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Escape rooms in Houston are live adventures where players determine the outcome of their experience. The games involve solving puzzles and clues to escape a room, unravel a mystery, or complete a mission. In an escape room, players have to collaborate and use their combined brainpower to overcome challenges within a set time.

These rooms are run by escape game companies and are close to Dallas escape rooms.

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So, here are the best escape rooms you can find in Houston and areas close to the city!

List of Escape Rooms in Houston

Escape room companies usually offer a wide range of themes to give you the best experience. From Antidote by Locktopia to Tesla’s Room by Exit Lab, here are some exciting escape rooms located in Houston and nearby areas.

1: Strange Bird Immersive Escape Rooms

Woman dressed in velvet with a candelabra grinning, info about the venue and claim to be voted 1 escape room in US

The escape game hosted by Strange Bird Immersive is one of the unique Houston escape games.

The theme revolves around ‘Madam Daphne.’ In the game, your team got an invitation to a private seance for contacting the great Houdini’s spirit. However, the event took a turn when the ghost finally appeared. You have to work with your team to solve certain mysteries.

The entire experience, including the gameplay, will last for about 90 minutes. The rooms are available only for a private game and are wheelchair accessible. Also, the players must be 13 years and above.

These adventures do not involve solving any maths, and the price is between $220 to $375 for four to eight players.

Learn more about Strange Bird Immersive Escape Rooms.

2: Escape Hunt Houston

The games provided by Escape Hunt Mansion are some of the most fun Houston escape games. There are six experiences your team can pick from, which include:

  • Blackbeard’s Treasure: You and your teammates will play the role of pirates. Following Blackbeard’s death, you went to nab the captain’s treasure. However, you have one hour to escape with the loot or sink in the sea with the ship.
  • The Fourth Samurai: This room will give a unique experience in ancient Japan. Your mission is to flee from the dungeon and break the curse protecting an evil warlord.
  • Mystery in the Mansion: You and other elite detectives will investigate a mysterious murder. You will race against time to reveal the murderer’s identity and the motive behind the killing.

The games are ideal for players aged ten years and above, while an adult must accompany any participant under 16 years. In addition, you and your team of two to six players will share 75 minutes immersive experience in the selected room. The booking price for a player is $35.

Learn more about Escape Hunt Houston.

3: PanIQ Escape Room Houston

PanIQ is one of Texas’s best escape room providers, especially in Houston. The rooms in Houston accommodate a maximum of seven participants. There are three escape room themes by PanIQ, which are:

  • Military Bunker: The FBI has sufficient evidence against you, proving your membership in a criminal organization. You must break into the military bunker and destroy all evidence pointing to you as a criminal. This game is ideal for players aged ten and above.
  • Chainsaw Massacre: You found a shed to stay in following your car’s breakdown. However, a mysterious person locked the shed’s door from the outside. You must find an escape means quickly.
  • Wild West: You and your team will play as a group of jailed outlaws. You have your chance to steal the jail’s key and escape. Your decisions will determine if you succeed in escaping before the sheriff returns.

The games will last for 60 minutes. If you have a large group, then you can play in separate teams and compete to be the first to escape. The booking price per player ranges from $32 to $36 for public and private rooms.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room Houston.

4: Locktopia Escape Room Houston

Locktopia hosts a series of adventurous escape rooms great for families, friends, and teams. Some of the challenges include:

  • Gateway: A mysterious portal in a laboratory keeps growing, which poses a threat to the entire city. You must lock down the laboratory and find a means to end the situation.
  • Antidote: This challenging room requires your team to figure out how to start a time travel machine. You will travel back in time to locate and send an antidote to the future.
  • Spellcaster: In this escape room, you and other wizards have the task of saving the entire world from darkness. You have to end Dark Raven’s spell, which will extinguish the sun if time runs out.

The games are some of the best kid-friendly escape rooms in Houston, although players under seven years cannot participate. Each escape room costs $32 per player.

Learn more about Locktopia Escape Room Houston.

5: Escape It Houston

Escape it Houston logo and pictures of the Alamo

Escape It Houston has two locations in the east and west of Houston. In the east location, you will find three exhilarating escape rooms, which include:

  • Escape Titanic: This theme revolves around the storyline of the movie ‘Titanic.’ Your team of two to ten players went on a tour boarding the Titanic ship, which hit an iceberg. You must make your way into a lifeboat or sink with the boat.
  • Screams from Below: In this experience, you have to escape a mass killer’s hideout before the time is up. This theme is only playable by three to ten adult escapers in a group.

