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Escape rooms in Dallas are fun escape games you can play in Dallas or nearby areas. The rooms are great for happy hour, parties, or corporate events. You will work with your team to solve puzzles and put clues together to escape the room. Depending on the company you want to book with, you can have your experience as a shared or private experience.

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List of escape rooms in Dallas

Escape rooms are an excellent way to bring your group together. Here are some immersive escape rooms for teams in Dallas.

1. Escapology Escape Rooms

The games offered by Escapology are some of the most fun downtown Dallas escape rooms in Victoria Park. Three of the company’s immersive experiences are:

  • 7 Deadly Sins.In this game, your team members accompany you to a church on a mission to break a family curse. You must find the body of the evil minister that cursed your grandfather, drive a dagger into his remnant heart, and escape the church before midnight.
  • Narco.Your fraudulent friend wants you to illegally sneak some drugs into the country. The choice is yours to either find evidence and turn the drug lord in or risk spending the rest of your life behind bars.
  • Mansion Murder.Following your grandfather’s murder, you find yourself locked in a room as the suspect for the murder. You must escape the room before the police arrive in one hour. Also, you have to prove your innocence by using clues to reveal some distant family secrets.

The entire experience will last for about 90 minutes. Your team with up to eight players will work together to solve puzzles, search for clues, and escape. Escapology offers private rooms that are also wheelchair accessible. An adult must accompany a player under 13 years.

The booking price ranges from $80 to $119.80 per player depending on the game you choose. The number of players in a team will also determine the total price payable.

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2. Red Door Escape Room

Red Door organizes a series of escape rooms in Dallas’ neighboring cities, including Plano and Fort Worth. Some of the fun Red Door escape rooms located in Plano are:

  • Plan- The Gift.Your goal will be to help your friend’s fiancee pick up a gift from an antique shop. You have to leave the shop in time before the silent alarm rings.
  • Lost Ruins- Side 1.You embark on a mission to find your curious archeology professor in a lost ruin site as soon as possible. The fun part of this experience is that your team can play in two groups with about six members each. Each group will compete to see the first to complete their mission.

You will also find fun escape rooms by Red Door in Fort Worth, such as:

  • Time Machine.You and your friends got lost in time. This experience will take you through times in the future and past as you try to return to the present within a limited time.
  • Fair Games.A magic show will start in one hour, but a special set of playing cards for the event is missing. You have to find the cards before the magician becomes aware of the missing cards.

The price per player varies from $30.95 to $37.95 for teams with two to six participants. Players must be at least 14 years, and an adult must accompany participants under 16 years.

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3. Escape The Room

Escape The Room hosts six interesting Fort Worth Escape games for groups that wish to enjoy a private experience and four fun escape rooms in Dallas. These challenges include:

  • Meltdown.You can locate this room in Fort Worth. You and your team will aim to prevent a meltdown and become heroes of the cities. This room is great for expert escapers. A group can have up to eight players.
  • Western Bank Heist.This theme is available in Dallas and Fort Worth. Your team of outlaws has one hour to rob a bank and escape or get caught by the law. There can be up to ten outlaws in a group.
  • The Dig.The Dig is one of the best Dallas escape games, where about ten players can play in a group. You have to complete a secret mission in one hour or risk losing your job.

The minimum number of players required in a team depends on the day of the week. If you plan to book on a Saturday, then your team cannot have less than four players. On the other hand, a team can have just at least two players when booking on other days.

The experience lasts for one hour. The booking price starts at $80 for two players. Also, an adult player must accompany players aged 14 and less.

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4. Project Panic Escape Rooms

The escape rooms by Project Panic will challenge you and your teammates to explore your detective skills. The rooms available are:

  • White House Defusal.You will play the role of a retired Secret Service Agent tasked with diffusing a bomb in the White House. Your team of four to ten players can just be the secret heroes of the city if you work on time.
  • The Gallery.Your goal is to correctly solve the puzzles of one deceased wealthy artist to earn his fortune. If your team of four to ten players can help you solve the puzzles before the time is up, then the artist’s fortune becomes yours.
  • Cabin Fever.As a result of a terrible blizzard, you and your team members had to take shelter in a cabin. You must find a means of escape before the blizzard destroys the house. This room can contain teams of 4 to 12 players.

