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Escape room kits are pre-packaged game starters that facilitate exit games. These kits often include components such as scenarios, props, and puzzles. Escape room kits are available as an alternative to help players experience the thrill of an escape room in their homes or events.

These kits are similar to escape room board games and DIY escape room games.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What is an escape room kit?
  • Professional escape room kits
  • Escape room kits for adults
  • Escape room kits for kids
  • Escape room subscription boxes
  • Benefits of an escape room kit

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What is an escape room kit?

An escape room kit is a printable escape room mostly in PDF format. The bundle is often a mix of puzzles, board games, themes, game setup instructions, and certificates that make the perfect escape room setting in your home or event space. Escape room kits are ideal for corporate events, classroom projects, team-building workshops, government events, weddings, birthday parties, and even as part of vacation activities.

One of the reasons why escape room kits are in high demand is because they are time-saving. Instead of spending long hours trying to create a DIY or unique escape room with clues and puzzles, you can download an all-inclusive kit. Some sites even offer free escape room kits for players looking to have instantaneous fun playing escape rooms from their homes. In essence, escape room kits are easy, ready-to-use game kits containing different themes and details, puzzles, and instructions for easy setup.

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How An Escape Room Kit Works

The first step is to purchase your preferred escape room kit online. You can find these kits on Etsy and Amazon for a very affordable price. After purchase, print out the downloaded kit. You will often find escape room kits in PDF format.

After printing the escape room kit, you should listen to the guide, choose a theme, and create your puzzles accordingly. Once you create the puzzles, you can choose a suitable room to play the escape room game with your family, friends, or guests and have fun.

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Professional Escape Room Kits

You would find several escape room kits catering to professionals. Most professional escape room kits are customizable and come with many themes and puzzles that often align with your company’s brand and the intended occasion. The following are escape room kits for professionals:

1. ELA Escape Room Template Kit

Specifically designed for teachers, ELA’s kit aims to help professionals create escape rooms that align with the teaching curriculum. ELA escape room template contains:

  • an introduction to escape rooms puzzles ideas
  • clue cards
  • a template for tools
  • resources for set up
  • a setup guide

The kit also contains an editable ELA escape room and a resource box with other templates for your game customization. With the ELA escape room template kit, you can always create a wide variety of escape rooms on different subjects that will indeed have your students excited to learn.

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2. Indestroom Escape Room Kit

Indestroom Escape Room Kit contains over 50 escape rooms for businesses and occasions. You can find an escape game list for turn-key escape rooms, portable escape games, kids escape games, online escape games, and arcade escape games. Some of the things you get when purchasing an Indestroom professional escape room kit include:

  • Props and decoration for your game
  • Instructions and set up manual
  • High-tech puzzles with spare parts
  • Lighting, special sounds, and visual effects
  • Highly professional promo materials
  • Game manual
  • A 12-month warranty

Using a professional escape room kit helps keep your participants interested enough to return for more games. Besides, professional escape room kits are a great way of increasing profits.

Get the Indestroom Escape Room Kit

3. Creative Works Professional Escape Room Kit

Creative Works escape room kit is targeted mainly at owners of physical escape rooms. If you own an escape room, then your goal is to give players a reason to return, and that will be difficult if your escape rooms have pretty basic themes or easy puzzles. Creative Works professional escape room kit caters to traditional and self-guided, autonomous escape rooms. The kit offers captivating storylines, themes, top-notch puzzles, and other benefits.

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Escape Room Kits for Adults

If you are searching for ways to make your next event fun and extremely memorable, an escape room kit for adults is an excellent option. Although physical rooms are delightful, they can be expensive, and not every player can afford them. Escape room kits for adults are a more affordable, unique way of experiencing a real escape room adventure from your home or event center.

4. Wasteland Survival Game Kit

If you have a huge party and need an escape room kit to accommodate all your guests, you would like the Wasteland Survival Game kit. The kit caters to between 12 to 35 players and lasts for three hours. Based on an apocalyptic era, players are to challenge each other to a death duel. Wasteland Survival Game is perfect for a wild party and contains portable wall arts, props, different difficulty levels, and even apocalyptic background music.

Get Wasteland Survival Game Kit

5. Escape Room Z

Escape Room Z has a great humor twist based on a zombie apocalypse. In this scenario, the zombies are not after the humans, but pizzas. Players will find themselves locked in a house with the last pizza set in town, and these zombies are ready to do anything to get through. This kit, designed for a group of four players and above, sets the mood for an exciting Halloween party or any other home party. Escape Room Z escape room kit contains an editable game template, zombies to headshot, puzzles, clues, a custom Spotify playlist, and even giant customizable party posters.

