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Escape rooms in San Francisco are escape games accessible to teams based in the Bay Area. These rooms are games where players solve clues and puzzles to escape the games. Escape rooms usually involve escaping an actual room, solving a mystery, or leaving the game’s scene.

These activities are run be escape room companies.

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Here is the list!

List of escape rooms in San Francisco

Here are a list of San Fran escape rooms that make great team building exercises and tourist excursions.

1. Palace Games

old timey living room with text the roosevelt escape room the adventure of a lifetime

Palace Games offers fun and engaging bay area escape rooms. These games are great for corporate events, birthdays, and happy hours. The company provides several escape themes like:

  • The Great Houdini Escape: Your team plays the role of brilliant innovators from the twentieth century in a mysterious room designed by Houdini. By solving puzzles and challenges, you and your group have to prove yourselves worthy of the title ‘Master Escape Artist.’
  • The Roosevelt Escape: This adventure will challenge your group to play the role of eight innovators united by the former president, Theodore Roosevelt. In the game, you will explore American history during World War 1 with your group.
  • The Edison Escape Room: Thomas Edison constructed a secret laboratory to test who is worthy of being his successor. By working together to solve challenges, your group would aim to uncover the secret of the great inventor’s success.

The game is ideal for small groups with six to eight players who would work together. The entire experience lasts for two hours for a price of $410.

Learn more about Palace Games.

2. EscapeSF

EscapeSF runs multiple escape rooms in San Francisco. The major themes include:

  • King Arthur’s Legacy: An experience on finding the great sword Excalibur while restoring justice to the land. The booking price costs $135 for a group of two players.
  • Escape from Alcatraz: The game replicates the environment on Alcatraz island. Your group must escape the prison before time runs out. The experience costs about $89 for two players.
  • Escape from Blind Tiger Bar: The adventure takes you back to the prohibition era. Your group must work in time to take over some busted mafia bosses. The booking price for a team of two players is $89

The games are ideal for small groups. The entire experience will last for about 90 minutes. Only players over the age of eight can play. At least one adult must accompany players between eight to thirteen years.

Learn more about EscapeSF.

3. Reason Escape Games

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Reason escape rooms are great for sci-fi lovers. Reason organizes three sci-fi escape games, which are:

  • Glitch: This game is ideal for large groups, where you have to save the world from the consequences of a glitch in a Fab. The experience costs $48 per person.
  • Lola 2 Mars: This game is great for small teams having five to nine players. The goal is to repair the mining colony and make a fundamental decision affecting the future deep space exploration. This escape game costs $40 per person.
  • SF Escape Tour: Reason designed this room with a small team consisting of two to five players in mind. For $19 per person, you will solve challenges with your team on eScooters.

Reason also hosts escape rooms ideal for children. However, one or more adults must be present with kids.

Learn more about Reason Escape Games.

4. PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ provides 60-minute long escape room experiences available only for private bookings. The rooms offered include:

  • Medieval Madness: In this experience, your group will play to escape eternal doom caused by a rebellious lifestyle and carnal sin.
  • Wizard Trials: You and your team will solve the master’s challenge. If you pass, then you prove that you are worthy of unlimited magical powers.
  • The Red Wire: A foreign spy plans to attack a site in London. Playing as M15 agents, you must find out the spy’s plan with your team before time runs out.

The price for these San Francisco escape games will depend on the number of players in your group. A team of two players will pay $49 per player. A team having three players will pay $42 per player, while a team of four to seven players will pay $36 per player.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room.

5. Escapology

Some of the best escape rooms near San Francisco Pier 39 include the escape games offered by Escapology. The rooms include:

  • Narco: You and your fellow adventurers have to decide between turning in a drug lord while escaping his mansion or assisting him in his operation. If you gather enough evidence and turn the drug lord in, then you can earn the title of a hero.
  • Antidote: You have to find the cure to a virus developed by a rogue scientist before the virus gets to the hands of the enemies.
  • Mansion Murder: A mystery killer murdered your grandfather at a family gathering. Before you get framed for the murder, you must figure out who the killer is.

Escapology escape games last for about 60 minutes.

Learn more about Escapology.

6. Clockwise Escape

Clockwise Escape offers four interesting San Francisco escape games, which include:

  • Party in Vegas: This theme is great for beginners in a team of two to ten players. In the game, you must recover your memory from the previous night during a bachelor’s party. Also, you must find the wedding ring before your friend’s wedding starts in one hour.
  • The Incredible Machine: Finding yourself in another world, you must work in time to figure out how to return to your world. This adventure is great for a team with two to eight players.
  • The Paranormal Experiment: You and your team of three to eight players will play the role of paranormal investigators. You will work together to figure out the results of a mystical experiment in the designated location.

The games will last for one hour. For escapers 12 years or below, an adult must accompany such players when playing.

Learn more about Clockwise Escape.

7. Escape Oakland

words escape oakland live escape experiences

Fun Bay Area escape rooms include games by Escape Oakland. Escape Oakland games include:

  • The Society: You must solve a series of challenges to prove that you are worthy of being a member of a secret society.
  • The Bunker: You and your team will play the role of local park rangers investigating the death of a brilliant scientist.
  • The Alchemist: The setting of the experience dates back to the year 1925. The world’s last serious alchemist invited you to take some tests in his workshop and turn lead into gold.