The rate starts at $32 for a player regarding the booking pricing. The permitted age for each participant begins from 10 years, with an adult accompanying players under 15 years. The entire experience will last for about 80 to 90 minutes.

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5. PanIQ Escape Room Dallas

PanIQ offers escape rooms in many cities, including North Dallas. These Dallas escape games are only three in number, which are:

  • Zombie Outbreak.The theme will bring you through a zombie apocalypse. You have to escape the ranch where you are hiding to locate a safe Zone before the zombies find your shelter. If you do not leave on time, then that marks the end for you and other living players.
  • Wild West.You have found the perfect opportunity for you and your group of outlaws to break out of jail. It is up to you to escape quickly before the Sheriff returns.
  • Voodoo Spirits.A ghost haunts you and other escapers in your team. You have to find a golden skull to prevent the evil spirit from possessing you.

The maximum number of players allowed in a team is seven. If you have over seven members, then the entire group can play in two or more groups. A shared experience costs $30 per player, while a private experience costs $36 for each player. PanIQ offers both private and shared rooms. The duration of each game is one hour.

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6. Ultimate Escape Game Dallas

Ultimate Escape Game is the organizer of some of the fun and challenging escape rooms in the Dallas area. You can locate the rooms in the heart of Dallas near Galleria Mall. The company designed five unique experiences, which include:

  • The Time Collector.The Time Collector is a kid and beginner-friendly adventure revolving around stealing a portal gun. Your task is to enter The Time Collector’s Museum, steal the portal gun, and escape before he returns. Two to eight players can play as a team.
  • Earthquake.Earthquake is an immersive escape game that tests how well you can think and make decisions under pressure. You will have to find how to escape a sudden earthquake while the clock ticks non-stop. The number of players allowed in a team is between two to eight.
  • Fallout.This experience is ideal for three to ten expert escapers in a team. You got trapped in a silo while searching for a fusion core battery. You must escape the silo before the sun goes down in an hour. Otherwise, you will face the danger that awaits in the city when the sun is down.

The company provides only private experiences with varying prices from $25.99 to $39.99 for two to eight or more players.

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7. Breakout Games

One of the best escape rooms in the Dallas area includes Breakout escape games. You will spend a set time of 60 minutes for any room you book. You can experience these engaging Fort Worth escape rooms in Plano and Arlington available in various themes like:

  • Undercover Alley.This experience is available in both Plano and Arlington. You will play as an undercover detective aiming to stop a crime organization from launching an attack before it becomes too late.
  • Mystery Mansion.If your team is fond of scary games, then this escape room in Arlington is an excellent choice. The goal is to find out a secret about one old abandoned mansion. You will work with your team to confirm the truth behind the rumor of a looming presence in the house.
  • The Kidnapping.This room is also available for booking in both cities. The experience involves escaping before the kidnapper returns. Having only the combined power of your brains, you will find clues that will lead you and your team to your ultimate freedom.

The 60 minutes escape rooms are only up for private bookings. The number of members in your team will influence the amount you will pay. The pricing starts from $24.99 for a team with eight players.

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8. Xcape Adventures

The escape games provided by Xcape Adventures have their location in Mesquite, which is about 14 miles from Dallas. Three of the four games are:

  • Captain Skully.A pirate and his crew captured you. You either flee with the pirate’s treasure successfully or become food for sharks.
  • The Mission.You and your team will decipher codes and work together to prevent a secret formula from falling into the wrong hands. You have to work fast and complete the game on time.
  • Dr. Gene Ethics.A scientist locked up his assistant because the latter morally opposed his experiment idea. Your role is to save the assistant and escape the lab before time runs out. Otherwise, you will become the bait for experimenting with man and beast cross-breeding.

You can enjoy these experiences from Tuesdays through Sundays. Tickets are $24.95 per person.