The company equally provides immersive escape rooms in the west location with different themes like:

  • Pandemic: You and your friends only have one hour till you become a living dead due to exposure to a particular pathogen. You must find the cure and save humanity from a possible pandemic.
  • Da Vinci Code Breaker: Your team will have the opportunity to try and unlock Leonardo Da Vinci’s mysteries. The experience will take you to a fictional art gallery of the renowned scientist.

The rooms in both locations last for one hour. You can book the adventures as a private or shared experience. Escapers under 18 must have an adult accompany them. The booking pricing is $24.99 to $29.99 per participant.

Aside from these escape rooms in Houston, the company also provides an axe-throwing attraction for players aged 18 years and above.

Learn more about Escape It Houston.

6: Escape Now

Escape Now provides six games with exciting themes ideal for all ages. The themes include:

  • Wizards and Dragons: This experience will take your team to the magical world of wizards and dragons. Trapped in this world, you must find the secret spell to earn you your escape.
  • Superheroes Hideout: The superheroes have lost their powers and cannot save the world. Your team will strive to unlock the superheroes’ powers before saving the world becomes too late.
  • Classroom Capers: You have set a goal to redeem your grades by the test’s answer sheet kept in the classroom. You have only one hour to find the answer sheet and leave the locked room.

Escape Hunt designed these themes for corporate events, family gatherings, and parties. The games are only for private bookings at $29.99 per player. Also, only players aged eight years and above can play. In 60 minutes, your team will solve a series of challenging puzzles to win together.

Learn more about Escape Now.

7: Escape The Room Texas

Escape The Room provides some of the most exciting downtown Houston escape rooms on Louisiana street. There are several themes available. For example:

  • The Apartment: You and 11 other guests went for a social call. However, you will work together to find clues and escape the apartment.
  • Jurassic Escape: Your mission lies in trying to stop an evil organization from producing dinosaurs. You must locate the organization, destroy the dinosaur master DNA, and escape in time.
  • Outbreak: A rogue scientist plans to release a virus and start a pandemic. Your team has to find and distribute the vaccines before the villain’s plan succeeds.

Depending on the weekday reserved, the minimum number of players allowed in a team is two or sometimes four. Escape The Room designed the adventures to deliver an exhilarating one-hour private experience to your team.

The game’s cost ranges from $84 to $216 for two to eight players. There is no age limitation for players, although the escape rooms are more suitable for adults.

Learn more about Escape The Room.

8: Exit Lab Houston

exit lab houston logo, blocky letters with a beaker

Exit Lab hosts four exciting escape rooms in Houston that range from easy to medium and hard. For example:

  • Hotel Secrets: Your team got stuck in a hotel due to an earthquake. The secret to your escape lies in the hotel. You must uncover those secrets and leave the building.
  • Zombie Bunker: Your mission is to save humanity. You have a limited time to find the cure that will stop the rabies virus from turning people into zombies.
  • Tesla’s Room: After professor Tesla mysteriously disappeared, you learn that there will be an alien invasion. Finding Tesla’s portal and stopping the aliens is up to you and your team.

These games are a one-hour adventure. In your group, you can have two to ten participants. The rooms are great for expert and beginner escape artists. Also, your group size will influence the price per player, which can be $29 or $30.

Learn more about Exit Lab Houston.

9: Project Panic Escape Room

Project Panic organizes fun downtown Houston escape rooms with unique themes and challenging scenarios. There are three adventures to choose from, which are:

  • The Gallery: A wealthy artist passed away, leaving behind a great fortune. Your challenge lies in solving some puzzles in the late artist’s gallery to claim this fortune.
  • Cabin Fever: You and your team found shelter in a wooden cabin following a blizzard. However, you have to escape in time before the cabin succumbs to the disastrous blizzard.
  • The Academy: Your task is to take a trip to the multiverse and find a professor in time travel.

Your team can have between 4 to 12 escapers aged 10 years in both rooms and above. You can book the games as a shared or private experience. Also, there must be an adult player accompanying every three participants below 15 years.

The entire experience will last for about 80 to 90 minutes for $32 per participant. If you intend to make any cancellation and get a refund, then you must make a request 24 hours in advance.

