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Escape rooms in Atlanta are group activities where players will solve puzzles, uncover clues, and escape within a set time in the Atlanta region. Examples include Breakout, Ultimate Escape Game, and Paranoia Quest. The purpose of these escape games is to promote collaboration and encourage critical thinking and creativity in a fun way.

These rooms are run by escape game companies and you can also try escape room alternatives.

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List of escape rooms in Atlanta

From Mind Busting Escape Rooms to Mastermind and Escape The Room, here is our list of escape games in Atlanta.

1. It’s Time To Escape

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It’s Time To Escape offers some of the best downtown Atlanta escape rooms. As the only escape room company that has in-room actors in Atlanta, It’s Time To Escape has highly entertaining and feature-realistic experiences. Since all escape rooms are private, teams will have an immersive and bonding session.


  • The Grand Zeppelin- Aboard the steam-powered airship, you will work with the co-pilot and prevent a devious sabotage. Each player will have specific tasks that will ensure the entire team lands safely from Paris to London. The Grand Zeppelin features an in-room actor and accommodates four to fifteen players.
  • The Launch- You are on Mars and have only 60 minutes to prepare and launch your rocket. The Launch offers players a futuristic and technological experience. This game accommodates two to eight players.
  • High Noon in the Old- The Wild Bunch, a notorious gang, has committed a series of robberies and is now in a hideout. You are a member of the Pinkerton Detective Agency which will infiltrate the gang and recover stolen items within 60 minutes. The High Noon in the Old accommodates two to ten players and is a great option for teams that want a challenging experience.

The cost of these escape games ranges from $29 to $35 depending on the day. If you have a large team and want to save some bucks, then be sure to book from Monday to Thursday since it is less expensive. It’s Time To Escape only offers private escape rooms.

Learn more about It’s Time To Escape.

2. Breakout

With the unique challenges for each escape game, Breakout will offer an immersive entertainment session for your team. The variety of escape themes ensures that players have the preferred experience.


  • Undercover Alley- You are an undercover detective that will infiltrate The Syndicate gang. The crime organization is at Doomsday Alley, a dangerous street in Breakout City. You have 60 minutes to navigate the dangerous street and stop the gang.
  • Runaway Train- You are on a continental trip on The Breakout Express. Radicals take control of the cabin and plant explosives. You will enter the conductor’s cabin, stop the train, and let passengers escape within 60 minutes.
  • Submarine Survival- You will board the USS Odyssey, a submarine that is searching for a missing treasure. Before you run out of oxygen, you will unveil undiscovered expeditions through the dangerous journey to the ocean’s depths.

Breakout offers private escape rooms that accommodate two to eight players depending on the theme.

Learn more about Breakout.

3. Ultimate Escape Game

Ultimate Escape Room boasts innovatively-themed Georgia escape rooms, carefully crafted puzzles, and cinematic staging that will offer players a live experience. With the scenarios designed by professional gaming experts, completion rates are low, and your team is up to a challenge! Every game is private, so your team can bond as they play.


  • Dead By Dawn- You and your friends will retrieve a man’s missing hand and the ancient relic. The man only has 60 minutes until he leaves town and if you get the hand, he will offer a great reward. Dead By Dawn is a beginner-friendly escape room game that accommodates two to twelve players.
  • Submerged- You will take an exclusive tour of the DSH-3 Deep Sea Habitat. However, the tour quickly goes wrong. Will you remain submerged, or can you handle the pressure and escape within 60 minutes?
  • Amnesia- You will travel back to a 1950s mental institution and uncover the true identity of one patient. You will also explore what is happening in the hospital and claim your freedom. Amnesia is a challenging escape game that accommodates four to twelve players.

Ultimate Escape has a tiered pricing structure. The more the players, the less the cost of the games.

Learn more about Ultimate Escape Game.

4. Paranoia Quest

Paranoia Quest offers some of the best Atlanta escape games. With a limited time to complete the puzzles and escape the room, these games put a different kind of pressure on teams that is also fun. Workers will also see each in a different environment and build teamwork.