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9. 11th Hour Escape

The two escape games designed by 11th Hour Escape are great escape rooms in Dallas Fort Worth Area, particularly in Plano. The storyline and goal of the rooms are:

  • Fallout Shelter.You and your team must find clues to escape a shelter before running out of oxygen. The game is ideal for groups with not less than four players and not more than 15 players upon request.
  • Upside Down.Tired of the authorities’ unproductive investigation, you and your friends decide to search for a friend who mysteriously disappeared. Your goal is to find that friend before time runs out. If your team has four to ten members, then you are good to share the experience.

These two escape games are excellent for players aged ten years and above. However, minors cannot play alone. Therefore, an adult must be present during any escape session.

Learn more about 11th Hour Escape.

10. The Secret Chambers

The Secret Chambers is one of the best companies providing escape rooms in Dallas Fort Worth area. The locations of the games are in Arlington as well as Fort Worth. There are different themes and adventures like:

  • Witch’s Tower Adventure.You and other adventurers embarked on a mission to find an artifact in an evil witch tower. The witch has cursed the king to sleep forever, and only this artifact can break the spell.
  • The Train Heist Adventure.Your task is to steal gold from a train. You will race against time to complete this challenging and exciting mission.
  • The Pirate Adventure Chapter III.A pirate captain locks you and your team in the brig with a bomb set to explode in 60 minutes. With teamwork, communication, and critical thinking, you must find a means of escape before the bomb explodes.

The escape rooms are ideal for a team of four to ten escapers, with each player meeting the age requirement of 13 years and above. If you have a large group, then the group can play in divided teams.

Learn more about The Secret Chambers.

11. Alcatraz Escape Games

Alcatraz escape games are a part of the intriguing and adventurous Fort Worth escape rooms. You can locate the rooms in North Richland Hills, near Dallas. The three games by Alcatraz are:

  • The Row.You will face the challenge of escaping the prison with several clues left by your aid. If your escape is not successful, then you will have to face death row.
  • Zombie Panic.You and your group are among the few zombie apocalypse survivors. The goal is to remain alive and save humanity.
  • Wizard Hysteria.Your team will play to escape an evil wizard’s curse. All you have to do is race against time as you find clues to get the six cursed objects around the castle that are essential to escape.

The entire experience can last anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Players under the age of 12 cannot play the games. Also, the standard price per player for public experience bookings is $28. However, if you make reservations for a private event, then the price starts from $280, depending on the escape room.

Learn more about Alcatraz Escape Games.

12. EscapeXperience

The escape rooms designed by EscapeXperience are just a short drive from Dallas and close to Dallas Fort Worth airport. The experiences are available in various fun themes like:

  • The Royal Heist.Playing as an expert safecracker in the middle of a heist, you have just one hour to crack a vault. In addition, you will make a tough decision between escaping quickly or waiting a little further to steal the royal crown.
  • Lock Me.You will soon face execution for a wrongful conviction of murder. You have to escape while the guards take a break.
  • Stage Call.In this game, you are an executive director of a movie. Then you notice that the lead actress mysteriously disappeared. Your goal is to figure out the circumstances behind the actress’s disappearance.

The duration for each room is 60 minutes. Most of the experiences require a group of two to six players. The booking price costs $29.99 for each escaper.

Learn more about EscapeXperience.


Escape rooms are a great challenging game idea for large and small groups. You will find a wide range of themed experiences based on what theme catches your fantasy. The games are entertaining and great for developing a strong team spirit and building a team. This list of escape rooms includes some of the most engaging and entertaining games in Texas. So if your group happens to be in the Dallas area, then you will not want to miss out on these fun experiences.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in Dallas, Texas

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Dallas.

What are the best escape rooms in Dallas?

Some of the best escape rooms in Dallas are Mansion Murder by Escapology, Zombie Outbreak by PanIQ, Earthquake by Ultimate Escape Game, The Row by Alcatraz, and Cabin Fever by Project Panic.

What are the best escape rooms near Dallas?

Some of the best escape rooms you can locate near Dallas include escape rooms by Alcatraz, EscapeXperience, and Xcape Adventures.

What are some scary escape rooms in Dallas?

Some scary escape rooms in Dallas are Mystery Mansion by Breakout Game, Zombie Outbreak by PanIQ, and Zombie Panic by Alcatraz.