Get Escape Room Z

6. Arsene’s Masterpiece

Arsene’s Masterpiece follows the storyline of Paris’s brilliant burglar, Arsene Lupin, who decides to end his career with the grand theft of Poppy Flowers, a world-famous painting by Van Gogh. You are part of the police who will follow clues and solve your puzzles to recover the missing artwork within an hour. Arsene’s Masterpiece is a superb escape room kit for adults that is easy to download and set up. The package contains props like Lupin’s Diary, letters, a map of Paris, a typewriter, and several other puzzles.

Get Arsene’s Masterpiece

7. Heist of the Century

Designed for 2 to 12 players, Heist of the Century is an adult escape room kit for an exciting game. The greatest robber of the Century, White Rabbit, selects players and tasks them to rob the Central Bank of New York. You are to retrieve the contents of the 777 vault and escape undiscovered from the bank premises within an hour. The Heist of the Century kit contains the game mission, security cameras, masks to print, a bank map, and gear sheets for a great game.

Get Heist of the Century Escape Room kit

8. Envy Murder Mystery

If you are a mystery lover, you would like the Envy Murder Mystery kit. The kit’s theme follows a 1920 murder scene, and you are a detective who needs to solve the puzzles to discover the killers. The Envy Murder Mystery is great for two players or more and contains photo booth props, clues, puzzles, victorian wall posters, and even ominous background music to set the mood.

Get Envy Murder Mystery

Escape Room Kit for Kids

With just a download and printing out the puzzles, you can transform your kids’ party into the perfect escape room. Most escape room kits for kids come with an editable template that allows you to explore your creativity and change the game to your preferences. Some common options include:

9. Pirates Adventure

Pirate’s Adventure is an interesting printable escape room kit for kids. The scenario is suitable for players between 7 years old and above. Your kids have 15 to 45 minutes to help the Captain and his Crew hunt for new treasures across the seven seas. Pirate’s Adventure is solely a digital material and comes with puzzles and instructional manuals to print and cut out.

Get Pirates Adventure Escape Room kit

10. Escape Room: The Mystery of Oak Island

This challenge is the perfect escape room kit for kids age ten and up. The game requires players to solve mysteries, riddles, and puzzles on Oak Island. The Mystery of Oak Island comes in an escape room box that contains over 25 puzzles, a hint book, and even actual padlocks. This escape room lasts one to two hours, depending on the players’ puzzle-solving ability.

Get The Mystery of Oak Island Kit

11. Wizard School Escape Room Kit for Kids

Wizard School Escape Room Kit for Kids is for children eight and above. The game lasts for 30 to 60 minutes and allows up to six players. Players are new students of a renowned wizard school who have to solve nine tasks in their first year. You will find party props, puzzles, and a game setup guide when you purchase the escape room kit.

Get Wizard School Escape Room Kit for Kids

12. Professor Swen’s Lab

Professor Swen’s Lab is an escape room kit for kids between the ages of 9 to 13, and lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. Teams can consist of two to five players. Each team needs to work together to stop the evil scientist, Professor Swen Hermeson, who hates snow and is creating a machine to stop snow in South Lake Tahoe. You have to discover the scientist’s diary, which will lead you to his lab, and turn off the machine before it wreaks havoc on the town. You can find this kit in three different bundles: the Geek, VIP, and Ultimate bundles. Professor Swen’s Lab escape room kit contains puzzles, posters, a setup guide, a solution guide, a mobile app, party invitations, and even a custom playlist for the game.

Learn more about Professor Swen’s Lab

Escape Room Subscription Boxes

If you are an escape room enthusiast, then you may have heard of an escape room in a box. An escape room in a box varies from board games to subscription boxes that allow you the thrill of discovering clues and solving puzzles from the comfort of your home. Offering the challenges and exhilaration of real-life escape rooms, these boxes provide an exceptional at-home experience.

Subscription boxes are usually available monthly and contain a variety of mystery-solving games to create the perfect escape room in a box. Most boxes are suitable for a small group of players and an adult audience. However, some subscription boxes may contain games ideal for younger players between six to ten years old.

Here is a list of the best escape room subscription boxes that you can play with family and friends:

13. The Deadbolt Mystery Society

If you have ever fantasized about being a detective, then The Deadbolt Mystery Society is the perfect subscription box. This subscription box comes monthly, with each kit being a standalone murder mystery game that does not require a series to complete the game. The Deadbolt Mystery Society includes mind-boggling puzzles, interviews, evidence, and even an online option that you can use for help with clues. Each standalone mystery has a captivating storyline, and the game features themes like Prison Break, The Cabin, Hacked, and Sanitarium.

Get the Deadbolt Mystery Society

14. Sleuth Kings

Sleuth Kings is a favorite among escape room enthusiasts because it is an interactive subscription. Each box is a standalone mystery where you have to help the Lead Detective solve crime cases. With Sleuth Kings, you can use your detective skills to solve physical case files, sifting through evidence and clues to help solve your puzzle and, ultimately, the case. Players can always choose between being the Master Detective or a Rookie Detective. Master Detectives are for experienced escape room or mystery solvers, while Rookie Detectives are for new puzzle solvers.

