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Escape rooms around the world are gaming spaces where players are trapped and have to escape in time by solving puzzles that lead to the exit door. These rooms are available in most countries around the globe. The games come in a wide variety of themes and scenarios and can be hosted or non-hosted.

These games are run by escape room companies and supplied by escape room vendors.

This article covers:

  • escape rooms in the UK
  • escape rooms in Australia
  • escape rooms in New Zealand
  • escape rooms in South Africa
  • escape rooms in Europe

So, here are the best picks.

List of escape rooms around the world

1. CodeBreakers, New Zealand

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CodeBreakers offers exciting physical escape rooms and has recently launched a multiplayer virtual reality escape room. In addition, there is an onsite bar.

Here is a peek of CodeBreakers’ adventures:

  • The Art Heist: Franko, a popular street artist, plans an art exhibition at Devlin Cross Gallery. The event presents the opportunity to get the precious Mona Lisa painting. Players disguise themselves as a tour group and have an hour to deactivate the security systems and get away with the Mona Lisa art.
  • Jungle Escape: Players get to visit an amazing animal sanctuary in this virtual reality escape. The beautiful environment gets so fascinating that players forget the way back home. The only way out of the mysterious park is through solving the puzzles.

Learn more about CodeBreakers.

2. Escape Reality, India

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Escape Reality is one of the leading escape room franchises. Rooms are available in India within Delhi and Gurgaon. However, there are more branches in Newcastle, Australia, and in most UK cities, notably, Birmingham, Preston, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, and Cardiff.

Escape Reality offers seasonal promotions, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter discounts. Besides the games, players can shop for gift boxes and merchandise like hoods to complement the escape experience.

Here is a glance at some of the rooms:

  • Iron Kingdom: News suggests that the new king is not the rightful heir to the Iron throne. The information causes an uproar among the seven noble families, and the families begin to fight for the coveted throne. Players need to find and support the rightful heir to win back the throne.
  • District Zero: Contestants compete to win the ultimate prize. There are plenty of puzzles to solve, and teamwork is necessary for the team to win and not die.
  • Murder In Whitechapel: A community in London faces a mystery over a series of killings. The gruesome murders are similar since the criminal seems to target women. Players act as investigators for The Scotland Yard Detective Division and should find the assassin before another murder occurs.

Learn more about Escape Reality.

3. Cipher Room, Australia

Located in Sydney, Cipher Room has two game locations, in Newtown and St. Peters. The scenarios have interesting plots and creative, bespoke puzzles to help players have fun. In addition, players enjoy attractive room designs uniquely crafted from local products and recycled materials.

Here are a couple of rooms to explore:

  • Pepper’s Toy Shop, St. Peters: Players act as agents at Supernatural Consultancy And Real Estate, an agency that specializes in haunted properties. The task involves inspecting an old toy shop that has been inoperational for more than 70 years. Lately, rumor has it that strange noises and lights come from the store. The team needs to investigate the property and report the truth.
  • The Marlowe Hotel, Newtown: It is in the 1950s, and you are a detective in New York. Betty McGee, a singer, and performer at the Marlowe Hotel, sends you a letter informing you that the hotel owner is trying to frame her with incriminating photos. You decide to break into his hotel to retrieve the pictures. This room has high difficulty, but the themes are appropriate for families. Players are encouraged to wear black and white to match the game’s themes.

Learn more about Cipher Room.

4. Lostland, South Africa

Lostland is among the leading escape rooms in South Africa. Located in Rivonia, Sandton, this center offers games that require no strenuous activities that are appropriate for most players.

One of Lostland’s newest rooms is Biohazard. This game is about the Umbrella Corporation, a global biopharmaceutical research company. The corporation declares that its research uses a biological virus in making drugs. However, a series of virus-related incidents erupt, disproving Umbrella’s claims. The player’s mission is to investigate what happened without being infected.

The game is of a high difficulty level but players will have much fun working as a team.

Learn more about Lostland.

5. Breakin’ Escape Rooms, UK

Breakin Escape Rooms prides itself as London’s most immersive game provider. The rooms have different interesting themes, including magic, evil, and mystery. Student groups that visit during the weekdays get student discounts as long as players show their student identity cards.

Here is a preview of a couple of fun rooms:

  • Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent: Every new year at the Wizarding School comes with a new challenge. This year’s mission is to recover a precious artifact that has been missing for decades. The search leads the players to a secret and mysterious chamber in the castle. The team needs to face the evil monster to get the artifact and escape alive.
  • Heist Plan: You and your gang of street racers plan a heist on five major banks in Manhattan. A rival gang gets wind of the operation. They steal one of your race cars and wreck the engine of the second one. You must repair the broken engine and repossess the stolen car to complete the heist and appear in the race. This escape tests a team’s speed and accuracy in solving problems.

