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Escape rooms in Orlando are live-action experiences where players determine the game’s outcome by solving puzzles and finding clues. The rooms usually have various themes like a pirate adventure, mystery murder, asylum, or a zombie apocalypse. Depending on the provider’s service, you may book the room as a shared or private experience.

These games are run by escape room companies and are close to escape rooms in Jacksonville.

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So, here are the best escape rooms you can find in Orlando and close areas!

List of Escape rooms in Orlando

Escape rooms involve solving puzzles and clues to flee a particular scene or accomplish a mission. From Ninja by Escape Artist to Mansion Murder by Escapology, here are some fun escape rooms to visit in Orlando.

1. The Bureau Escape Rooms

Man in suit with mustache next to portal labeled the "bureau" with text our universe needs heroes

This company organizes five escape rooms near Universal Studios in Orlando. The rooms have various intriguing themes like:

  • Dr. Braingood: Your team’s task lies in Dr. Braingood’s core. You must break in and disable the scientist’s drill to save the planet from destruction.
  • Puppet Heist: The Hand of Life: You and your team of puppets will steal a relic by breaking into a wear house.
  • After Dark: With this experience, you can play all games in four hours. Also, each player will get a coffee mug and caffeine for the late-night marathon.

The pricing ranges from $37.99 to $41.99 per player and is free for kids under eight years. The experience will last for two hours with two to ten players in a group.

You can only book the rooms as a private game. Moreover, players under 14 years must have an adult player to enjoy the non-scary experience.

Learn more about The Bureau Escape Rooms.

2. America’s Escape Game Orlando

America’s Escape provides six exciting escape rooms in Orlando. These rooms include:

  • Revenge of the Tomb: In this game, you must retrieve a ruby before thieves locate and steal the priceless artifact. You have to work fast and leave the tomb before the thieves find both the ruby and your team.
  • Crisis at 1600: You and other tourists trapped in the White House must work together to disarm a launched missile. You must make your decisions smartly and quickly to save many lives.
  • Asylum: You have to figure out Dr. Rutger’s dark secret relating to some patients’ mysterious disappearance in the Asylum.

The price per player varies from $37.99 to $47.99. Also, depending on the room you book, your group can have up to five, eight, or ten players. Although the games are ideal for escapers aged at least 12 years, younger players can also share in the experience.

Learn more about America’s Escape Game Orlando.

3. Breakout Escape Rooms

During the experience, your group will have a game master who will dress up in costumes matching your escape room theme. There are five fun themes, which include:

  • Chamber of Illusions: This adventure is ideal for teams with four to ten players. At a magic show, the performer brings you up on stage. You will play to escape The Chamber of Illusions.
  • Heart of a Pirate: Your crew of two to four members will sail out to get revenge on the notorious Davy Jones. Finding Jone’s heart and ending the pirate’s terror is up to your crew.
  • Orlando Ghost Zone: You must save a ghost trapped in a mansion. You will first become a ghost and later return to your human form once you complete your mission.

You can only reserve the rooms for a private experience with your team at $34.99 per ticket. The duration of the games is between 60 to 75 minutes, depending on the selected experience. Also, the theme you choose will influence the number of players permitted in your group.

Learn more about Breakout Escape Rooms.

4. A Harrowing Escape

A Harrowing Escape hosts several escape rooms great for players of all ages. These attractions include:

  • Doctor Lycan: By reserving this experience, you accept the task of breaking into Dr. Lycan’s laboratory. You must get an antidote to contain a virus, saving yourself and the entire city.
  • Toxicity: A murderer locked you up and decided to end your life with a suffocating gas. However, you have 90 minutes to escape the bunker or become the murderer’s next victim.
  • The Woods: Your mission is to save an astronomer from the wood before the sunsets. Otherwise, the forest may become inescapable.

The price per player starts from $15 to $34, depending on the participant’s age and the escape room. The experiences are some of the best kid-friendly Orlando escape rooms because the provider can modify the game to suit children. Your fur partners can also share the escape adventures with you.

Learn more about A Harrowing Escape.

5. The Escape Ventures Orlando

Some of the most challenging Orlando escape rooms include the games hosted by The Escape Ventures. There are three private escape rooms with fascinating themes, which are:

  • A Jolly Tale of Grann’s Blackmail: You have to help Granny decorate the house in one hour. You must complete your mission before the guests arrive or risk having Granny cut you out from her will.
  • Fraternity Heist: To become a fraternity member, you have to get the golden eagle’s statue lying in the university’s president’s office. Your team can have up to ten players.
  • No Vacancy: In this room, your maintenance team has to make some repairs in a motel. However, some spirits awoke because of an outage. Your group of two to four players must restore the power and escape the motel.