Learn more about Project Panic Escape Room.

10: Let Me Out Escape Rooms

Let Me Out organizes some of the best escape games in Texas. Although the rooms have their location in Sugar Land, the city is just about 30 minutes drive from Houston.

  • The Kill: The theme brings you to a serial killer’s hideout. You will help a detective find clues to point out a victim’s location before the killer returns.
  • The Woods: Your friend disappeared after investigating a house in the woods. You must play carefully and smartly to locate your friend and escape this house where black magic occurs.
  • Longevity: The room will give you a zombie-themed adventure. An immortality serum began to transform the users into zombies. You must locate and destroy the serum to save humanity while evading the undead.

The rooms cost $25 for each player and are available for private bookings. The escapers should be six years old and above, with up to ten players in your group. Adults must accompany participants under 15 years old.

Learn more about Let Me Out Escape Rooms.

11: Exitology Escape Room

Exitology games are some of the highly immersive escape rooms in Texas. The rooms have their location in Stafford and are easily accessible for teams in Houston. There are three different themes, which are:

  • Horror Nursery Rhyme: Following a blizzard experience, you got stuck in a castle. The guests keep disappearing mysteriously, followed by a report of their murder. You must escape the castle or suffer the same fate.
  • Mission Escapossible: In this game, your enemy built a deadly weapon to facilitate the plan to take over the world. By infiltrating the enemy’s base, you have to gather information relating to this deadly weapon.
  • The Tomb of Empress: You and other archeologists embarked on a trip to an empress’ tomb to find certain legendary treasures. You must work in time and escape to reveal secrets relating to the treasures.

Depending on the reserved adventure, the maximum number of players you can have in your team can be 10 or 14. The games last for one hour, costing $30 per participant. If you did not win the game, then your game master can walk you through the missed puzzles.

Learn more about Exitology Escape Room.

12: Escape Again Rooms

Escape Again designed several rooms to provide participants of all ages with a memorable experience. The rooms are available in two themes, which are:

  • A Wizard’s Tale: You and your team of wizards accept the task of going into the castle to release some dragon eggs. You will also reclaim a stolen crown between 75 to 90 minutes.
  • The Hike: You went on a search for your uncle. Your team must find shelter as night approaches. In one hour, you will also solve some mysteries hidden in the woods by your uncle.

You do not need to have any prior puzzle-solving experience to win the tasks. The price per player ranges from $30 to $36, depending on the booked experience and the number of participants. However, players aged 6 to 11 years must have an adult play with them.

Learn more about Escape Again Rooms.

13: Break Free Escape Rooms

Break Free escape games are fun adventures located close to Houston, particularly in Webster. Some of the fun rooms include:

  • Art Gallery Heist: By booking this experience, you have accepted the task of stealing the Mona Lisa. You only have one hour before the guards return from their lunch break.
  • Neon Escape: Your team will help you escape the neon in this adventure, where a jealous friend locked you.
  • Immunity: You and your team will play to gain immunity by solving some puzzles before the set time ends.

These escape rooms in Texas are family-friendly, although some rooms might be scary. Your team will spend one-hour solving puzzles and mysteries. The experience costs $25 per player. Also, you cannot have kids under ten years with you during the experience.

Learn more about Break Free Escape Room.


This list includes Houston’s best escape rooms that can enhance team communication, improve problem-solving skills and create a memorable experience for players. If you have a group in Houston or nearby areas, then you would not want to miss out on the immersive experiences in these escape rooms.

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FAQ: Escape rooms in Houston, Texas

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Houston.

What are the best escape rooms in Houston?

The best escape rooms in Houston include Spellcaster by Locktopia, Screams from Below by Escape It Houston, Superheroes Hideout by Escape Now, The Apartment by Escape The Room Texas, and Zombie Bunker by Exit Lab.

How much do escape rooms in Houston cost?

There is no fixed price for escape rooms. The cost will vary from different escape room providers. Your best bet would be to check the escape rooms’ fee with the providers. However, you should note that in some cases, you will pay less per participant if you have more players in your group.

Where can I find escape rooms in Houston?

You can locate Houston escape rooms in the Palm Court Building, Louisiana street. You can also check other locations like Weslayan Plaza, Marq-E Entertainment Center, Fannin Square, Houston Design Center, and Mid Main Lofts.