Nestled into one of the major world cities, this provider is one of the most accessible escape rooms around the world.

Learn more about Breakin’ Escape Room.

6. Escape Rooms Cardiff, UK

Covers for a sherlock holmes themed game, a spaceship themed game, and a knight themed game

Escape Rooms Cardiff offers some of the best escape rooms in the UK. Clients enjoy spacious rooms and customized private meeting spaces in Wales’ capital city on request. In addition, players qualify for a 15% discount for food and drinks at Pizza Express nearby.

Here are some rooms to try at Escape Rooms Cardiff:

  • The Cardiff Castle: Glyndwr’s quest is to invade and repossess the castle. Players should help Glyndwr find a secret entrance to help him save the castle. This fun escape tests players’ observation skills.
  • The Tomb: Howard Carter goes searching for his four sacred pyramids inside the tomb of Tutankhamun and seems to have vanished inside. Players should save Howard and retrieve his pyramids before pharaoh Tutankhamun awakens. The Tomb is fun for players who prefer hands-on skills puzzles to mental challenges.
  • Oculus: The serial killer, Oculus, is obsessed with gouging victims’ eyes. There is a suspicion that Becky Morris, a local news reporter, is Oculus’s current victim. Players need to search Oculus’ home and rescue Becky. Players who love investigation puzzles find Oculus an enjoyable escape.

See more rooms in Escape Rooms Cardiff.

7. Escape Yourself, France

Escape Yourself is one of the many fast-expanding escape rooms in Europe. With over 30 scenarios, original puzzles, and various rooms in France’s major cities, a lot of mind-involving fun awaits the players.

Here are a couple of engaging rooms to check out:

  • Disco Night Fever: The New York Disco Night Club organizes a dancing competition. Players must sneak into the nightclub before the official opening time to better their chances of winning the trophy.
  • 60 Minutes Chrono: You and your team quest to secretly recover loot hidden in a sports car at the port of Lorient. However, the customs officers seized the vehicle and sent it to a garage for inspection. The team must collect the spoils from the mechanic in charge and avoid the rival Yakuza gang.

Learn more about Escape Yourself.

8. Game Over, Rome

Game Over boasts premium technologies and high-quality scenes that give gamers a captivating experience. This franchise operates around the world in 17 countries and runs over 400 rooms spread across North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. In addition, players get to enjoy the games with minimal language restrictions.

Top Secret is among the most fascinating rooms in Rome. in this game, the players’ team allows the enemy to detain the players to get inside a high-security parliamentary building. The team must recover the weapons, steal the top secret launch plans of the XJ7 missiles hidden in a heavily armored safe, and finally escape the prison. With only one hour before the documents transfer to an unknown military base, the team must operate with high precision and top speed.

Learn more about Game Over Escape Rooms.

9. Brainwaves, South Africa

Brainwaves is among South Africa’s favorite rooms. The company has one of the country’s biggest varieties of immersive escape rooms. Most games are family-appropriate. Brainwaves currently offers two online room alternatives.

One of Brainwaves’ rooms is the Abandoned Theater. The game happens in the Rose Theater. A decade ago, during the theater’s first show, a lead actress, Lila, suffered a horrible death. Nobody knows if Lila’s death was an accident or murder. The theater has remained closed ever since, but paranormal things seem to be happening on the premises. The players, a team of ghost hunters, have 60 minutes to report whether the theater is haunted.

Learn more about Brainwaves.

10. Social Escape Rooms, Australia

Social Escape Rooms is among the most unique escape rooms in Australia. Located in Sydney, this provider offers well-designed solo and multiplayer games to cater to various clients.

Here are some Social Escape original games:

  • Paris Escape: After having a beautiful vacation, it is time to leave Paris. As you plan to leave for the airport, you realize that you have misplaced your passport and plane tickets. You must find the documents and depart within the next hour to catch your flight! This game is super fun for families and first-timers yet challenging enough for experts.
  • Ransom: Your loved one suddenly disappears. Soon you learn of their kidnapping. The kidnapper keeps making difficult demands. In the next 60 minutes, the team must work through the orders while solving clues to help free the loved one.

Learn more about Social Escape Rooms.

11. Lockhouse, UK

Located in Cambridge, Lockhouse focuses on providing teams with intriguing escape experiences. Services include escape room games and outdoor escape adventures. The rooms’ interiors have creative designs, and the science fiction themes engage the players and make them feel like part of a movie cast.