The one-hour escape game ranges from $35 to $42 per player. If you intend to re-schedule, then you must give a 24 hours notice before your reserved game time. There is no age restriction for players, but an adult must accompany players under 18 years.

Learn more about The Escape Ventures Orlando.

6. The Great Escape Room Orlando

The Great Escape Room offers interesting games great for corporate events, team-building, and private parties. There are three adventures to choose from, which are:

  • Poker Night at the President’s Bunker: On a tour to the White House, you and other tour members got stuck in the President’s bunker. You have to escape and save the world by intercepting a nuclear attack.
  • Escape Artist: The Final Seance Escape Room: This theme goes back to ten years after the famous illusionist Houdini’s death. Your task is to help the illusionist’s wife complete a seance to see her late husband again.
  • Mountain Top Murders: Your grandmother mysteriously went missing in her mountain cabin. Your team will help you piece clues together to find out what happened to your old Nana.

These fully immersive downtown Orlando escape rooms will last for one hour, and the price per player is between $10 to $34. Also, a group can have up to eight or ten participants depending on the selected experience. You may book the escape games as a private or shared experience.

Learn more about The Great Escape Room Orlando.

7. The Escape Company

This company provides some of the most fun Orlando escape games, which are also great for beginner players. The themes offered include:

  • The Knights of Norwich: You and other knights in your team must retrieve proof to overthrow an evil king. You only have one hour to enter the castle and accomplish your mission.
  • Outlawed: The plot of this game sets in the 1860s, and your group will play as a team of jailed outlaws. You must escape the jail, retrieve your loots, and leave town.
  • Suburban Serial Killer: Your team will play the role of investigators. You will break into Mr. Greens’ house and discover the mystery behind several peoples’ disappearances.

Most of the one-hour games are wheelchair accessible. During your gameplay, you can only get three clues. Also, players aged 15 years and below can only play if accompanied by an adult.

You can add beverages and wristbands for an added fee while booking some rooms. The booking price per player starts at $32. Unlike many game providers, The Escape Company allows you to bring your phones into the room and step out if you need to use the device.

Learn more about The Escape Company.

8. Escape Artists

Logo & keys in background with text "live escape game orlando, FL"

Some of the best include the rooms designed by Escape Artist. There are three experiences available for booking, which are:

  • Baldwin Manor: Your goal will be to break a family curse after investigating your newly inherited manor. Otherwise, you may end up disappearing mysteriously like your great aunt.
  • Dream: You have to collect the required information and escape from inside the mind of a sociopath.
  • Ninja: You suspect a new swordmaster in town to be working for the enemies. To prove your suspicion correct, you must steal the master’s ninja hood without getting caught.

A team can have up to four or six participants. The price of each game starts at $33 per player. Escapers under 12 years must have their parents or guardians accompany them. The rooms are only available for private bookings.

Learn more about Escape Artists.

9. Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando

Escapology hosts fascinating escape adventures in many parts of Florida, including Orlando. The Orlando escape rooms include:

  • Mansion Murder: You got locked up in a room based on false accusations that you murdered your Grandfather. You must escape the room to evade arrest and reveal some distant family secrets to prove your innocence.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure: Your goal is to figure out which suspect is responsible for the terror experienced in the town.
  • Murder on the Orient Express: You boarded a train to deliver some murder-related evidence. However, a murder suspect on the train plans to stop you. You must fish out the suspect and fix the train’s brake line to save many lives.

The private experiences are suitable for groups with two to eight players, and reservation pricing starts at $34.99 per participant. Players under 18 years must have an adult sign a waiver for them.

Also, the rooms are wheelchair accessible, and the entire experience will last for 90 minutes. After booking, you can get a full refund only if you cancel 48 hours before your game starts.

Learn more about Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando.

10. Lockbusters Escape Game

A group with flashlights, lockbusters logo, and text "you have sixty minutes to escape"

Lockbusters designed their games to challenge teams to think hard and escape the room. Some of the highly immersive rooms are:

  • Pirate Adventures: Your team of up to eight pirates will carefully pass through traps and tricks to find some hidden treasures
  • Bank Heist: This adventure will take you on a trip back in time to investigate how a mastermind mysteriously stole an entire bank. The number of players allowed in your team is between four to ten.
  • Mission Unstoppable: Chopper Down: While on a mission, the enemies captured and imprisoned you. You must escape and complete your task in time.

All the rooms are available for a private booking with the price starting from $35 per guest. The experience gives you a one-hour opportunity to become a part of a story and direct the rest of the tale with your actions. Groups must have at least three or four players depending on the reserved escape room.

Learn more about Lockbusters Escape Game.