Get Sleuth Kings

15. Escape the Crate

Escape the Crate is a bi-monthly subscription box that is also a standalone mystery that you can solve solely or as a group. Each box includes puzzles, letters, ciphers, props, glossy papers, and every other item needed to solve your mystery. Escape the Crate lasts two to three hours, and each mystery comes in chapters. Each chapter has an original, striking storyline, and every puzzle is brain-racking and will have you itching with excitement.

Get Escape the Crate

16. Finders Seekers

If you need a family or kid-friendly subscription box, then Finders Seekers fits the bill. The box is a standalone mystery and combines geography knowledge with puzzles and clues to help solve each mystery. Each package allows you to explore new cities while deciphering ciphers and codes as you play. Finders Seekers is one of the most popular subscription boxes because it will enable you to learn more about cities, different cultures, and traditions. Through these underground cultures and traditions, you get to solve your puzzles and uncover each mystery in that city.

Get Finders Seekers

17. The Conundrum Box

A popular escape room subscription box among puzzle solvers and escape room fans is The Conundrum Box. Often described as “part escape room experience, part choose-your-own-adventure,” the Conundrum Box is a monthly subscription box with stories that often lead into the next. The box contains puzzles, physical items, recipes, ciphers, and a music playlist. However, each box has a satisfying and unique ending even though the games are a series. As an escape room in a box, The Conundrum Box gives players the chance to play the game without the internet or external help, and puzzles tend to be easy to solve.

Get The Conundrum Box

You can find other exciting escape room subscription boxes to help you have a great time with loved ones. You can always incorporate these at your next sleepover, group dates, and other gatherings.

Benefits of An Escape Room Kit

Sometimes, thinking of a suitable theme or an original, compelling storyline for your escape room can be difficult, especially on short notice. You would need to develop ideas for the game dynamics and create puzzles. Fortunately, escape room creators have developed escape room kits to help solve this problem and help you create the ultimate escape room atmosphere from your home. Here are some of the benefits of escape room kits

1. Easy To Purchase and Download

Escape room kits are easy to get and download. Many popular sites like Amazon and Etsy offer escape room kits for sale at affordable prices. You can download escape room kits instantly after purchase since they are often in PDF formats.

2. User-friendly

Almost anybody can successfully set up an escape room using an escape room kit. Each kit contains different puzzles, props, ciphers, themes, and a simplified yet detailed setup guide to help you set up your escape room like a professional. The kit requires selecting a theme, cutting or printing out the puzzles and clues, and arranging them at strategic points in the game room.

3. Enhances Creativity

Most escape room kits come with customizable templates to help users create their own unique DIY escape room. Also, escape room owners can use escape room kits to enhance imagination and explore new themes. This feature enhances the creativity of the game organizers and that of the players, whether kids or adults. Escape room games open the players’ minds to endless imagination and perspectives

4. Build Teamwork and Collaboration

Since the increasing popularity of escape rooms, many organizations and groups have adopted the game to foster collaboration and increase team-building skills. Escape rooms are now common at events, so event organizers can always use an escape room kit to recreate their clients’ real-life escape room atmosphere. Guests can play the game and solve puzzles as a team while ultimately having a fun time together. Schools, summer camps, and government or corporate events can use professional escape room kits to help build teamwork among students and colleagues.

5. Great for Bonding and Happy Memories

With escape room kits, family and friends can help create an at-home escape room experience that allows for bonding. Escape rooms are suitable for parties, date nights, vacations, weddings, classroom activities, etc. Using an escape room kit enables you to create an environment where everyone can team up and have a fun bonding and an unforgettable experience.


Escape room kits are highly useful for escape room enthusiasts who want to recreate a real-life escape room experience from their homes. An escape room kit contains puzzles, clues, props, customizable templates, different themes, and a guide to help players create a unique escape room without unnecessary brainwork.

You can find escape room kits for professionals, adults, and kids, so there is a chance to choose the most suitable. Suppose you want to experience the thrill of solving puzzles without necessarily creating an escape room. In that case, there are subscription boxes with different mysteries and levels for a fun time at home.

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FAQ: Escape room kits

Here are some frequently asked questions about escape room kits.

What are escape room kits?

Escape room kits are curated PDF packages containing mystery themes, puzzles, props, tools, and information on setting up an escape room at home or at events.

What comes inside an escape room kit?

You would find different games, puzzles, clues, props, customized templates, ciphers, and even a music playlist to set the mood.

What are good escape room kits for teams?

Some good escape room kits for teams include Escape room Z, Heist of the Century, and Envy Murder Mystery.

What are the best escape rooms in a box?

Some of the best escape rooms in a box include Finders Seekers, Hunt a Killer, The Deadbolt Mystery Society, Escape the Crate, CosyKiller, Sleuth Kings, and The Conundrum Box, and several other exciting subscription boxes.