  • Murder Mystery- You will get into The Dreamscape and solve a victim’s mysterious murder. You need to identify the victim, date of the murder, and the murderer. You only have 60 minutes or you will be stuck in the Dreamscape forever.
  • Zombie Apocalypse- You are among the special force members who will stop the zombies from coming. You need to break into a highly-secured government facility to find the cure and save the entire world population within 60 minutes.
  • School of Magic- You are among the new students at the school of magic. You only have 60 minutes to find out as much as you can.

Paranoia Quest escape games focus on players’ out-of-the-box thinking, time management, conflict resolution, and boosting teamwork. The cost of these escape games ranges from $38 to $45 per person depending on the number of players.

Learn more about Paranoia Quest.

5. PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ Escape Room features next-generation rooms that players will enjoy. Participants will experience the bizarre, whimsical, and strange journeys to unlock mysteries for one thrilling hour. You can lead your team into an unforgettable experience as you promote team bonding.


  • Medieval Madness- You are living a life of canal sin and rebellion. The result is terrifying punishment. You only have 60 minutes to repent and save your soul lest your fate is the fiery pit for eternity. This escape game accommodates two to seven players.
  • The Red Wire- You are among the team of M15 agents, and you have intel about a plan to attack a London site. You only have 60 minutes to find where the enemy is hiding, his plan, and save the city from the attack. This escape game accommodates two to five participants.
  • Wizard Trials- You are now an apprentice of the greatest name in wizardry, Master Diaphugius. Despite surviving alchemical mishaps and other occurrences, you have one last test. You will find and protect the recipe that makes the portion of eternal life and get the assistant wizard title. You only have 60 minutes before wizard Zadimus steals the portion. This escape game accommodates two to seven players.

The cost of these Georgia escape rooms is $30 for a public room and $35 for a private room.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room.

6. Mind Busting Escape Rooms

Great for experts and beginners alike, Mind Busting Escape Rooms are fun and unique outing activities for players. If you are a beginner, you will get all the help you need from the Mind Busting Escape Rooms team. However, if you are an expert and want to challenge your team, the team will leave you to see how far you can get.


  • Interrogation- You and your friends need to escape from the major case squad’s floor at the police station. The officers have gone to hold off a siege outside the station by your friends. This is the only chance you get to free everyone before you go to different facilities.
  • Cartel- A drug dealer cartel has chained you in their cellar since they believe a crew member stole from them. You only have 60 minutes to escape before the cartel returns. This game may be scary for some players since it begins with participants in chains in a dark room.
  • Containment-You and your friends are in two containment pods. Soon, the government will exterminate you since there is a virus breakout. You have 60 minutes to escape before the government takes action.

If you are looking for affordable escape rooms near Atlanta, you can try Mind Busting Escape Rooms. The cost of each game is $29.

Learn more about Mind Busting Escape Rooms.

7. Big Escape Rooms

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Great for co-workers, family outings, and team building, Big Escape Rooms provide a fun atmosphere where players can let loose. If you want your team to have an intimate experience, then be sure to book a private escape room in advance.


  • Basketball- If you are looking for escape rooms in GA for beginners, then you may want to try Basketball. Players are inside a locker room. While there is a spare key inside, no one on the team knows its location. Teams will race against time to get the spare key and escape the locker room. With an escape rate of 50%, Basketball will take each player back $20.
  • Outbreak- There is a deadly virus that is sweeping the earth and killing the population. You and your team will end the post-apocalyptic chaos by making and deploying the antidote. However, time is not on your side, and the infected population is racing behind your team. You need to escape the room within 60 minutes before it is too late to save humanity. The Outbreak is best suited for players who are looking for a challenge. The cost of the game per player is $28.
  • Pharaoh- Dr. Jones is in charge of an archaeological discovery that contains jewels, gold, and other priceless items. The discovery will be on display for the masses to see at the Museum of Natural History. But Dr. Jones is missing. You only have 60 minutes to find Jones before the Pharaoh finds him. The cost of Pharaoh is $33 per player.