11. The Escape Effect

The Escape Effect hosts a series of unique escape games for groups in the Orlando area. The escape games have captivating themes ranging from ghost-hunting to mystery murder. For example:

  • A Knight to Escape: Team members play as knights and prisoners. The knights’ group will help the prisoners’ group break out of prison. After, both groups must figure out how to escape the castle together.
  • At Odds with The Gods: You have just 90 minutes to win challenges from ancient Greek gods. Your decision will determine if you will earn the ambrosia and become immortal.
  • Fight Before Your Eyes: You and other ghost hunters must decipher the mystery behind the disappearance of a magician’s assistants over 100 years ago.

These escape room experiences are available for private bookings, with the duration ranging from 75 to 120 minutes. Booking pricing per participant starts at $39.95 to $64.95, determined by the player’s age and the booking day.

The adventures include some of the best kid-friendly Orlando Escape rooms for players aged six years and above, accompanied by an adult player. If you find the game too challenging, then you can get as many hints without attracting any penalty.

Learn more about The Escape Effect.

12. Doldrick’s Escape Room

The games organized by Doldrick are some of the escape rooms in Florida. These games have immersive details and great design. The rooms have their location in Kissimmee and are pretty accessible to groups in Orlando. The available themes include:

  • Red Sled Redemption: This holiday-themed room will have your group playing as a team of Elves. You need to help Santa repair his sleigh quickly and save Christmas.
  • Super Bomb Squad: There is a newly created weapon that can wipe out the entire world. You must work with the Super Bomb Squad to deactivate this deadly weapon.
  • Spoopy’s Ghoulish Graveyard Gameshow: With this theme, you will play as contestants in a game that takes place in a fictional graveyard

Most of the rooms last for 60 minutes. Also, the booking day will determine the game price, which may be $31.99 or $41.99 per participant. You can only reserve the escape games as a private adventure.

Learn more about Doldrick’s Escape Room.

13. Escape Goat

Escape Goat offers one-hour adventures in Winter Garden near Orlando. These adventures have various themes like:

  • The Quest: The experience involves your group playing as volunteers to end Oakenshire’s devastation. Your group must find the key to your survival from the havoc caused by the Garzon dragon.
  • Operation Tree House: Your team will identify as the ‘the blue goats’ playing Capture the Flag against ‘the red squirrel.’ Your task revolves around capturing the flag.
  • Area 51:This room’s challenge lies in surviving your first day of training at the Area 51 facility.

The number of players allowed in a group varies in different escape rooms. You will pay a fee of $30 per player for your private adventure. Also, the escape games are kid-friendly but require players to be five years or older to participate.

Learn more about Escape Goat.

14. Dare 2 Escape

Dare 2 Escape offers some of the most engaging escape rooms in Florida, particularly Kissimmee. The rooms are some minutes drive from Orlando and include themes like:

  • The Seventh Room: There happened to be a creepy seventh room in your new house. A mysterious force brought you to this room from which you must escape.
  • The Ringmaster: A mysterious Learnringmaster abducted you and your friends to turn you into freaks for his show. You either find a way to escape or become part of the ringmaster’s show.
  • Asylum: You and your paranormal teams entered the abandoned Asylum to investigate one of the previous patients’ fate. The spirit in the building trapped your team inside. You must obtain the required evidence and escape as soon as possible.

You have 60 minutes to complete your task in each room. Booking pricing starts at $34 per ticket. If your time runs out before completing the task, then your game master can show you how the experience ends. An adult must accompany younger players aged nine years or below.

Learn more about Dare 2 Escape.


This list contains the best escape rooms in Orlando and nearby locations in Florida. Escape rooms are an excellent activity for teams, families, friends, and adventurers. You can use these rooms to encourage collaboration and facilitate team-building. The attractions can also be a way to entertain kids and groups in between visiting theme parks. These rooms can be as thrilling as any rollercoaster yet last much longer and have no line.

Next, check out these escape room movies and the best escape room kits.

FAQ: Escape Rooms in Orlando, Florida

Here are answers to questions about Escape Rooms in Orlando.

What are the best escape rooms in Orlando?

The best escape rooms in Orlando include Murder on the Orient Express by Escapology, A Knight to Escape by The Escape Effect, Fraternity Heist by the Escape Ventures, Dream by Escape Artist, and Pirate Adventures by Lockbusters.

What are some good kid-friendly escape rooms in Orlando?

Some good kid-friendly escape rooms in Orlando are A Jolly Tale of Grann’s Blackmail by The Escape Ventures, At Odd with the Gods by The Escape effect, and The Woods by A Harrowing Escape.

How much do Orlando escape rooms cost?

The price for booking escape rooms in Orlando will vary from game providers. For instance, The Bureau Escape Room price starts from $37.99 while The Escape Company games cost $32 per player. Therefore, the best way to determine the cost will be to check with the escape room companies in person or on their websites. In some cases, you will pay less per player for children of a certain age and larger group size.