. Four different escape rooms lie within a crumbling house owned by the mother of fictional serial killer Edward Tandy. Each room offers a unique experience at each location. For the more ambitious room escapers, teams can attempt to escape all four rooms in sequence in a mega-escape room experience called Dead and Breakfast that tells the entire story from start to finish.

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6. MagIQ

Wicked elves, wily pirates, and ancient mummies lurk between the walls of the escape rooms at MagIQ. These family-friendly adventure rooms are less about escaping and more about solving the mystery. None of the themes offered are scary, ensuring an enjoyable visit for teams looking for a less chilling escape room experience. Each room takes about 60 minutes to complete and can accommodate up to eight players. For larger teams, you can book all three rooms simultaneously for a total of 24 players.

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7. Mobile Escape Room L.A.

kids pointing to objects in an old timey escape room

A visit from Mobile Escape Room L.A. can be an exciting surprise for onsite teambuilding or as part of a larger event. Each experience takes only 20 to 30 minutes, though larger groups can enjoy shortened games lasting six to fifteen minutes each. Each experience offers two themes. In Lavinia’s Den: The Trespasser’s Curse, your team solves a supernatural-themed mystery in a fortune teller’s séance room. In Mr. MacGuffin’s Cocktail Party, players search for the antidote to a poisonous drink that threatens to keep his new best friends in his house forever.

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8. Hatch Escapes

Hatch Escapes turns the tables on the mad science genre with their clever escape room Lab Rat, with players serving as lab subjects while giant rats perform experiments on humans! Solving the puzzles within the 75-minute game will allow lucky subjects to avoid disposal at the paws of the diabolical Ratkenstein. Lab Rat accommodates teams of four to twelve players, with the cost of admission differing depending on the day and time of each event.

Learn more: Hatch Escapes.

9. Escapedom

Listed as a Creative Standout by Forbes Magazine, Escapedom presents three high-concept escape rooms, including the FBI-themed The Lair and The Cranial Carnival, which places players inside the mind of a terror-stricken carnival goer to solve puzzles and release him from his fear. Rooms are large enough for four to six players, though you can make arrangements for larger teams. Escapedom also offers a pizza and drink package for $10 per player to add refreshments to your event.

Learn more: Escapedom.

10. Chronos

The eight rooms presented by Chronos use the latest in technology to provide immersive entertainment that brings their experiences to life. Themes include the Game of Thrones-style high fantasy of The Ice King, the thrilling dinosaur adventure of Jurassic Island, the 1940s gumshoe-and-mafia-themed Private Eye, and the whimsical talking animal folly of Chronostopia. Every room offers a unique take on the puzzle-solving required to escape, with different skills in each scenario.

Learn more: Chronos.

11. The Room

The Room includes some unique features in their escape rooms. Unlike most escape rooms where players are the only people in the room during the experience, The Room features a live actor in The Cabin to add an extra dimension of creepy reality to the game. In addition, the Spaceship is a wheelchair-accessible escape room, an inclusive touch that will allow all team members to participate. All three themes present medium difficulty play, which will help keep the excitement rolling throughout the 60-minute gameplay.

Learn more: The Room.

12. The Laboratory

In The Laboratory, mad Dr. Crowl has rigged his lab with a bomb set to detonate in 60 minutes. Players must use the strange devices to figure out how to defuse the bomb before it destroys the lab and everyone in it. The Laboratory is an award-winning escape room that offers helpful tips for solving any escape room on its website. With a tone that is more whimsical than frightening, teams will enjoy rooting through Dr. Crowl’s contraptions and putting his tools to use to unravel his nefarious plan.

Learn more: The Laboratory.

13. Horror Escapes L.A.

Avid horror fans on the team will enjoy Horror Escapes L.A., one of the most suspenseful Downtown LA escape rooms you can find. The shadowy Dr. X has taken players captive to serve as patients for his evil experiments. Participants attempt to break out of the Chamber, the Zombie Lab, or the Doctor’s Office, with each room taking victims closer to terror. Teams of two to ten players can enjoy 50-minute experiences. For Friday and Saturday bookings, the Zombie Lab and the Doctor’s Office feature live actors to ramp up the terror and heighten the interactive elements.

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14. Crossroads Escape Games

Hex Room from Crossroad Escape Games offers a different take on horror escape rooms by putting players at the mercy of a film fan creating a horror movie. Each player assumes a standard horror film trope like the Nerd, the Jock, or the Rebel. Players then move into separate rooms to work both as individuals and as a team to escape. Teams can also try the Fun House, a magician-themed escape room ranked at a medium difficulty level.

Learn more: Crossroads Escape Games.

15. Breaking Point Escape Rooms

Breaking Point describes their theatrical 75-minute escape room Headcase as “Dork Adventure”, which is sure to intrigue the puzzle nerds on your team! Your group can also try The Secret of Whitmore Estate, a 60-minute haunted house mystery where players search for a missing novelist. Breaking Point operates Wednesday through Sunday in the Rancho Cucamonga area and maintains a strict policy of keeping groups no larger than eight players.