The game pricing depends on the number of tickets you want to purchase. Two tickets cost $42 each, while three to five tickets cost $35 each. For six or more tickets, you will pay $32 each.

Learn more about Escape Oakland.

8. Omescape

Omescape also offers some of the best escape rooms in California. Some of their escape games include:

  • Kingdom of Cats: Although you are human, you joined a championship tournament organized for cats. You either win and escape the battlefield or stay imprisoned forever. Omescape designed the game with a small team of two to six players in mind.
  • Dark Altar: You have to enter a museum and stop an archeology fanatic from using dark powers. Otherwise, your mission will fail, and the archeologist will gain eternity. The adventure is great for teams having four to six members.
  • Pandemic Zero: You and your team must find your way into a secret lab through a hidden entrance. In the lab, you must sort out the cure to a viral infection affecting most of the world’s population. Only a team of three to six players can play this game.

In all the experiences offered by Omescape, you and your team have just 60 minutes to escape.

Learn more about Omescape.

9. Zscape Games

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Zscape is the designer of some intriguing bay area escape rooms, which are:

  • Prison Break: You aim to escape the prison before the warden finds out about your plan. A team having two to ten players can break out of the prison together.
  • The Toy Box: You have become as small as a footstool. You must solve puzzles and clues to build a grow machine before your parents return. The game is ideal for a group of three to ten players.
  • The Ritual: You and your friends have only 60 minutes to break a curse inflicted on you. The game is ideal for four to ten players in a group.

In one hour, you will work with your group to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and escape. The price for each experience is $30 per player.

Learn more about Zscape Games.

10. Cubic Escape Room

Cubic Escape Room has escape rooms in California available in three different stories, which are:

  • Room 2217 In Store: You will play to save your missing fiancee. In 75 minutes, your team of two to six players will also endeavor to reveal the truth behind your fiancee’s disappearance.
  • Memento: You have lost memory of your identity. You must find out who you are in one hour through clues you left around. The game is great for teams with two to six players.
  • Project Delta in Store: Your decisions in 90 minutes will determine whether or not you will return home from a mission through the Venus Spaceship. To enjoy the experience, gather your team of three to eight players.

Players aged ten years and above can play Project Delta, while the other two games are ideal for players aged 13 and above.

Learn more about Cubic Escape Room.

11. ATG Escape Room

ATG Escape Room challenges you to race against time with their escape games. The games are available in several themes like:

  • Pirates: You play as a pirate of the Black Pearl ship with a cursed crew. You have to break the curse by restoring some coins. You must work fast, or time runs out, and the next opportunity presents itself in 17 years.
  • Wizard: In this game, you take tests and solve puzzles to gain admission into the wizarding academy.
  • Secret Vault: In this game, you got locked in a vault with only limited oxygen. You have to work against time to survive and expose the person who locked you up.

The 60 minutes experiences are great for both large and small groups. However, only two teams with 16 players can play at a time.

Learn more about ATG Escape Room.

12. Limitless Escape Games

Limitless Escape Games host four escape room adventures in the Bay Area with prices depending on your guests and location. The escape rooms include:

  • Wizard School: In this game, you and your group must get the heart of a dragon before you graduate from the wizarding school.
  • Bank Heist: Your task with your group of expert thieves is to steal the seventh rarest gem in the world.
  • Pirate Adventure: You and your crew released the Kraken from something you stole. Before the Kraken returns, you and your team will work together to destroy the curse.

The 60 minutes long escape rooms by Limitless Escape Games are ideal for small teams with one to ten players.

Learn more about Limitless Escape Games.

13. Red Door Escape

The Red Door Escape games are available in various themes like:

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Cash Me if You Can
  • Warriors Way
  • Prison Break

The number of players in a group will affect the price of the escape experience. In a group of two to three members, you will pay $41 per player. On the other hand, you will pay $38 per player in a group of four to five members and $36 in a group of six or more players.

Learn more about Red Door Escape.

14. Xcapade

Xcapade offers some challenging, mind-bending, and recreational escape rooms in San Francisco like:

  • Treasure of the Empire: You and your team landed inside a vault belonging to Hitler. You must leave the vault on time to avoid an attack from within. A group of four to six players can play.
  • Hunting Lodge: You found a way into a hunting hut. You have to find the shotgun before the wolves enter and attack you. The game is great for groups of two to eight members.
  • Lost Kingdom: In an ancient Egyptian tomb, you must figure out the truth behind one lost kingdom. The adventure is great for a team having four to ten members.

Only players measuring 43 inches or more in height can play the one-hour games.

Learn more about Xcapade.


This list of virtual escape rooms is great for teams, families, and friends based in San Francisco, California. Whether you are escaping an actual room or from the game scene, the most important thing is to have fun with your group.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in San Francisco, California

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in San Francisco.

What are the best escape rooms in San Francisco?

Some of the best escape rooms in San Francisco include Xcapade, PanIQ Escape Room, Palace Games, and EscapeSF.

What are some good escape rooms in the bay area of San Francisco?

Some good escape rooms in the Bay Area of San Francisco are Omescape, Palace Games, Escape Oakland, and Zscape games.