While players can only play one game per hour, you can book as many escape rooms as you would like. If you have a large group, then be sure to contact Big Escape Rooms for discounted rates.

Learn more about Big Escape Rooms.

8. Amazing Escape Game

Vials of DNA-like spirals in jars with the words "amazing escape game- will you escape before time runs out?"

Amazing Escape Game helps players cultivate a memorable and unique experience through adrenaline-pumping adventures. Players will be enclosed in an interactive room for 45 minutes and will find a way to their freedom.


  • Cabin- You will discover an old cabin after wandering away in the mountains. Once you enter the cabin, the door slams behind you. You must escape in time before the skull collector returns.
  • Prison- You and your crew are in prison for a crime you did not commit, and are about to move to a maximum-security prison. You need to escape or you may never get your freedom again.
  • Virus- You will recover a top-secret antivirus that is inside an underground laboratory. However, time is not on your side, hence you must complete the mission and rush out before the lab self-destructs.

The cost of these Georgia escape rooms is $33 per player.

Learn more about Amazing Escape Game.

9. Mastermind Escape Games

Based in Sandy Springs, GA, Mastermind escape rooms are custom designed to be engaging, challenging, and fun. Regardless of the room you choose for your team, you will have a series of puzzles, clues, and codes to unveil before you can solve the mystery and escape. Also, all games are private, so teams can have a bonding experience.


  • Sorcerer’s Secret- Your uncle is missing. You will investigate the disappearance, ruin a sorcerer’s evil plans against your uncle, and escape before you suffer a similar curse. Sorcerer’s Secret has an escape rate of 50%.
  • The Shed- Rumours are spreading about your neighbor. You decide to take matters into your hands and investigate the mysteries. You only have 60 minutes to enter his shed and unveil any mysteries before your neighbor returns. This game has an escape rate of 30%.
  • Bank Heist- You have just joined a crime syndicate. To prove your worth, you will rob a bank within 60 minutes and get as much cash as you can. Will you escape in time, or will the cops catch you? With a 15% escape rate, Bank Heist is a must-try for teams that want a challenging escape game.

The cost of each one-hour game is $29.99 per player. If you have a large group, you can receive discounts of up to 25% depending on the number of players. You also get to enjoy free parking! Be sure to make your reservation at least one hour in advance.

Learn more about Mastermind Escape Games.

10. Escape The Room

Escape The Room offers games that are full of mystery and secrets that challenge players. You can gather your friends, colleagues, and family for an immersive experience. The real-life simulation of thrilling and challenging mysteries will bring players together as participants rush against time to solve puzzles and escape.


  • The Apartment- You will enter an inviting and cozy apartment. However, this space has a secret. You will follow clues to escape the mysterious apartment within 60 minutes.
  • The Rec Room- You will never leave the Rec Room if you cannot solve the puzzles and escape in time.
  • The News Room- You are a reporter in a live audience. You will be the next trending news story if you do not solve the puzzles and escape within 60 minutes.

Experience these unique escape rooms in GA that have their own escape route and plot with your teams. To facilitate bonding, Escape The Room only offers private games.

Learn more about Escape The Room.


Escape games are among the best activities that you can use to break out of the normal gathering. You can visit these escape rooms in Atlanta with workers, family, or friends. Whether for birthday celebrations, work events, or wedding parties, try out some of these Southern-style escape rooms and challenge yourself.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Atlanta.

What are the best escape rooms in Atlanta?

The best escape rooms in Atlanta include The Escape Game, Ultimate Escape Game, and Mind Busting Escape Rooms.

How can I find escape rooms in Atlanta?

To find escape rooms in Atlanta, you can search ‘Escape rooms in Atlanta’. You can also browse our list of escape rooms in Atlanta and select one that you want to try.

What do escape rooms cost in Atlanta?

The cost of escape rooms in Atlanta ranges between $20 and $45. The cost of these games may depend on the number of players and the escape game that you will select.