Learn more: Breaking Point Escape Rooms.

16. Los Virtuality

Los Virtuality takes escape rooms beyond the future with virtual reality headsets that immerse players in a computer-generated environment. This digital twist means the puzzle-solving and gameplay can defy the laws of the physical world! There are 11 multiplayer games to choose from, including Cyberpunk, Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time, and Survival. Stunning graphics created by some of the best developers in virtual reality provide superior 3-D gameplay in 60-minute experiences for teams of up to six players.

Learn more: Los Virtuality.

17. Exodus Escape Room

With Exodus Escape Room, one of the first companies in America to kick off the escape room phenomenon, you can enjoy six different experiences in three of the most challenging Los Angeles escape games. The Rancho Cucamonga facility is a preferable option for larger teams; Inside Job, a museum heist, can accommodate up to 15 players, while the mythology-themed Olympus allows for teams of up to ten. The Irvine and Anaheim Hills locations provide play for groups between two and ten players. Since prices vary between locations, check the site to confirm rates before booking.

Learn more: Exodus Escape Room.

18. Escape Room L.A.

Escape Room L.A. offers escape room experiences in various formats, including online play, 60-minute in-person games, and 90-minute seasonal outdoor escape rooms. The in-person games will take you through the ruins of Atlantis on a search for Poseidon’s lost trident and an expedition to find the Mask of the Jade Warrior, hidden in a Mayan pyramid. Each game accommodates three to eight players, with a 10% discount for groups of seven or more.

Learn more: Escape Room L.A..

19. The Escape Revolution

Your team can pull off an armored vehicle heist, a prison break, or a mission to help a crime lord with escape rooms from The Escape Revolution. Each room lasts between 60 and 80 minutes and can accommodate six or eight players, depending on the theme. In addition to providing players a thrilling, cinematic escape room experience, the company also donates a portion of every admission to charities supporting veterans, at-risk youth, and wrongly convicted prisoners.

Learn more: The Escape Revolution.

20. Arcane Escape Rooms

In this medical horror escape room set, Arcane Testing Facility performs experiments on unwitting victims, and your team is the latest to fall victim to their sinister efforts. Players can work their way through the Agency to find freedom before the experiments ruin their minds, or the Hideout, where a former patient has escaped and is on hand to help take down the operation, but first, players will have to find him.

Learn more: Arcane Escape Rooms.

21. Architect Escape Rooms

Your team can test their logic and riddle-solving talents with four vintage motifs from this inventive escape room provider. Rooms include Bonnie and Clyde, Orient Express, and Houdini’s Handbook. Creators with backgrounds in theater and corporate events oversee room design. You may find seasonal discounts in place depending on when you book. Once the escape is complete, players can enjoy drinks and dishes in the Architect’s Library, a patio lounge available for private bookings.

Learn more: Architect Escape Rooms.

22. Enchanted Escape Room

In this game, your team must find enchanted scrolls that foretell the rise of a hero who will slay Drakon, the king’s sworn enemy. You could be that hero if you find the scrolls and conquer Drakon’s approaching hordes! The overarching story unfolds in four parts, with each escape room representing a separate chapter in the tale. Players can experience the rooms in any order. Enchanted also has a location in neighboring Northridge, with five different escape rooms in fantasy, crime, and murder mystery themes.

Learn more: Enchanted Escape Room.

23. Back In Time

As the name indicates, this company provides escape rooms with historical themes in the Los Angeles area. History buffs on your team will enjoy the Legend of Billy the Kid, Salem Witch Hunt, and Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure. Some rooms are large enough to allow teams of up to 10 players. There are options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, something to consider when choosing the right escape room for your event.

Learn more: Back In Time.


The range of themes and locations of escape rooms in Los Angeles gives you many exciting options. As the film and entertainment center of the world, there is no shortage of cinematic experiences scattered around the city and surrounding areas to engage your team. However, no matter what themes interest your associates, you can plan an escape room event that will get them collaborating and colluding on riddles, puzzles, and mind-bending games to earn their escape.

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FAQ: Escape Rooms in Los Angeles, California

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about escape rooms in Los Angeles.

What are the best escape rooms in Los Angeles?

The Laboratory, Escape Hotel Hollywood, and Hatch Escapes are some of the best Los Angeles escape games. These escape rooms offer convincing immersive themes that sometimes include live actors and high-tech elements that dazzle players’ imaginations. These attractions also include cinematic staging around the facilities that heighten the experience. Los Virtuality is a unique take on the escape room idea, offering teams the opportunity to engage in virtual reality puzzle-solving with digital imagery from top-tier game designers. Mobile Escape L.A. is the best escape room for onsite events; you can book sessions for a larger event at your office to bring the excitement directly to your team.

Where can I find good escape rooms in Los Angeles?

Downtown LA escape rooms like Escape Room L.A. and Horror Escapes L.A. exist in the heart of Los Angeles. Many escape rooms are available in the surrounding areas, all within a 30 to 60-minute drive of the city. There are also escape room companies that offer virtual experiences online for teams that cannot meet in person.