Players can try fun games like Armageddon. In this assignment, expert scientists have vanished. Therefore, the players, a team of new scientists, undertake to save the Earth from an asteroid predicted to hit the planet’s surface. Players must rush against time to fix and launch the rocket, or all of humanity will perish from the asteroid impact.

Learn more about Lockhouse.

12. The Panic Room Gravesend, UK

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The Panic Room is one of the largest escape room centers in the UK. This center offers a variety of rooms and themes. In addition, gamers can also opt to play in the mobile escape rooms of play online.

Castle of Memories is an example of The Panic Room’s best multiplayer escape room for families and beginners. In this escape, an evil ghost trapped students and teachers within the castle. The players need to help the dragon, the castle’s guard, to save everyone. To break the evil spells, the players should first find the boy with special powers of defeating evil. Then, players must save the boy before the chaos overwhelms them.

Learn more about The Panic Room Gravesend.

13. Thrillzone, New Zealand

Thrillzone is one of the best escape rooms in New Zealand. Clients can visit the rooms when at Queenstown, Takapuna, and Auckland. There are a variety of adrenaline-fuelled activities to do outdoors and indoors. In addition, the games come in varied forms, including online games and virtual reality escapes.

Here are Thrillzone’s fun games:

  • Operation Mindfall: Reliable sources report that Spider Technologies has developed a mind-controlling virus. So far, it has infected 20% of the world population. A different project, Operation Mindfall, selects your team as its agents. Your task is to stop Spider Tech’s operation and save the world from the virus in 60 minutes.
  • Magic Portal: Two different worlds connect at the guarded magical portals. Evil creatures have cast the guardians into a sleep spell and entered the world. The team has to solve puzzles in magical spots to re-seal the enchanted portal and save both worlds from destruction.

Learn more about Thrillzone.

14. Escape Room Amsterdam, Netherlands

Escape Room Amsterdam is one of the most fun escape rooms around the world. This center offers interesting quests that require players’ wits and problem-solving skills. In addition, there is an onsite restaurant and players may complement the games with a dining experience.

The Interrogation Room is one of Escape Room Amsterdam’s most immersive exit games. In this quest, the players represent a group of friends on a road trip who get road blocked by the police. The friends enter the interrogation room as suspects for questioning regarding the death of Frans van W., a hashish dealer in the town. Players learn of the ticking bomb set by Frans’ allies to blast the station, lest suspects uncover Fran’s secret dealings. The players then focus on detonating the bomb within 60 minutes to save all the suspects under the police probe.

Learn more about Escape Rooms Amsterdam.

15. Mindgames, South Africa

Mindgames is one of South Africa’s premier escape rooms. Located in Durban, players access exciting escape games with plenty of messages to decode and secrets to unveil.

One of the intriguing games at Mindgames is The Forgotten Temple where players venture into a recently-discovered Mayan Temple and find inscriptions referencing a deadly curse. Players seek help from an archaeologists group to decipher the message. However, the locals suspect that the archaeologists may have fallen into the dreaded Mayan King’s curse. The team must explore the secret passages to unearth the temple’s untold stories.

Learn more about Mindgames.


Participating in an escape room game is one of the best ways to engage a team physically, mentally, and skills-wise. The challenges and puzzles present an opportunity for the players to reason creatively, work as one team, appreciate one another’s strengths and have fun. The escape room industry is fast expanding to meet the demands of the game. Therefore, players around the world can visit the available rooms for a chance to play. However, in countries where the game has yet to be embraced, players can opt for online versions of the escape games.

For more fun available worldwide, check out escape games in VR, this list of the best escape rooms on Steam, and these escape game kits.

You can increase your chance of solving puzzles by following escape game best practices, and studying escape room tips.

FAQ: Escape rooms around the world

Here are common questions on fun escape rooms around the world.

What are good escape rooms around the world?

Some good escape rooms around the world include CodeBreakers in New Zealand, Lostland in South Africa, Escape Reality in India, and Game Over in Rome.

How do you play an escape room game?

Before the game, a gamemaster introduces the players to the game’s storyline and the rules. Next, the team enters the room. The game master remains behind to monitor the players’ progress through internal cameras and special gaming software. Players search for clues inside the rooms and collaborate with other team members to solve puzzles within the set time. The gamemaster may occasionally offer a hint whenever players seem stuck. The guidance helps prevent the gamers from becoming frustrated and enables the players to complete their tasks.

How do you make an escape game fun?

Different ways players derive fun from playing an escape room include arriving at the location in time for a comprehensive brief, following the game rules, and cooperating with other team members. Additionally, players can dress up in appropriate costumes and focus more on enjoying the game rather than winning.